The NWO agenda is about Britain Reclaiming all her Colonies, including the USA and Rothschild Runs Britain.

Vatic Note:   This is truly a must read.    This is the first article I have read that perfectly  reflects my own take on the situation based on all the research I have done over these past 12 years and especially the last 4 since we started this blog.  Remember,  in trying to post "truth" both on the right and left of the elites foundation funded alternative news, we were banned continually.

That is when we decided to start this blog and have been publishing truth as we find it ever since.   True, what he says, but he neglects to say that these families are  Khazars who migrated into eastern Europe and married into royalty and into wealth, then took over from them and became the financial resources for the upper class elite of Europe.

That is how they got control by using Jewish culture as their cover, now they are using the US as cover for their fascism.   The bloodlines are clearly more than just elites, they are also, like Rothschild,  khazars who brought their scams and mafia programs with them into Europe and now into the United States.

Just look at the corruption in Feinsteins subcommittee where she gave contracts to her husband, from which she benefited financially and did she get arrested, tried and sentenced for it?   No, nothing happened to her at all.   She, as a dual Israeli citizen has lead the assault on our 2nd amendment and so far has failed, but not for lack of trying.

Now we know why, which means she is loyal to  her adopted country of Israel, to their international criminal enterprise,  and not to her birth country of America.  Treason is what they call that.  And NO ONE is going to forget it anytime soon. And just for the purposes of thwarting the Khazar bankers plans,  we are committed to surviving in huge numbers and becoming their worst nightmare and I am looking forward to it.  Its way past time.  Nuremberg Trials, here we come for those left of the khazars that have committed these genocide crimes against humanity.

United States, Britain, Israel etc. are Just Colonies
by Henry Makow,  October 4, 2014

Réunion-gouverneurs-Musée-Colonies.JPGLeft, how our "leaders" look to their Illuminati overlords.

We revisit "The Col House Report" 1919 which demonstrates that almost 100 years ago, the United States already was a colony of the "Crown"i.e. the Masonic Jewish banking cartel headquartered in London. 

As Col. House outlines the plot to return the US to full "British"  control, under the guise of the League of Nations,
he describes a "system of thought control" that today is stronger than ever. 

By Henry Makow Ph.D. 
Hardly a day goes by without a new article blaming the "United States" or "Israel" for the woes of the world.
The power of these countries is analogous to how Caroll Quigley describes the power of Communist Jews in the FDR era.
He wrote, "the power that these energetic left-wingers exercised was never their own power or Communist power but was ultimately the power of the international financial coterie." (Tragedy and Hope, p.954) 

In my review of "The Red Dragon" in 2007, I presented the hypothesis that the major imperial power in the world is the world central banking cartel. Because it creates money out of nothing, it wants to buy everything of real value that it can. Hiding behind the mask of British, American, French or Japanese imperialism, or Nazism, Zionism, Communism, etc. essentially the same people -- Illuminati Jewish bankers and their Freemason collaborators--instigate and finance all wars, and profit from them, at the expense of humanity. 

The underlying agenda expressed the The Protocols of Zion "to undermine all collective forces not our own" by which they mean all nations, races, religions and family. They intend to sow chaos until an exasperated and exhausted humanity succumbs to their world "super government."  (VN: or until we get mad enough to take them down big time.)


According to Red Dragon author L.B. Woolfolk, this ethnic-Jewish "Money Power," operating through the Bank of England and countless corporate fronts, tied up most of the world's wealth as early as 1864. 

israel_rothschild_supreme_court_new_world_order_freemasons_illuminati_world_war_III.jpgThey are colonizing the world, including the so-called imperialist powers. They created Israel not as a "Jewish homeland" but as the seat of their Masonic world government. 

They instigated the holocaust to force Jews to support Israel. The holocaust masked the true character of WWII: an attack on Christian European civilization  by the Sabbatean Frankist satanic sect (the Illuminati.) 

They owned I.G. Farben, the backbone of the Nazi war machine, which used Jewish slave labor at Auschwitz.

We have not been invaded by a foreign army but by foreign capital. A damning 1919 report by Col. Edward House indicates the US has been a financial colony of "The Crown" for a long time.

Col. Edward Mandell House (1858-1938) was the Rothschild agent who secretly directed U.S. affairs during the Woodrow Wilson administration. Col. House was known as Wilson's friend and "alter ego." The report is addressed to British Prime Minister David Lloyd George, whose career was made as a lawyer for the World Zionist Organization.

Rep. Jacob Thorkelson (1876-1945) introduced The House Report to Congress in Oct.1939 and published it in the Congressional Record (Oct. 13 1939, pp.598-604). Attempts to delete it were thwarted. The complete text is available on line.


The report details Col. House's progress in preparing "for the peaceful return of the American colonies to the dominion of the Crown."

"Crown" refers to the owners of the Bank of England. Their identities are an official secret. According to E.C. Knuth, the "international financial oligarchy uses the allegoric 'Crown' as its symbol of power and has its headquarter in the ancient city of London...the giant Bank of England, a privately owned institution... is not subject to regulation by the British parliament and is in effect a sovereign world power." (The Empire of the City, p. 59)

Col. House continues: The "peaceful return of the American colonies" can only be brought about with "the consent of the dominant group of the controlling clans."  (VN:  What the hell does that mean?)

Col. House relates how these classes are being taught to accept "British" leadership. He details how the universities and press are staffed by "British-born" or Canadians.

"Through the Red Cross, the Scout movement, the YMCA, the church, and other humane, religious, and quasi religious organizations, we have created an atmosphere of international effort which strengthens the idea of unity of the English speaking world."

The Overseas Clubs, service clubs, and war charities "enable us to pervade all sections and classes of the country."

We "hold all American newspapers as isolated from the non-American world as if they had been in another planet instead of another hemisphere. The realization of this by the Associated Press and the other universal news gatherers, except Hearst, was most helpful in bringing only our point of view to the papers they served."

He boasts that the United States "while still maintaining an outward show of independence" is identical with other colonies in its relationship to the Crown. "Has not President Wilson cancelled the big Navy program and dutifully conceded to us the command of the seas?"

He boasts that "the Anglo American alliance" has become "the unchallenged financiers of the world."

He congratulates "our fiscal agents Messrs Pierpont Morgan & Company" for "putting this country into the war." They exert "widespread influence on newspaper policy" through advertising and lent $200,000,000 to Japan to build a fleet to compete with America (making the U.S still more dependent on England.)

Col. House boasts that the "Crown" used money lent by the U.S. government for war purposes to buy up oil fields in California, Mexico and Latin America.

"The war has made us custodians of the greater part of the world's raw materials... [We] now largely control the oil fields of the world and thereby the world's transportation and industry."


The pressing issue now is to "transfer its dangerous sovereignty from this colony to the custody of the Crown. We must, in short, now bring America within the Empire."

The first step was Wilson's plan for the League of Nations "which we prepared for him."

"The plain people of this country are inveterate and incurable hero worshipers," Col. House explains. They easily can be manipulated by a man with a slogan that expresses their "undefined aspirations."

Afterwards, they will trust the sloganeer no matter what he does. Wilson has gained this trust and this accounts for "his exceptional usefulness to us."

"Any abrupt change might startle the ignorant American masses and rouse them to action against it. And us. Our best policy therefore would be to appoint President Wilson the first president of the League... he will be able to satisfy [Americans] that far from surrendering their independence to the League, they are actually extending their sovereignty by it..."

House-Wilson2_1.jpg(President Wilson and his "handler" Edward House) 

Foreshadowing The Patriot Act, Col. House says Woodrow Wilson "alone can father an anti-Bolshevik act which judicially interpreted will enable appropriate punitive measures to be applied to any American who may be unwise enough to assert that America must once again declare her independence."

Col. House goes into great detail about how Wilson must be massaged and manipulated. Many people think someone else wrote this Report but only Edward Mandell House knew Wilson this well.

For example he says Wilson "is easily slighted and remarkably vindictive." The new British ambassador should be a "Wilson worshipper" and "a gentleman-in-waiting to the President." He lists the gifts Wilson already has been given.


Col. House suggests staging the first session of the League of Nations in Washington.

"This will convince these simple people that they are the League and its power resides in them."

He recommends a "series of spectacles by which the mob may be diverted from any attempt to think too much of matters beyond their province."

"While awaiting these diversions for the vulgar, we are incessantly instructing them in the wonders of the league. Its praises are thundered by our press, decreed by our college presidents, and professed by our professors. 

Our authors, writers and lecturers are analyzing its selected virtues... we have enlisted 8000 propagandists for the League. We have organized international and national synods, committees, conferences, convocations, conventions, councils...to herald the birth of the League as the dawn of universal peace."

"Agriculturalists, bankers, brokers, accountants, chemists, and all other functional groups capable of exerting organized professional, business, financial or social pressure are meeting to endorse the League in the name of peace, progress and prosperity...Our film concerns are preparing an epoch-making picture..."

"In short, our entire system of thought control is working ceaselessly, tirelessly, ruthlessly, to ensure the adoption of the League. And it will be adopted, for business wants peace, the righteous cannot resist a covenant, and the politicians, after shadow boxing for patronage purposes, will yield valiantly lest the fate of the wanton and wilful pursue them."

Thanks to the valiant opposition of Republican Senators, the United States rejected the Peace Treaty and with it the League of Nations Nov. 19,1919. The plot was temporarily foiled.

The New World Order is an extension of the imperialism of the "Crown", a clique of Jewish bankers and their Gentile accomplices devoted to "absorbing the wealth of the world" (in Cecil Rhodes words) and enslaving the human race.
We are being colonized by this financial power. The bogus "War of Terror" obviously is directed against us. It is the naked fist of this imperialism. 

1.  Our jobs and resources are exported. 
2.  Illegal aliens are imported to divide our political culture and dilute our job market. 
3.  The education system is used for mass indoctrination. 
4.  News is controlled. 
5.  Entertainment is filled with trivia, the occult, violence and pornography. Obviously, our masters wish to arrest our development.
In every colonial situation, the political and cultural elite consists of people who serve the occupying power. Thus, let's judge people not by their race, but by the service they perform for the invisible invader. And let's not confuse them with the real imperialist "Money Power."
The sooner we see ourselves as colonized, the sooner we can declare our independence. 
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