Vatic Note:  This analysis below is good, but not complete, so I added vatic notes (VN:)  to the text where I felt either deeper or broader analysis was required for understanding of the big game.  Remember, these insane satanists have a multiple agenda here.   

1. World War III for profits to replenish their deminishing supply of cash.  
2.  To take control of both the currency backed by gold of the arab nations, and institute a fiat currency system, while stealing their gold, and to capture and control those nations natural resources, oil, gas, diamonds, etc. 
3.  Control of Africa for the same reasons.
4.  Depopulation of the planet through war, disease, poisoning food, legal drugs, water and air to reduce the risk of resistance and rebellion.,
5.  And finally to manipulate our DNA so those remaining will not resist, will only require what is necessary to survive and will not miss having a life.   They will die off early when they become useless feeders.  
6.  Final step ......  GLOBALIZATION  and total control of the planet and everything in it. 

By the way, Kerry's real name is "Cohen", deception is the name of the game. Obama is a dual Israeli citizen and raised by his Israeli grandfather from the age of 11.  That is how deep the reach of the manipulators goes.  All of this is being orchestrated by the international bankers and their henchmen, the khazar Israeli's who are not one ounce Jewish, either by DNA or by Religion.  They are practicing worshipping Satanists. 

Now, to do all of this with minimum risk to the insane ones, it requires that these cabal members infiltrate and gain control over both sides of the battle, which they have done already.  The khazar Zionists are in total control of the leaders and bureaucrats, in America,  Great Britain,  Germany, France,  Russia, China, and the Ukraine.   

Because they are facing 7 billion people on the planet, the game has to be made as real as they can fake it, in order for them to stay safe and insure their total and complete success.  In order to pull this off, they must take down America, who stands in the way of their globalizing their perversions and slavery agenda.  

That is what all this is aboutSetting up justifications for their WW which is critical to the rest of their agenda,  so this below is just another game and thus Iran, Russia and China will be on one side with the USA and Israel, our bosom enemy on the other side.  All arab nations will side with Russia and China and they will do to the USA what the opposition of the day, did to Germany et al,  in WW II.  

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY ALL LEADERS ON BOTH SIDES ARE ON THE SIDE OF THE GLOBALISTS.  This is a farce for manipulating the average person in each country to want and call for war, based on the zionists manipulation of our country to make it seem like we are the nazi's of this new WW.  Its massive deception, just like sandy hook,  the Boston Marathon and the theatre massacre. All bogus.  If they succeed then we would willing go to war and fight and die or become permanently maimed and discarded as they are currently doing to our current crop of maimed Veterans.  They will have done away with a whole generation of future leaders sacrificed in their bogus war.

After reading what these bankers and their henchmen did to Hitler and how history recorded it,  I am determine there be a record this time of what the truth really is.  MUSLIMS ARE NOT THE BAD GUYS.  They are victims as much as we are.  WE ARE NOT THE BAD GUYS, The foreign banker controllers of our government are the bad guys.  The bad guys are the khazar Zionist bankers and that has been proven time and time again.   Spread this around and screw up their agenda.   Let the people of all nations come united together against this cabal and take away their power and wealth, and send them to mars, never to return and do this to us again in the next generation. 

by Admin, Four Winds 10,  October 30, 2014,  original by Wm Engdahl


The details are emerging of a new secret and quite stupid Saudi-US deal on Syria and the so-called IS. It involves oil and gas control of the entire region and the weakening of Russia and Iran by Saudi Arabian flooding the world market with cheap oil. Details were concluded in the September meeting by US Secretary of State John Kerry and the Saudi King.

The unintended consequence will be to push Russia even faster to turn east to China and Eurasia.  (VN:  The consequences are INTENDED in order to justify starting WW III.  They really do think we are stupid)

One of the weirdest anomalies of the recent NATO bombing campaign, allegedly against the ISIS or IS or ISIL or Daash, depending on your preference, is the fact that with major war raging in the world’s richest oil region, the price of crude oil has been dropping, dramatically so.

Since June when (VN: MI6, CIA, and MOSSAD created/funded...) ISIS suddenly captured the oil-rich region of Iraq around Mosul and Kirkuk, the benchmark Brent price of crude oil dropped some 20% from $112 to about $88. World daily demand for oil has not dropped by 20% however. China oil demand has not fallen 20% nor has US domestic shale oil stock risen by 21%.

What has happened is that the long-time ISRAELI ally inside OPEC, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has been flooding the market with deep discounted oil, triggering a price war within OPEC, with Iran following suit and panic selling short in oil futures markets.  (VN: Saudi's were created by Britain in post WW I to gain control over the oil left by the Ottoman empire.  Saudi's royalty are khazars put in power by the British Khazars, as are the leaders of Israel and that is why they cooperate so well against "REAL ARABS" and cooperate with the Zionists and both are non religious, rather satanists. Its important to know this so the above makes sense.)

The Saudis are targeting sales to Asia for the discounts and in particular, its major Asian customer, China where it is reportedly offering its crude for a mere $50 to $60 a barrel rather than the earlier price of around $100. [1]

That Saudi financial discounting operation in turn is by all appearance being coordinated with a US Treasury financial warfare operation, via its Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, in cooperation with a handful of inside players on Wall Street who control oil derivatives trading.  (VN: all of whom are infiltrating foreign zionists controlling our government, Banks, corporations, etc. through briberty, blackmail and threats.  Wellstone ring a bell?)

The result is a market panic that is gaining momentum daily. China is quite happy to buy the cheap oil, but her close allies, Russia and Iran, are being hit severely.  (VN: Who controls China?  Goldman Sachs..... who controls Goldman Sachs?  Rothschild, understand?)

The Deal

According to Rashid Abanmy, President of the Riyadh-based Saudi Arabia Oil Policies and Strategic Expectations Center, the dramatic price collapse is being deliberately caused by the Saudis, OPEC’s largest producer.

The public reason claimed is to gain new markets in a global market of weakening oil demand. The real reason, according to Abanmy, is to put pressure on Iran on her nuclear program, and on Russia to end her support for Bashar al-Assad in Syria.[2]  (VN: notice these are two arab countries that Israel wants control over, why???  For Rothschild, their stated king for the gold and currency manipulation control, and the globalists who want total control of all natural resources.  They intend to use the USA to do the dirty work against those 2 arab nations.  Lets watch what deceptions they will use next to drag us into war with those nations. If we do then Russia and China are schedule to come after us thus starting our third world war. )

When combined with the financial losses of Russian state natural gas sales to Ukraine and prospects of a US-instigated cutoff of the transit of Russian gas to the huge EU market this winter as EU stockpiles become low, the pressure on oil prices hits Moscow doubly. More than 50% of Russian state revenue comes from its export sales of oil and gas.  (VN: thus justifying Russias attack on us.  Its all planned out like a board game. )

The US-Saudi oil price manipulation is aimed at destabilizing several strong opponents of US globalist policies. Targets include Iran and Syria, both allies of Russia in opposing a (VN: Israel controlled....) US sole Superpower. The principal target, however, is Putin’s Russia, the single greatest threat today to that Superpower hegemony.  (VN:  Can you see the game yet and how the leaders of both sides are playing their lines to perfection.)

The strategy is similar to what the US did with Saudi Arabia in 1986 when they flooded the world with Saudi oil, collapsing the price to below $10 a barrel and destroying the economy of then-Soviet ally, Saddam Hussein in Iraq and, ultimately, of the Soviet economy, paving the way for the fall of the Soviet Union.

Today, the hope is that a collapse of Russian oil revenues, combined with select pin-prick sanctions designed by the US Treasury’s Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence will dramatically weaken Putin’s enormous domestic support and create conditions for his ultimate overthrow.  (VN: actually it will not result in his overthrow since he is a critical part of the conspiracy by the globalists,  they expect him and will instruct him to attack the USA with nukes and of course, we will retaliate  and so it begins.  Lets not allow ourselves to be used for Rothschilds gain.)


It is doomed to fail for many reasons, not the least, because Putin’s Russia has taken major strategic steps together with China and other nations to lessen its dependence on the West. In fact the oil weapon is accelerating recent Russian moves to focus its economic power on national interests and lessen dependence on the Dollar system.  (VN: wow, same agenda the globalists have.  How interesting.)

If the dollar ceases being the currency of world trade, especially oil trade, the US Treasury faces financial catastrophe. For this reason, I call the Kerry-Abdullah oil war a very stupid tactic.

The Kerry-Abdullah Secret Deal

On September 11, US Secretary of State Kerry met Saudi King Abdullah at his palace on the Red Sea. The King invited former head of Saudi intelligence, Prince Bandar to attend. There a deal was hammered out which saw Saudi support for the Syrian airstrikes against ISIS on condition Washington backed the Saudis in toppling Assad, a firm ally of Russia and de facto of Iran and an obstacle to Saudi and UAE plans to control the emerging EU natural gas market and destroy Russia’s lucrative EU trade.  (VN:  notice, not a single word in this analysis about Israel, khazars, Zionists or Rothschilds.  Why not?  Does anyone really think the UAE and Saudi Arabia with no control over the leaders of all these nations, would presume to take on Russia and China?  No.)


A report in the Wall Street Journal (VN: Now owned by Murdock, dual Israeli citizen, of Fox News fame......) noted there had been “months of behind-the-scenes work by the US and Arab leaders, who agreed on the need to cooperate against Islamic State, but not how or when. The process gave the Saudis leverage to extract a fresh US commitment to beef up training for rebels fighting Mr. Assad, whose demise the Saudis still see as a top priority.” [3]

For the Saudis the war is between two competing age-old vectors of Islam. Saudi Arabia, home to the sacred cities of Mecca and Medina, claims de facto supremacy in the Islamic world of Sunni Islam. The Saudi Sunni form is ultra-conservative Wahhabism, named for an 18th Century Bedouin Islamic fundamentalist or Salafist named Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahha.

The Taliban derive from Wahhabism with the aid of Saudi-financed religious instruction. The Gulf Emirates and Kuwait also adhere to the Sunni Wahhabism of the Saudis, as does the Emir of Qatar.

Iran on the other hand historically is the heart of the smaller branch of Islam, the Shi’ite. Iraq’s population is some 61% majority Shi’ite.

Syria’s President, Bashar al-Assad is a member of a satellite of the Shi’ite branch known as Alawite. Some 23% of Turkey is also Alawite Muslim. To complicate the picture more, across a bridge from Saudi Arabia sits the tiny island country, Bahrain where as many as 75% of the population is Shi’ite but the ruling Al-Khalifa family is Sunni and firmly tied to Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, the richest Saudi oil region is dominated by Shi’ite Muslims who work the oil installations of Ras Tanura.

An Oil and Gas Pipeline War

These historic fault lines inside Islam which lay dormant, were brought into a state of open warfare with the launching of the US State Department and CIA’s Islamic Holy War, otherwise known as the Arab Spring.  (VN: Rebels worked for Israel and the ultimate new leader of Egypt is an Israeli puppet.  See how all sides are being set up and controlled so the cabal does not take any risk in moving forward with this agenda)

Washington neo-conservatives (VN: and neo-libs, most are dual Israeli citizens) embedded inside the Obama Administration in a form of “Deep State” secret network, and their allied media such as the Washington Post, advocated US covert backing of a pet CIA project known as the Muslim Brotherhood

As I detail in my most recent book, Amerikas’ Heiliger Krieg, the CIA had cultivated ties to the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood death cult since the early 1950’s.  (VN: CIA controlled by MI6, who also created Mossad, all work for the globalists and not for each nation they come from, so this is a globalist agenda, to try and convince us there is a split between sides.  AT the leadership level, there is no split.  There is a serious conspiracy of unprecedented evil at that level, its only the people of each country who know nothing about it and are victims of the unprecendented deceptions being perpetrated by the khazar zionists.)

Now if we map the resources of known natural gas reserves in the entire Persian Gulf region, the motives of the Saudi-led Qatar and UAE in financing with billions of dollars the opposition to Assad, including the Sunni ISIS, becomes clearer.  Here is a photo of your ISIS..... I was surprised..... its a mercenary company and I suspect owned by Israel, but I am still working on that and will let you know who owns it when I find out. 


Natural gas has become the favored “clean energy” source for the 21st Century and the EU is the world’s largest growth market for gas, a major reason Washington wants to break the Gazprom-EU supply dependency to weaken Russia and keep control over the EU via loyal proxies like Qatar.

The world’s largest known natural gas reservoir sits in the middle of the Persian Gulf straddling part in the territorial waters of Qatar and part in Iran. The Iranian part is called North Pars. In 2006 China’s state-owned CNOOC signed an agreement with Iran to develop North Pars and build LNG infrastructure to bring the gas to China.[4]

The Qatar side of the Persian Gulf, called North Field, contains the world’s third largest known natural gas reserves behind Russia and Iran.

In July 2011, the governments of Syria, Iran and Iraq signed an historic gas pipeline energy agreement which went largely unnoticed in the midst of the NATO-Saudi-Qatari war to remove Assad. The pipeline, envisioned to cost $10 billion and take three years to complete, would run from the Iranian Port Assalouyeh near the South Pars gas field in the Persian Gulf, to Damascus in Syria via Iraq territory.  (VN: well that explains the Iraq reinvasion and ISIS had nothing to do with it. They were hired to create the chaos resulting in our justifying reoccupying Iraq for Israel's Rothschild bankers and Illum families)

The agreement would make Syria the center of assembly and production in conjunction with the reserves of Lebanon. This is a geopolitically strategic space that geographically opens for the first time, extending from Iran to Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.[5]

As Asia Times correspondent Pepe Escobar put it, “The Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline – if it’s ever built – would solidify a predominantly Shi’ite axis through an economic, steel umbilical cord.”[6]  (VN: aaah, building another justification for World War III, for the arabs and for us.  Gas fields were also found in GAZA and in Ukraine.  Gee what a surprise! and both got invaded, bombed and people murdered.  Its part of the #2 item I put up in the vatic note.  See how it all fits together, once you get past the complicated way in which they have done this, in order for them to remain "safe" from any fallout or harm.)

Shortly after signing with Iran and Iraq, on August 16, 2011, Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian Ministry of Oil announced the discovery of a gas well in the Area of Qarah in the Central Region of Syria near Homs. Gazprom, with Assad in power, would be a major investor or operator of the new gas fields in Syria. [7]

Iran ultimately plans to extend the pipeline from Damascus to Lebanon’s Mediterranean port where it would be delivered to the huge EU market. Syria would buy Iranian gas along with a current Iraqi agreement to buy Iranian gas from Iran’s part of South Pars field.[8]

Qatar, today the world’s largest exporter of LNG, largely to Asia, wants the same EU market that Iran and Syria eye. For that, they would build pipelines to the Mediterranean. Here is where getting rid of the pro-Iran Assad is essential.   (VN: now we know how Rothschild got Qatar to go along with all of this.  Bribery)

In 2009 Qatar approached Bashar al-Assad to propose construction of a gas pipeline from Qatar’s north Field through Syria on to Turkey and to the EU. Assad refused, citing Syria’s long friendly relations with Russia and Gazprom.

That refusal combined with the Iran-Iraq-Syria gas pipeline agreement in 2011 ignited the full-scale Saudi and Qatari assault on Assad’s power, financing al Qaeda terrorists, (VN: Al Qaeda terrorist who were created and funded by the CIA who currently controls them for their own projects.) recruits of Jihadist fanatics willing to kill Alawite and Shi’ite “infidels” for $100 a month and a Kalishnikov.

The Washington neo-conservative (VN: and Neo Libs) warhawks in and around the Obama White House, along with their allies in the right-wing Netanyahu government, were cheering from the bleachers as Syria went up in flames after spring 2011.

Today the US-backed wars in Ukraine and in Syria are but two fronts in the same strategic war to cripple Russia and China and to rupture any Eurasian counter-pole to a US-controlled New World Order. (VN: Now we know why the sheep by this stuff.  Its not ever going to be US controlled anything.  Its going to be International Zionist bankers controlled New World Order, with the USA being a slave nation to the Rothschilds, doing their bidding, just like all western nations when they are through with this.) In each, control of energy pipelines, this time primarily of natural gas pipelines—from Russia to the EU via Ukraine and from Iran and Syria to the EU via Syria—is the strategic goal.  (VN: To truly understand this, take a look at who owns majority stock in all the energy companies?  Right, International bankers, Illum families and Israeli khazar zionists, British royalty and elite, just check out the boards of directors who own and run these companies)

The true aim of the US and Israel backed ISIS is to give the pretext for bombing Assad’s vital grain silos and oil refineries to cripple the economy in preparation for a “Ghaddafi-”style elimination of Russia and China and Iran-ally Bashar al-Assad.

In a narrow sense, as Washington neo-conservatives (VN: and neolibs)  see it, who controls Syria could control the Middle East. And from Syria, gateway to Asia, he will hold the key to Russia House, as well as that of China via the Silk Road.

Religious wars have historically been the most savage of all wars and this one is no exception, especially when trillions of dollars in oil and gas revenues are at stake. Why is the secret Kerry-Abdullah deal on Syria reached on September 11 stupid?

Because the brilliant tacticians in Washington and Riyadh and Doha and to an extent in Ankara are unable to look at the interconnectedness of all the dis-order and destruction they foment, to look beyond their visions of control of the oil and gas flows as the basis of their illegitimate power. They are planting the seeds of their own destruction in the end.   (VN: where oil and gas are concerned, we are also looking at the destruction of our planet with the toxins that would result in any violence with the use of war to acheive their goals.  That is stupid also, the powers that be will have to come up from their underground hovel, sometime and the mess they will create, will still be here killing them off as well as those of us they wish to do in.  Where were they planning on planting their food, for their own ingestion? Where were they planning on obtaining clean untainted water?  And they called the "goyim stupid"......... excuse me?  )

Mr. F. William Engdahl is author of A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics in the New World Order.

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