Greek debt 'illegal, illegitimate and odious'

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There is definitely no question that we live in very very interesting times. 

Vatic Note:  What a great idea.  If it works in Greece, maybe we should try it as well.  What will be obvious in our case is how much of our debt was used to bail out others that were not legally part of the bailout as it was passed.  The federal reserve decided to bail out other Rothschild banks internationally from their derivative bets which could be considered illegally contracted debt and odious under the law.

This is something we, THE PEOPLE, should bring to the international court as we can prove easily the corruption that has taken place that got us into that position.   Our debt currently THAT OUR TAX PAYERS ARE PAYING THE HORRENDOUS INTEREST PAYMENTS ON TO THE ROTHSCHILDS IMF, is at 30 trillion dollars.  That has never happened before.  That is way beyond outrageous.  Its outright theft and we have to pay interest on something that is illegal.  Derivative bets are definitely illegal. 

Greek debt 'illegal, illegitimate and odious'

Watch the video at the link just under the title  and you will be very

A committee convened by the Greek parliament has claimed much of the country's debt of 320bn euros was illegally contracted and should not be paid.

Following an official parliamentary investigation, speaker Zoe Konstantopoulou described the debt as illegal, illegitimate and odious.

She told the BBC that Greek people "should fight for justice".

Opposition parties have criticised the move saying it was a political tactic by the cash strapped government.

However the evidence marshalled by the debt truth committee could be used in a potential court case by the Greek government, should it seek a legal route out of its massive debts.

The concept of odious debt is established in international law where dictatorships or illegitimate governments have borrowed money and later been succeeded by democratic regimes.

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