Obama Proposes 5 New Taxes – And They’re All Horrifically Bad

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Vatic Note:  This below would not have bothered me, except, for the following:

1.  Its not where the taxes come from, its where they are being spent.  6 trillion for war is unacceptable.

2.  Why no taxes on the khazar banker owned corporations with record profits?  They gave out massive multi million and billion dollar bonuses to executives, so why not have them pay their fair share AS OUTLINED IN THE CONSTITUTION?

3.  OIL Companies are also experiencing record sales and are exempt from taxes, even at a corporate level.  Well, who owns the oil companies?  Rothschild owns part of BP, and Goldman Sachs also owns part of different oil companies AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST the Queen of England owns parts of various oil companies, like Shell, BP, and then is the largest owner of uranium mines where our DU poisoning comes from.  Don't forget, she is a khazar.  To be fair, Saudi Arabia gave US Citizens a break by lowering their prices.  That is better than a tax break because you can see it every time you fill up. 

4.  Where is the true tax break for the average hard working taxpayer?  No break, but their better paying jobs shipped overseas to slave labor countries. I am boycotting Hershey Chocolate for that reason.   They also get nothing in return for their efforts, such as a break on their retirement funds, etc.

There is more, but this is sufficient.  He simply taxes rich individuals who are under taxed already and ship jobs overseas, so there is no benefit to us here in the states, to give them anything.  Let the shareholders move overseas with those jobs and live in those third world slave labor countries and see how they like it.  

Having said all that,  I would like to postulate a theory....... I believe Obama is being set up to be assassinated by the khazars and have it blamed on the Muslims or Christians, or patriots or someone else, so it would divide the nation for WW III, so we lose the war.   That theme of war loss, has been showing up in just about every thing these khazar zioinist bankers do.  No matter what, do not divide, STAY UNITED TO THE VERY END. 

They can't globalize unless they can divide us and bring us down.  Just my 2 cents on the subject. Remember and NEVER FORGET, that Obama is just a Puppet for the REAL PUPPET MASTERS, THE KHAZAR ZIONIST BANKERS, ISRAEL  AND THEIR ILLUMINATI BLOODLINE BOSSES. 

Obama Proposes 5 New Taxes – And They’re All Horrifically Bad 

In President Obama’s recent State of the Union address, he proposed plans to increase tax credits for the middle class, and a $320 billion increase on taxes for the wealthy, to be implemented over the next ten years. Americans for Tax Reform reported the president’s proposals include five major tax increases, in the following areas: capital gains, estates, banks, families saving for college, and retirement plans.

Ben Swann reports:
According to the Associated Press, the capital gains rate hike would “increase the total top capital gains rate on couples with incomes above $500,000 to 28 percent,” which has “already been raised from 15 percent to 23.8 percent” during Obama’s presidency.
Obama’s changes in the death tax rate would eliminate a tax break on inheritances, where individuals pay both income and estate taxes on the same dollars. This would close a “loophole” that Obama has suggested is a “huge scam that wealthy people exploit,” according to Forbes.
The Guardian reported that Obama’s proposed “Bank Tax” will put a new 0.07% tax on the liabilities of U.S. financial firms with assets of more than $50 billion, “making it more costly for them to borrow heavily.”
Obama’s plan also includes increased taxes on families saving for college. While the current law lets money put in 529 plans, or college savings accounts, grow tax-free, Obama’s proposal would require that earnings “face taxation upon withdrawal, even if the withdrawal is to pay for college,” according to Americans for Tax Reform.
Politico reported that Obama plans to increase taxes on retirement plans such as the IRA and 401(k), by capping the amount an individual can accumulate in the account at $3.4 million, giving retirees a limit of $210,000 in annual income.
Once accumulating the money from the wealthy, the Associated Press reported that Obama plans to give a “new $500 ‘second earner’ tax credit for families where both spouses work,” and an expanded child care tax credit of up to “$3,000 per child under age 5.”

It has also been reported that Obama plans to enhance existing tax breaks for small business that automatically enroll workers in retirement savings accounts. Republicans have criticized Obama’s plans, and Representative Paul Ryan went so far as to say the plan was “not a serious proposal.” Senator Orrin Hatch accused the president of listening to liberal supporters, instead of working with Congress to fix the tax code.

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