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Vatic Note:   This is absolutely of no surprise to me, with the exception of Mountbattens wife.  All this did, was to highlight that these people have way too much money AND time on their hands, with nothing productive to do, so they engage in filth and perversions, when they could be using their resources for something productive that would have advanced their culture, society, humanity, and creativity.  

I asked myself "is there something about having obscene wealth that ensures the lack of integrity, humanity, compassion,  purpose, and morality by which a civilization must abide if they are to advance into a higher state of existance?"  I have not found the answer to that question yet, but so far, the evidence I have seen without except seems to support a "Yes" answer.   Yes, they definitely lack such qualities and I think its because of their upbringing with inherited  wealth where the child sees no connection between his creativity, work, labor, and skills and the wealth that he will inherit and control.

If your parents possess no morality, and are practicing satanists, then how can the children learn such concepts as morality?  They can't.  They feel they should rule by Divine right and yet they act like the most base animals on the face of the planet.  I finally understand that "Class" is not a automatic condition of wealth and position, rather its a state of existance.... you either have it or you don't.  These set of people did not have class of any kind.

by Indian Gentile, October 9, 2014

Edwina Cynthia Mountbatten, , ( 1901 – 1960) was an English heiress, socialite, relief-worker, wife of Lord Louis Mountbatten last Viceroy of India, 

Louis and Edwina Mountbatten 01.jpg

Ashley’s mother was Amalia Mary Maud Cassel (1879–1911), daughter of Jewish Banker  Sir Ernest Joseph Cassel, friend and private financier to the future King Edward VII. Cassel was one of the richest and most powerful men in Europe.  He was then to leave the bulk of his vast fortune to Edwina, his elder granddaughter.

Anders Zorn - Ernest Cassel.jpg
Ernest Cassel Edwina Mountbattens  (VN: Khazar...)Jewish Banker grandfather

They had what is generally considered to be an open marriage as BOTH  Lord Louis Mountbatten  and Edwina were promiscuous Bisexuals Both reportedly had male and female lovers and stuffy Louis was a pedophile to boot.  Mountbattens “Naval career” was a great cover for his gay lifestyle. So many men stuck on a boat and gay Louis Mounthisbatton !! As teenagers he and his cousin the future King George went on worldwide trip of the British empire together It seems they showered together sometimes ……

“Dickie” and Georgie share a bath tub

In the book “War of the Windsors ” it is claimed that strong rumours had even linked Mountbatten with the notorious scandal surrounding the Kincora Boys’ Home , where a network of teenage boys were made available to VIPs. It states: “Of all the recent Royals, none was so consistently immoral and unprincipled as the late Lord Mountbatten. “

Kincora Boys Home Belfast Ireland

Both he and his wife Edwina were bisexual, and they led a life of unbridled promiscuity. He was also said to have an interest in what homosexuals call ‘rough trade’ and to be particularly attracted to working-class boys in their early teens.”

Mountbatten with Indian Boys

During his stint as Viceroy Mountbatten was rumored to have sodomized poor impoverished Indian teenage boys Source 

Into this viscous promiscuous “open marriage” stepped Indias hero the great “Chacha (Uncle)Nehru” . A womanizer himself Nehru was straight and is rumoured to have had an affair with Edwina Cassel Mountbatten (with bisexual Louis probably not joining them) .

The Congress Party leadership tussle in the late 1940s was between Nehru and Patel with the final decision being Gandhi”s . Despite Patel being a fellow Gujarati, Gandhi chose Nehru

Although Partition had already been decided by Churchill , Jinnah and Viceroy Wavell , the SHAPE of what India and Pakistan would look like and the future of Kashmir were very much open questions which Louis Mountbatten decided To what extend his slutty bisexual wife influenced Nehru to go along with him is an open question .

Mountbatten also managed to completely change Nehru”s mind on a matter which had no practical relevance but which mattered to the British Royalty ………India’s continuation in the Commonwealth

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