UPDATE: 12/14/14 Nibiru - Planet X - "It Is Coming" And "When", IS The Question Nibiru 2014 To pass December 2014

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UPDATE: 12/14 - Nibiru/twin star is here. Watch and listen......to this video I just found. In my vatic note below I talk about why I think its here already. See if this video I found after publishing this blog, doesn't support exactly what I said I am seeing and experiencing in my car. 

Also my electronics in the car is also going haywire. I also saw lightening yesterday, which I have never seen with snow, only rain.  Lightening means there is cold air hitting hot air, and where is the hot air coming from??    

UPDATE: Planet X - "It Is Coming" And When, IS The Question: Nibiru 2014 To pass December 2014 (VN: I say its already here.)

Original article/blog that is being updated.

Published on Oct 21, 2014
This video speaks about Nibiru closer than ever right now and will pass our universe December 2014? Is it true I do not know, I just present the information and hope you can make up your own minds

 Vatic Note:   As I have mentioned before,  I believe its here now, but will not do near the damage, the powers that be think it will.  Yes, I believe it will do some, but it came in from the south, instead of on the elliptic which means less time in orbit and less stress on our planet.  In the past it came in on the elliptic and did some serious damage.

Notice, this is December and our normal sun is as far away from us as it will be all year.  I am an old broad, so I have seen this time of year for many many years and the sun always looks like a golf ball at this time of year.   However, if you look at it now, it looks like a giant basketball.  Its huge and hot.

We did a blog a while back about a patent we found that proves the US has artificial atmospheric coolant that cools down the atmosphere.   Yet, sitting inside my car with the windows closed, it is like a roaster oven inside, so how come?

I open the window and its freezing outside, but inside, its doggone hot.  That is how I knew something was changing.  Usually, when its "normal" freezing naturally by normal weather,  its cold both inside the car and outside.  I always had to turn on the heat.   Right now, to stay warm I close all the windows and it gets really toasty inside.

Even the twin suns debri cloud should be smaller and so far is proving to be the case.   It came and is now going back again. There have been only two incidences on our planet of debri hitting, and that was in Russia and one asteroid in Indonesia.   I have noticed a major increase in unmarked transport trucks going through our podunk town, and that is a sign something is speeding up.  Is it the Twin Star returning after 3,600 years?

This video is a conglomeration of a series of videos from all over the world, and everyone of them proves the existance of this twin star or Nibiru or both.  The very beginning of the video is a presentation by a professional, after that its a person like you or me, but he has the videos from around the world proving it exists and it also explains why our country chemtrails, evening and morning at sunrise and sun set, so we won't see the twin.  

I guess we will see, won't we?  Are you prepared? The worse place anyone can be during this event is underground. Follow the fiber optics cables for the cabals satellite reception and computer works, they intend to use on us, as an opportunity given to them by Nibiru, that they can blame it on.  Also check for pipes newly laid for water and sewer.

A cave in a ridge system is much safer with an unobstructed entrance and exit depending on what you need at the time.  Read, watch, listen and see what you think. Clean water is going to be the biggest problem so follow the animals, and if three are none dead by a water source, take that and filter it. 

Nibiru - Planet X - "It Is Coming" And "When" IS The Question 
Published by Dan Flynn on Nov 22, 2014

It all relates. This video has been made for content and contemplation with information you've not yet heard, and should.

Just what is going on? I present the evidence, you be the judge.


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