GOOD NEWS UPDATE: 2/5/15 - GREECE HAS LEFT THE EURO!!! Bad News for the International Rothschild Bankers and the EU : Greek Elections 2015

*** UPDATE:  GREECE HAS LEFT THE EURO. That does not bode well for the European Union, since Italy and Spain are watching with baited breath and I believe its to do the same thing, if it works. Add to this, the fact that Canadian citizens just won in court, a law suit they filed, forcing the government to issue debt free currency to rebuild their nation and obtain and create jobs in doing so.

This is beginning to sound like our state bank of North Dakota, who made a profit this year, while the fiat currency Rothschild banks were having a bad  year. Read the blog we just put up about a week ago on the Bank of North Dakota and how great it is doing, not only for the banks profitability but also for the states' economy.

Something is going on and as soon as I find out what has changed and what has happened, I will report it as it unfolds. Keep the faith. I told you we would prevail. I think that may be the direction we are headed in. We will see.  Now we find out that back in Nov 2014, the Irish held a conference on starting a state owned bank,  same other states here which have contacted the North Dakota bank to find out how to do it successfully.

Another hammer that has come down on the bankers, is a court in Canada ruled in favor of citizens who file a law suit against the bank of Canada forcing them to issue debt free currency.  No more fiat currency.  Its happening all around us, so soon we will be able to force our elected officials to do likewise.  If they don't then we clean house until they do.

Vatic Note:  This is very very good news for the Greek people.  Watch and listen to this video below,  its all starting to come apart, so now the question is..... "Will the khazar Zionist bankers use the US to attack Greece for the EU to shore up their march toward a police state run Global world order?"   I bet the answer is NO!!!!

Its what they did when middle east/Africa began acting financially independant.  We are becoming more and more educated about how to get out from under these bankers.  OVERTURN THE 1913 FEDERAL RESERVE ACT and set up state owned and operated banks without the Federal reserve involved in any way.

Another great solution.  Greece will be something to watch to see what the powers that be try to do to sabotage the Greek peoples efforts.  That will help us to prepare for anything they try to do, when we finally get the golf balls to step up against these petty thieves.  I recall Iceland and what happened to them, when they arrested the criminal bankers and sent the rest back to where they came from (Rothschild's City of London)

Greek Elections 2015 
Published on Jan 26, 2015

Will the new government in Greece leave the Euro?


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