Another Positive Gun Story You Won't See On The National Media

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Vatic note:  This story is mixed in  with other stories that we should know about, so take your time and watch this news broadcast.  We are finally getting real news that means something to us.  Its way past time.  If we have another Nuremberg type trial with all the crimes committed, then we should make sure those that aided and abetted in the crimes, such as the MSM, should stand in the docket with them.  Maybe then they will tell us who gave them orders to ignore their crimes? 

They are as bad as the real criminals, since they are protected by the Constitution in doing their job and they still refuse.  That makes it their choice, not just those committing the crimes. Cover ups must be exposed in order to stop them cold.   One of the other stories is about the inhumane punishment a child received from the school administrators, instead of teaching the lesson,  they make a farce out of it.  What does the child learn from that?

That anyone who makes a mistake gets punished with punishment that teaches nothing and that their handicap will be used against them?  Wonderful lesson.... NOT!!!!  WE now have psychos running our schools.  That is what will be passed on generation to generation.  There are other stories included here that are just as inane and useless to us, since there is nothing to accompany the story that helps us solve and find solutions.  Again, useless to us.  You watch and decide. 

Another Positive Gun Story You Won't See On The National Media 
by The Alex Jones Channel, December 18, 2014

Despite the fact that guns are used on a routine basis to prevent crimes and save lives, it is almost unheard of to see a positive second amendment story get national media coverage.

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