Is This an Alien Visitor or a Deception by the Powers That Be?

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Vatic Note: This came to us from Jim Stone, but he had no link to his comments, so I simply used the link he gave for the story he found.  Now to be perfectly honest, I am putting this up because it is an anomoly and deserves to be presented, but having said that, I feel an obligation to warn you that these evil ones are master deceivers in almost every realm there is.   That includes this below.  Remember, and always keep in mind their objectives and strategies and tactics.  Their objective is globalizing and to be able to dominate the planet without the troublesome crap by us peons to their grand schemes to rape and pillage the planet and the people on it.  The stated strategy is 

1. "depopulation to decrease the risk of future resistance",
2. "to genetically modify the remaining population left who will serve as slaves without complaint and trouble",  And finally,  
3. to garner, the entire wealth of the planet and to use the planet, everywhere, as their playground so they no longer have to "work". This state they wish to encounter is called "serfdom" which the royalty had at one time, and lost to rebellion. They want to be able to play and be taken care of by us without having the worries about their safety which would then assuage their self induced fears that plague them.   Talk about useless feeders.  LOL

Given the above, one of their tactics they use to acheive their objectives is "Deception".  They are good at it.   Is this just another tactic to use as a precursor to the idea of aliens they intended to use to get the world to come together to globalize? That is exactly what was recommended in the 1966 Iron Mountain report that we have covered on here numerous times.

If it is, then they failed, since the last people on the planet we would ever trust to take care of business against an alien invasion are these perverts, and trust me, they are true, unadulterated perverts of the highest order.   What might be the case is there are good guys and the powers that be want us to fight them as bad guys, and use that to globalize and get rid of the aliens, if there are any, who are favorable to us our here. 

What is important is, that after watching the video, you then read the comment by the visitor called Black Onyx.  In fact, I will post it right here in this vatic note so you can see what I mean about being cautious.  He does a great job of showing why.....
Okay humanity....do you even think about the fact that this sounds so unnatural in space? This is not a recording of a weak magnetic field. This seriously sounds like a computerized signal or message of some kind. Anyone who say's otherwise...just continue being the mindless drone that agrees with everything that NASA or the ESA says. I highly doubt they went 10 years of waiting on a multi-million dollar mission just to land on a comet and have bragging rights. I will show you exactly why this is an alien contact mission.


These photos came from an anonoymous tip by a worker in the ESA. The proof is that the guy flushed the files through multiple emails and domains to keep his true identity and email hidden. The email was sent to secureteam10 on YouTube. 

Back to the Vatic Note
If this is a deception for just such purposes, then they wasted their time and $,
since there is no reason they could deceptively conjure up that would ever induce  us to hand over control of this planet to them.   As for depopulating us, my comment is "give it  your best shot", because if you fail, the only depopulation you will see, is that of your group being long gone, maybe even to that comet you are dancing with.  That is just my 2 cents worth on the matter.   You watch and decide. 

Comet 67P Sings a Mysterious Song caught by Rosetta Spacecraft  
Published by the Cosmos News,  on Nov 11, 2014
Strange Sound (noises) recorded by Rosetta. As Philae attempts to land on the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, the European Rosetta mission has detected a mysterious signal coming from the 2.5 mile-wide lump of ice and rock.

Read Full Story:http://www.cosmostv.org/2014/11/comet...
Here is the slowed version of sound:http://youtu.be/yxnRUqzlvGk

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