Ashkenazi Haredi School Closed For Discriminating Against Sefardi Kids

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Vatic Note:  The Sephardi Jews are the original Jews of the Bible and are not Khazars, but the Ashkenazi  Jews are khazars and not the real Jews of the Bible as we know it.  That holds for both DNA and religion.  The Khazars were 1 of 7 cultures that were pagans who worshipped the phallic symbol and continue on with it today.  We have covered the differences many times on this blog, since its the Khazars doing all the damage throughout the  world and using children in their satanic rituals.

Even the Sephardi's had to seek asylum in London and New York for protection against the violence and BIGOTRY/RACISM used against them in Israel.   So this is not new to those of us who have been studying the differences.  This to me is simply another indication, at a massive level, of the racism Israel engages in, not only the Palestinians but also the real inheritors of Israel, and maybe that is why they are being discriminated against so heavily. 

This is up for those dual Israeli citizens living here in this country and in other nations, including the regular grassroots khazars who are good guys and follow their Jewish faith...... to see for themselves what to expect if these khazar zionists take over the globe.  It won't be pretty in more ways than we can imagine. I have included other VN: along the way below to add more comments, to match the information as its forthcoming. 

Ashkenazi Haredi School Closed For Discriminating Against Sefardi Kids Whose Father Uses A 'Non-Kosher' Cellphone

Haredi kids eyes covered croppedAshkenazi haredim – especially many hasidic groups – have long objected to having Sefardim study alongside their children, and they have repeatedly violated the law to ensure their ‘pure’ children are not ‘contaminated’ by Sefardim. In this new case, the issue is partly the ethnic background, but mostly the supposed low level of Jewish observance by the family. (VN: the truth is these khazar zionists hate the real Jews of the Bible, who are the Sefardim, as they consider them "weak" and ineffective.)

Originally published at 10:23 pm CST 12-3-2014
Please see the update posted below
Ashkenazi Haredi School Closed For Discriminating Against Kids From Family Whose Father Uses "Non-Kosher" Cellphone
Shmarya Rosenberg • FailedMessiah.com

Another Ashkenazi haredi school has been closed by the government over anti-Sefardi discrimination.

The head of Zichron Yaakov’s Municipal Council, Eli Abutbul, and the Ministry of Education reportedly shut down the ‘Zichron Gavriel’ heder today after the school refused to admit children from a Sefardi family and then, under presssure from the government, accepted the two children.

But when those children came to school Tuesday morning, every classroom they were assigned to was empty – all the Ashkenazi (VN: khazar....)  students had been moved to another location.

Earlier this week, the Ministry of Education closed the Zelnik girl’s seminary high school in Elad, where similar tactics were used.

Ashkenazi haredim – especially many hasidic groups – have long objected to having Sefardim study alongside their children, and they have repeatedly violated the law to ensure their ‘pure’ children are not ‘contaminated’ by Sefardim.

Several years ago, a group of hasidic parents were found to be in contempt of the High Court of Justice over this issue and were jailed, sparking massive countrywide demonstrations by Ashkenazi haredim in support of those parents who discriminated against Sefardim.

Update 11:36 pm CST – The above report, which is based on a report in Yeshiva World (which in turn appears to be based on a Kikar HaShabbat report Yeshiva World did not credit or link to), had several errors which I corrected.

Ha'aretz supplies much information Yeshiva World omitted, including the actual reason for the discrimination – a "non-kosher" cellphone and related issues:
…The school is an Ashkenazi Talmud Torah, but it has a substantial enrollment of children of Mizrahi, or Middle Eastern, background – some 40 percent, according to school representatives. The two boys in question, brothers aged five and six, are from a Mizrahi family.
According to the Haredi website Kikar Shabbat, the school did not want to accept the children because the family’s level of observance was not in keeping with the school’s demands. For example, the principal said, the father uses a regular cell phone, not a kosher one without Internet access. The school, however, was forced to accept the children by the Education Ministry.
Over the past two months the children have been teased and harassed incessantly, and were even prevented from entering their classroom, until the Education Ministry inspector responsible intervened, about a month ago.
Since then, parents have been taking other actions to protest the acceptance of the boys. Several times, for example, the boys would come to school and find an empty classroom.  (VN: shame on those parents for being such poor examples of the kind of adults they want their kids to be,  and they are messaging it to their kids as good and honourable.) 
Parents who object to having the boys in the school have also harassed the family. According to local residents, graffiti was sprayed on the walls of their home, the grandfather’s door was sealed with silicon, and flowerpots around the homes were smashed.    (VN:  Ok, I am not going to pussy foot around about this..... They are insane. They commit crimes against others, and that degrades a civilized society if they are allowed to get away with it, and suffer no consequences.  No wonder their kids grow up to be like the adults, thus,  No wonder their leaders are so insane AND DANGEROUS TO OTHER NATIONS,  as well.... they represent their people.)
Local Council Chairman Eli Abutbul said that a “pulsa dinura” curse – a Kabbalistic death curse – was invoked against the family.…

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