Peaceful Non-cooperation

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There is definitely no question that we live in very very interesting times. 

Vatic Note:   I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Mills for about 6 years now and he has had a very interesting life overseas.   He is a professor in a college in Tawain and lives and works in the middle of a society that is constantly under the pressure of the Red Chinese government of China, now controlled by the Rothschild Banking mafia cartel.

Someday, I am going to ask him to do a blog for us here at Vatic Project and tell us all about what they are going through and what its like for the people there.  Maybe he will tell us if there is anything here we can do to support the Taiwanese people against the globalists attempts to take over their country, or island, I should say, since they are both a country and an island. 

Anyway, he has written this interesting and provocative piece that we all should read as he may well have hit on something credible.   Lets view it carefully, ponder it and then decide what we think about it all.  He has used a very unique tactic to present this to us.... so its going to take some time and effort, and it should since its obvious he took time and effort to put this together.   I believe its a possible solution if we incorporate, digest, and ponder all of it in the context of our current global situation.

Like I always say, this is not a fast food fear porn info site.   Its an educational and truth seeking,  solutions pondering site.   Lets give this our very serious consideration and your feed back on this with any suggestions, which will be most welcome.  

Peaceful Non-cooperation 
By Dr. Gerry Mills,  Phd,  American Action Report


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