Vatic Note:  So, this reminds me that it was Bush Sr, in the 1980's,  who decided to ship all our agriculture down to South America, by chance look who is the big khahuna in South America.   The World Jewish Congress are the ones that approved and adopted the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as a plan for global take over of the world.   As Ford said back in the 1920's that the protocols are real just because every thing they listed in them is now happening around the world and especially in the United States. 

He runs the Monsanto GMO company of South America.  He is obviously in on the attack against humans using their food against them.  Its all part of the depopulation plan using "SOFT KILL" techniques which are a crime against humanity when they do not know they are under attack and cannot fight back since they do not have defensive weapons against such aggressive weapons being used to kill off the population.  

I am sorry this has reached to South America and they will learn as we now know, that to let a multi millionaire corrupt  Zionist run and own so much in your country and building enormous wealth from it,  is dangerous to the national security of that country.

When you read below about his involvement with the GMO bogus seeds and toxic food that he is promoting and selling, you will see that this is more than just business.  This is planned genocide of the South American people, just like they are doing to the North American people.  

It definitely is time for people to wake up to the khazar zionists and their role in all of this under the guise of the Rothschild bankers and Israel, as a serious matter deserving of a lot more attention than they are presently getting.  I just discovered a bogus disinfo site posing as a patriot site.  Its called Liberty 247 and its all bogus.  

I posted a comment on it and they gutted it, and then I did it again and they pulled that one too, so they won't let me stay up on it, so I decided to check out the owner/ manager and guess what ?  He is an ex employee of the Huffington Post, which means he is well versed in disinformation sites.  

Huffington post was one of those that used to ban me, them an alternet news, so that is how we started our own blog to avoid that anymore.  So now if you can't get on our site, then you know the PTB are unhappy with it and so it must be truth that we have stumbled on and its making them mad.... Now this Liberty 247 is a propoganda site to try and create hate and anger between Muslims and Christians in order to start WW III that we are designated to lose. 

by Indian Gentile, October 15, 2014

Eduardo Sergio Elsztain  (born January 26, 1960) is a prominent Argentine businessman,  his country’s largest landowner and real-estate developer. According to one Israeli news source, he is considered the wealthiest Jew in South America.

Elsztain  is ACTIVE IN JEWISH PHILANTROPHIC CAUSES as the prime Argentine supporter of and fundraiser for the World Jewish Congress (WJC) and for Taglit-Birthright Israel, and as the PRESIDENT OF  CHABAD  ARGENTINA.

He and his companies are also one of the largest producers of Genetically Modified Soyabeans 

He is also President of Hillel Argentina and Taglit Birthright Argentina. Close to leading American Jewish executive Edgar Bronfman, he was named Treasurer of the WJC in 2005, and then served as chairman of its Governing Board (the group’s second-highest post) from 2009 to 2013.In May 2013, he was elected a vice-president of the World Jewish Congress and became chairman of the new WJC Business Advisory Council.

Elszatin is the Chairman of the Boards of

(i) IRAS Argentina´s largest real estate company, operating a diversified portfolio of shopping centres, office buildings, luxury hotels and residential properties in Argentina and United States;

(ii) Cresud  a leading agri-business company, with presence in Argentina and Bolivia, involved in activities such as crop production, beef cattle raising and milk production;

(iii) BrasilAgro  Companhia Brasileira de Propriedades Agrícolas, Cresud’s arm in Brazil and Paraguay;

(iv) Banco Hipotecario one of Argentina’s largest commercial banks, engaged in the personal banking and corporate banking sectors.(Elszatin  is the largest private shareholder ,the remaing stake being with the Argentinian Govt)

(v)Austral Gold a precious metals mining company based in Australia but operating mainly in S America He has  68 percent stake and Chairmanship of Austral Gold

(vi)  (Co-Chairman)IDB Development , a leading conglomerate in Israel which directly and indirectly owns Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings , Shufersal , Cellcom , Properties & Building Corp. , ADAMA Agricultural Solutions, Elron Electronic Industries  among others;

Eduardo Sergio Elsztain was born in Buenos Aires in 1960. His grandfather, Isaac Elsztain, had left Russia in 1917, after the Russian Revolution, and settled in Argentina, where he purchased various properties. He founded Inversiones y Representaciones Sociedad Anónima (IRSA)  in 1943 as an independent realty firm.

The company’s management change, from Elsztain’s grandfather to him, took place in the first half of the 1980s, right after Elsztain returned to Buenos Aires from a volunteer year in Israel . Eduardo, who was born on January 28, 1960, was just 21 in 1981 when his uncle, who managed IRSA, died, and his grandfather asked him to revive the company that had become a financial corpse

He first borrowed money from a money laundering fellow Argentinian Jewish crook named Marcelo Mindlin who has been charged with moneylaundering and other economic crimes

After that he went on to bigger things with an even bigger Jewish crook George Soros alias György Schwartz  In an interview with the Jerusalem Post he describes the “life changing “meeting with Soros in New York “I somehow managed to land a meeting with George Soros, a very rich man. We talked for an hour or so, and then he asked me how much money I thought I could handle. I told him I could manage $10 million, and he said ‘Okay, no problem!’”

La Nacion noted in 2005 that while Elsztain, at that time, enjoyed a considerable “degree of recognition and influence…internationally,” he keeps a “low profile” in Argentina. Elsztain has had close ties to the governments of Argentinian presidents Néstor Kirchner and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, and has been in longstanding business partnerships with figures such as Marcos Mindlin who have been charged with money-laundering and other offenses. Elsztain himself has been depicted as a corrupt “Kirchnerista” and a member of the “Argentinian Jewish mafia.”

Elsztain has been described as being “close to Kirchnerism” When Nestor Kirchner died in 2010, Elsztain and other leaders of the World Jewish Congress and Latin American Jewish Congress sent their condolences to Kirchner’s widow, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Elsztain said that the late Nestor Kirchner “always had an open ear for concerns among the Jewish community, not just in Argentina, but across the continent,” and that he had “often interceded, for the benefit of our communities, with fellow statesmen in other countries.”

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