Asking Strangers For Food in New York City! (Social Experiment)

Vatic Note:   I put this up because we are seeing more and more homeless, hungry and desparate people out on the streets now than at anytime in the past and many activists have spent many hours trying to help and feed the less fortunate of us who are totally abandoned by society.   Worse, the government has made it illegal to feed the homeless.  Now its a crime to be a humanitarian.  We can see where this is going very fast.

Even though the above is true, that is not why I put this up.  There was a much bigger point made in this video that contains a truism that we must get as we head into this period they have planned for us of a t hird world economic exprience.  Now you will experience what third world nations peoples have experienced over most if not all of their lives.

We needed to know that..... further, the lesson involved in this video is obvious when you see it, however, if I tell you about it first, it will ruin the impact of the lesson, so I am going to let you see it first and you tell us in the comments section, what you thought the lesson was.

I saw it right away, but then I do this every day, about 9 hours a day, so I am different.  The real question is "Has watching this below changed you, your understanding of what is coming and the intentions these evil ones have in our handling it for ourselves and others."  How do they want us to respond to these poor helpless people, and why???

Asking Strangers For Food ! (Social Experiment)
by  Doreen Agostino:   Our Greater Destiny,  November 2, 2014

Only look down on someone if you are helping them up!

Thanks to S. 

This video will change the way you think!  (VN: it actually reinforced the way I think, I hope that is the case for you, but if not, then hopefully that will change with this viewing.  Its the very last scene that seals the lesson.  Damn it, I cry every time I watch this.)


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