The "REAL" reason for Ferguson riots: Mom and Pop refused to sell.

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Vatic Note:   As usual Jim Stone has exposed the true plight of the citizens of Ferguson and the false flag action that it was, with a nefarious purpose so evil as to negate all the good we have done over all these many years.   This is simply one example of how the evil ones are beginning their take over in our country as they did in the Middle east, using the same techniques and false rebels and instigators to fan the flames of violence and discontent.

It did not work as well as they had planned.  We did a blog proving that the oath keepers showed up in Ferguson to protect those business so sorely desired by these mega international corporations such that they desired to confiscate the land and mom and pop businesses, in Ferguson for their own ends,  using the local police to aid them in such work.  The oathkeepers were creating an obstacle to that goal.

So the police attempted to intimidate them off the roofs of the businesses they were protecting, because the oathkeepers actions were hindering the objectives of driving the mom and pop shops out of business.  Heck we even published a blog with a video showing a police officer setting fire to a car to use to burn down those businesses, which also would save the evil ones money for demolition if they ever got control of those buildings.   This is YOUR SATANIC NEW WORLD ORDER,  how do you like it so far???

Nothing is sacred to these satanic globalists in pursuit of their goals of world domination.  They are fascist Zionists dressed in idealistic clothing.  I would not doubt that they shot their own people (policemen) in an attempt to try and begin a civil war so they could finish the take over of our nation.

Many of the protesters were imported to Ferguson by the manipulators of this situation, exactly as these same international ziionist bankers did in the ME fiasco.  Remember these are the types of things Hitlers stormtroopers used to do for the "good/security of ze homeland".  Ironically our Homeland Security dept was patterned after the gestapo.  That is why they act like gestapo.

The real reason for Ferguson riots: Mom and Pop refused to sell.
by Jim Stone, Freelance Reporter, December 9, 2014

What triggered Ferguson to become the center of a national propaganda campaign that could very well be used to take away more rights and freedoms? Why was that exact spot chosen for this? 
Because some high level super rich corporate types decided they wanted to take the main avenue of Ferguson and turn it into a large strip mall, and mom and pop stores refused to sell.

Take a look at this initiative which failed because mom and pop stores said NO:

Now take a look at a map of the fires in Ferguson. They match the exact location of this initiative, which failed. The riots badly devalued all properties in the same area after the local businesses refused to sell out to allow the initiative to happen.  And because the scamming zio press and others use any opportunity they can to destroy rights and freedoms in today’s America, obviously Fema testing and martial law type scenarios became part of this picture.
Ferguson fires

This initiative was supposed to be approved by June 30 2014 but failed because local businesses refused to allow it to happen. This puts the imported rioters which even the Mayor commented about into an entirely new perspective, obviously they were brought in by big money somewhere to cheapen the area and give the local business owners second thoughts about being there.

This initiative, which was fronted as “a plan to re-invent the unproductive Ferguson” is a great explanation for the riots. With mom and pop having their property values reduced to pennies on the dollar from all the rioters who (at least at first) were well proven and publicly announced by the Mayor himself to be paid imports who arrived on buses from Chicago, a rich corporateer can now buy up Ferguson CHEAP and make it into a whole new place and to hell with mom and pop!

If you want to know who is behind the riots in Ferguson, the entire charade, just wait and see who buys up all the devalued businesses and THROW HIM STRAIGHT IN JAIL.

I discovered the above Ferguson info from a post to the forum by John Carter. He has a TON of additional info that cinches this up in a body bag in his post to the Forum, it is a great read!
Originally posted at JimStoneFreelance.com

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