The Roots of Evil - Psychic Vampirism - Michael Tsarion - 10 videos

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Vatic Note:  Where do I begin.   This was the most educational series of videos that I have had to view in the past 5 years since I have been doing this blog.  This work being done by Michael Tsarion is on a level that I have never experienced before.  I highly recommend listening and revisiting these videos until you have heard them all.   Then go back and revisit them again.  This is one of those subjects that clearly, we can't get it all with only one time around.    

They carry very important information on this psychic vampirism that can help us to not only know what it is, but how it affects us and holds us back due to a lack of knowledge about its existence.  I included all the videos with interviews with radio hosts about this and others of his series,  in order to understand why he did this, and how to use it to stop it happening to you and holding you,  us,  back. 

Add to that, all the ancient knowledge we have always had, even in the Bible, that we did not know about and the damage it can do not only to individuals, but to whole societies.  I am so impressed with this man and his commitment, lifetime as it turns out,  that he made in order to help us achieve our highest potential.   This also explains so much about various vampire type societies and the damage they do globally and how to counter them.  These people who are totally psychopathic have committed "self-murder" and are dead, energy wise.

What a concept.  Anyway, I don't want to try and paraphrase what he has had to say, so I will stop here.  But bottom line,  this is well worth the investment in time to listen to the entire series we have published here.  Now satanism, pedophila, and other such subjects of pure evil, make much more sense to me now.

 I just could not understand how any human could do to others in evil,  that which they do, and now I understand it fully.  That is why this is well worth the effort.  When you get done with this series, it will enlighten you to a point where such actions "may"  never affect you again, if you fully educate yourselves. I found the last 4 videos to explain a lot about how Michael got caught up in this subject and that is almost as educational as the subject matter itself. 

The Roots of Evil - Psychic Vampirism -  Michael Tsarion  - 10 videos
by Michael Tsarion,
Published on Mar 5, 2013

Psychic Vampirism: The Roots of Evil Exposed (Audio Only)

Alternative researcher Michael Tsarion's groundbreaking investigation into the problem of evil continues with a penetrating and scholarly look at the strange phenomenon of Psychic Vampirism.

Michael's analysis of this deadly syndrome digs deeper than any other work on the subject. Listen to his complete magnum opus for free, and make a donation at unslaved.com (VN:  and at Vatic Project, please, and thank you)

Video Introduction


Video #1


Video #2 - 


Video #3


Video #4


Video #5


ADDITIONAL BACK UP VIDEOS OF INFORMATION ON PSYCHIC VAMPIRES - (VN - I found these videos were extremely revealing about Michael Tsarion.  I am probably more affected by what he is saying since I do this blog, but everything he is saying on here is true for those that have a calling.)

Radio Interview


Truth Warrior with David Whitehead


Michael Tsarion Conspiratorium Ep 1.1 - Psychic Vampires


Otto Kernberg, On Narcissism Part 1 of 2


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How pretty that write up makes it sound. Although our experience with the globalist proves otherwise. If we submit to their rule, the world will be living in a dark ages, the likes of which it has never seen before. If we succumb to the satanists, we will have reached a bottom that we will never be able to come up from. Sorry, wish it were otherwise.

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