UFO Chemtrail Grid Over Davison, Michigan!!!… These Are NOT Regular Chemtrails, Check This Out

Vatic Note: This was not only extremely strange, but also extremely well formed and organized, so it was not done by nature alone, rather some intelligence was involved.   I keep thinking of Rahm Emmanual, Obama's first handler.... when he said "Never let a good crisis go to waste".   Part of the Khazars "masters of deception" ego boost.  

I normally would not have published this, since its riddled with the airy fairy talk of someone who has no clue just how big and dangerous this agenda is.  Love has not stopped these perverts so far, and its unlikely it will in the future either.  In the meantime, we are all suppose to ignore it, and just pretend it doesn't exist.

Even David Icke has made it clear that those who believe this way are prime targets for destruction and once you are gone, you can't love anybody.  That is a perfect way to stop something:  to knock out the vibrational power of the provider of such energy.  Icke says that we must be spiritual warriors and that requires facing reality.   Watch this and tell us what you think you are seeing?

These drops were strange as heck, I have never seen anything like this one.  I wonder what it was?  I will watch for a follow up on it and post it in an update if we get anything on this.  All it reminded me of, was the constant mantra I keep saying "These evil ones are totally and irretreivably insane."  This proves it if they are doing this. 

UFO Chemtrail Grid Over Davison, Michigan!!!… These Are NOT Regular Chemtrails, Check This Out 
By Indian in the machine, Before Its' News.  October 1, 2014


There are some new things in the sky these days… whatever is going on in this video over Michigan… it appears to be some sort of new grid laying of a chemical… but it doesn’t not appear to be our standard chemtrail… there is no evidence of a plane.

Whatever it is… do not worry or panic! Instead observe with loving presence.
Folks… we are in the middle of a war of new, seen and unseen energies… in truth, we’ve been in it a long time, and are just coming out of it… our would-be world rulers have no choice now but to surrender… it actually could happen any day.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that our star family is neutralizing the chemtrails and radiation… well, most of it… be care-filled right now, where you put your energy… I recommend aligning with our galactic star family… and their latest technology drop…

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We are actually in higher energies… but some humans are still on old energies… it is kind of like playing with trucks in a temple… so we are patient with those who seek to control us… and at the same time, we are preparing ourselves for our eventual spiritual ascension… what better environment, than a challenging one to completely master all aspects of ourselves.

I sell ionic foot bath plates to assist people to detox from the modern world… be well and stay positive in the Light… create a new way, do not stew in the old one…

Indian in the machine
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