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Vatic Note: Warning:  There is some nudity in the video contained in this vatic note.   Then there is a completely different video associated with the article below this vatic note and it has no nudity or anything else, so be warned and don't watch the first one, if such offends you.  This whole subject was fascinating to say the least and fits in with a lot of what we found from other sources.  We are truly getting an education from what we are finding and it all fits in together.  I can't imagine the good these people could have done if they spent 1 tenth the same amount of time and effort on advancing society instead of destroying it.   To me, it proves just how truly insane these people are.

It also explains soooo much, and shows just how little we know from history.  Its amazing how deep and pervasive the black occult was in ancient times.  In modern times it seems to be making a comeback through the infiltrators of all our industries, movies, TV, news networks,  newspapers, education, medicine, drug companies, banks, military industrial complex, massive and ongoing wars,  and especially through the 13 bloodlines.  etc. I especially resent what they have done to our children which represents the future.  Its the reason that we must stop this now.  Turning back to God and becoming spiritual warriors is the only way.  

Are we also seeing designations such as our children as sacrifices to satan being done?  With some of the recent blogs we have done, it appears to be so, with the aid of our own people who run those institutions.  Is it because "they believe" or is it because of greed for wealth and power?  I don't know, you read and listen and decide.

Michael Tsarion has a 30 year history of studying all of this.  He did an outstanding series that we published on this blog several years back called "THE ORIGINS OF EVIL".   It was a 9 part video series and it was well worth the watch.  He said that we were marvelous creatures, living ordinary lives, and that the evil ones had spent trillions of dollars and thousands of years hiding from us our true nature and power.

In this video below, He talks about the symbols on the uniforms of soldiers in almost every country, which he says marks the soldier for death as a sacrifice.... announcing it in advance and wearing it right up front.  If that is true, then every single government knows this and approves it, and thus are satanists..... or pagans.  You listen and decide.  We know that is the case with the British royal family, and with the Bush's in America, but what about all the other western countries and all our other Presidents who were and are all related to the British crown? 

Like I said, it started me down a journey where I discovered RH neg Blood,  watch them as well and see where it will lead you. Everyone is different.  We will post it on here, if you begin such a journey and discovered such interesting items that we were never told about and you wish to have exposed.

Here is a video that I am putting up in the Vatic Note that shows the connection of the Rothschilds to these ancient occult practices.  Its well worth the watch and makes the connection between their funded wars and occult practices for power and wealth.    (It is my understanding this movie is what got Kubrick killed, and we can counter their conjuring up of dark forces, by us turning to the  good and soliciting the power to fight these dark forces with the good we can manifest through prayer and solicitation of God's help to fight them. I have experienced that power, myself and I know it exists. In fact, science has proven that "prayer" works, read Greg Bradens book,  "The Healing Power of Belief" and "The Divine Matrix". )


Working together we can overcome through exposure.  As you can see, its working already, since they have now panicked and are pushing their agenda forward toward WW III and they know we are not going to do for them that which they wish and have tried to manipulate us to do.

They are seven years behind.  This was attempted to be finished in 2007 and it didn't work, so now they are running out of time.  The twin star is almost here and they have to go underground pretty soon.  That is where it may all be solved.  hehehe

The Order of the Black Sun ~ Michael Tsarion ~ Part 1 of 4
Published by Morph 314 on Aug 19, 2014

'In Program One, of the "Origins & Oracles" series, Michael Tsarion takes us on a vivid journey back to the time of the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria. On this journey, timeless mysteries are unraveled and explained like never before.

Masses of disinformation concerning pre-history and the origins of humanity, which have duped scholars and researchers for generations, are eradicated and we are finally able to connect the dots and comprehend how the innumerable idioms of our modern world came into being.

In the tradition of Immanuel Velikovsky, Zechariah Sitchin, Jordan Maxwell, Graham Hancock and Michael Cremo, Michael Tsarion investigates the true origins of mankind and throws open doors which have been sealed for many an age.'


When you get to Haushoffer, check out these two names behind the VAtican, they are ashkenazi Jews, or Khazars. 

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