You'll Never Guess Who's Now Training Our Police

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Vatic Note:  I guessed almost right away since they do training for the Fusia centers nation wide and control our Dept of "gestapo" Homeland Security.  SPLC and ADL are the training groups, and if you want to know if that is good or bad, just google 'the USS LIBERTY - 1967", The  FBI Investigation by O'Neil,  of the USS Cole, and Mossad agents arrested on 9-11 and released to go back home to Israel.  Those three alone without any other events considered, is enough to ensure us that such is bad for us, and that will hold for this below. 

Its long past time for Alex to finally acknowledge the role of Zionists in our problems.  I understand why he did not do so for so long.  His wife and children are Jewish and he was trying to spare his children from suffering from the effects of the Zionists actions.  But its good that he has finally given up that consideration for the "truth"!  

You'll Never Guess Who's Now Training The Police 
Published by The Alex Jones Channel,  on Dec 18, 2014

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Infowars Reporter Darrin McBreen exposes the Southern Poverty Law Center's infiltration of the nations police departments by design.


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