SOLUTIONS: Iraq Veterans Against the "foreign Occupied" governments terrorism policies in Iraq

Vatic Note: We need to truly watch this video below and listen to these soldiers, especially if we truly want to know what we are really doing in Iraq and to Iraqi civilians and finally to our soldiers who are committing suicide in record numbers. What I am finding out, is that we are being lied to about the number of dead and wounded and permanently maimed soldiers from all these bogus globalizing wars.  

Further, our sons, daughters, spouses, brothers etc, as soldiers, are being order by superior officers "to murder unarmed Iraqi civilians."  Does that sound familiar?  Aren't law enforcement here in the states starting enmass to murder unarmed and not dangerous American civilians?  You don't think so????  Then read all of these. 
  1. Oklahoma Police Officers beat a father to death
  2. North Carolina Police thugs refuse to release video of their brutality shooting of unarmed man
  3. Louisiana police killed man, misled mother for 6 months over his death
  4. US Citizens killed by Police brutality now outnumbers US Troop deaths in Iraq War
  5. Israeli police brutality goes viral
  6. Many people in US angry at injustice: Journalist
  8. Protests in California Turn Violent, Demonstrators Attack Officers: Police
  9. Innocent California man tasered & beaten by Police for signalling that he was deaf
  10. Angry protests broke out in Berkeley
  11. British man beaten by ‘moral’ police in S Arabia
  12. FBI agent who fatally shot Todashev has violent past
  13. 11,000 Brazilians killed by police in 5 years: Study
  14. French demonstrators protest police brutality in Nantes
  15. African Americans starting an ‘intifada’ against police brutality: Analyst

I am sooo mad right now.  Read these figures below and check out my VN:  I went back to 2011 to prove the figures were much much higher and found the blog I had done from Government sites, was gutted by someone (probably Israel since they have a full NSA site in Jerusalem, now who did that to allow a foreign country to spy on us?  

Traitors, that who.  We have some serious work to do, since we have no system anymore and no one else to rely on to handle these things.  Like Europeans in WW II, we are going to have to take care of these things ourselves or be prepared to become extinct.  They do NOT WANT US AROUND.

That tells me, it was correct info, so I am going to stand by it just based on their hacking it and gutting it, otherwise, why would they do that without some sort of contact with me about the information, if it were wrong.  I believe these soldiers know this and why they are starting to rebel against what they are seeing.  

I don't know that for a fact, but its becoming clear, we do NOT KNOW A LOT FOR A FACT, since we have been lied to so very badly for so very long. I am going down WW II rabbitholes and finding just how badly we have been lied too and we are only now finding out about it. You can imagine just how badly they are lying to us right now. 

We need to make laws that prevent these khazars from owning anything to do with information, communication, or public discourse and those infiltrated in our government, need to be purged immediately if not sooner.  Like Iceland, lets just throw their silly A-- in jail and never let them out.  

THIS IS GOOD NEWS THAT OUR VETERANS ARE COMING OUT AGAINST THESE WARS.  We need to stand and support them.  I had no idea our soldiers had been sooo betrayed by their leaders, such, that they have paid a price far greater than ever in the history of this country.  Many have lost jobs,  spouses, families, etc due to the perpetual call up for war.   

I know, I see them homeless on our streets, and without any kind of support, with even the VA treating them like parasites.  We better wake up and stand up, if we are going to survive what these satanist traitors have planned for us.  Our soldiers are our future leaders in resistance and the PTB know it. 

Iraq Veterans Against the War, Rise
By  Jonas E. Alexis, Veterans Today,  January 9, 2015

Iraq veterans who are against perpetual wars deserve our support and respect.

In 2012, about 50 Iraq veterans angrily discarded their war medals. Last September, it was reported that “Probably no Americans are more abidingly tired of war than those who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.”[1]
One army sergeant, “who was about to be sent to Iraq for his second tour,” declared, “We’re getting maimed for bullshit.”[2]
If you think the sergeant is kidding, USA Today declared last January that “As two of the nation’s longest wars finally end, most Americans have concluded that neither achieved its goals.”[3]

 In other words, the six-trillion dollar war was a total waste. Men, women and children  who ended up losing their precious lives were all pawns in the Zionist schemes. The only people who are still laughing right now are the Dreadful Few.

 The sad part is that when those maimed are done fighting Zionist wars and come back home, they are largely discarded as non-humans:

“Nearly 50,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans were either homeless or in a federal program aimed at keeping them off the streets during 2013, almost triple the number in 2011…”[4]

Our American men and women deserve better. We certainly cannot continue on this Zionist path and expect to have a bright future as Americans. And the statistics about the wars are just intolerable. Read the the following statistics produced by Antiwar.com:

American Military Casualties in Iraq 
Date Total In Combat

American Deaths -

Since war began (3/19/03): 4493 3528
Since “Mission Accomplished” (5/1/03) (the list) 4347 3424
Since Handover (6/29/04): 3627 2899
Since Obama Inauguration (1/20/09): 256 128
Since Operation New Dawn: 66 39
American Wounded Official Estimated
Total Wounded: 32021 Over 100000

(VN: we published a blog on these figures from official sources and its way over what he is showing here.  That is how pervasive the liars are in their manipulations. I just went to get the link and guess what?  THEY HAVE GUTTED THE ENTIRE BLOG WITH ALL THE SPECIFICS i GOT FROM THE GOV SITE ABOUT THE DEAD AND INJURED. Now I can'f find the original in google search.  Trust me, its over a million both wounded and dead, and the dead was put at 78,000 soldiers, which is 50% higher again, then the entire Viet Nam war, and that was in sept 11, 2011.  Its got to be more now.  

We ARE DEFINITELY UNDER ATTACK WITH SOFT KILL OR HIDDEN KILLINGS. The whole purpose to to kill off our resistance fighters to their global plans, to alienate us from the rest of the planet, to make us into the new nazi's and start WW III between Muslims and Americans, and then take control of the planet.   They are attacking our military FROM WITHIN.... TREASON BIG AS HECK, no wonder they purged so many of our top officials out of the pentagon.  They may have been making noises about all this.  So who is left?  The khazars causing all this? Listen to these soldiers in the video below and they will tell you how bad it is, and why we should insist that our gov get out of war everywhere. )

This is just a small fraction of the facts. Time simply will not allow us to provide all the evidence showing that the Iraq war was a complete disaster.

Iraq veterans, then, have legitimate reasons to voice their righteous anger against the powers that be, and perhaps the following video clips provide an accurate picture of their small but significant voice:


Those Iraq veterans deserve our respect and support. Michael Blake, a former specialist who served in Iraq between 2003 and 2004 in the clip, delivered one of the most moving and passionate testimonies ever. Thank God for young men like him. Let us work harder this year to make sure that Americans are aware of what is happening to decent people in the Middle East.

[1] Nan Levinson, “The Fighting Tigers of Iraq,” Huffington Post, September 13, 2014.
[2] Quoted in Nan Levinson, War Is Not a Game: The New Antiwar Soldiers and the Movement they Built (New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 2014), 12.
[3] Susan Page, “Poll: Grim assessment of war in Iraq, Afghanistan,” USA Today, January 31, 2014.
[4] Gregg Zoroya, “Up to 48,000 Afghan, Iraq vets at risk for homelessness,” USA Today, January 17, 2014.

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