Blasphemy!!! City council meeting praising Satan, Atheists, and others: America Destroyed by Evil

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Vatic Note: We wonder why we are in the trouble we are in as a nation?  We wonder why our kids are getting tatoos of satan on their bodies, and piercing and doing drugs?  Well, watch our elected officials who should know better and see how they are leading our youth down this path to destruction of our own doing.  We posted a few years back, that the zionist bankers were sending agents down to the local level now that they had control of the Feds and  various state gov.  Now they needed to do the same at local levels, starting with taking over the Sheriffs in each county and then the county commissioners/city politicians.  Well, this is proof they succeeded in this Lake Worth City Council meeting.   I wonder how many cities and counties, they have successfully taken over?

Half that council walked out of the meeting room when they first began the invocation.  Oh, and we were told they are using Moving van companies as cover for their infiltration work locally.  That way, if they have to attend a regional meeting of their handlers, their excuse is they were moving someone.  

I just find it interesting that its always the so called "owner" of the company that is gone doing the moving. The reason I know is we have identified one here in our county and when his moving truck is gone, so is he and yet he is the owner,  But he does all the moving apparently, since he is the one that is gone when the truck is gone.

Anyway, its time to begin doing intel investigations into your local governments and businesses to ensure they are legit.  Let us know how its going. This fits so well, with the previous blog we just did that was huge in size, and information, much of which I did not know.  They are coming after the children.  They intend to depopulate us through them.   

Truely, Iceland had it right.... early on they kicked the Rothschild bankers out of the country and jailed those that committed crimes, that we are ignoring.   NOW ICELAND IS IN RECOVERY.  We best do something soon.  WAKE UP THE SHEEP AND MAKE THIS GO VIRAL..... 

Blasphemy!!! City council meeting praising Satan, Allah, etc,  America destroyed by Evil.
Published by CyberTribeLIVE on Dec 10, 2014

Lake Worth City Commission Meeting - 12/2/14 - Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance


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