New World Order’s Global Ponzi Scheme Coming To Its End.

Vatic Notes:  This Bit Coin looks like a global currency to me, backed by what?  Not sure I understand how this works.  If anyone knows, please pass on the info to us and we will post it, post haste, since there is so much celebration about it. 

Is this simply another implimentation of the NWO without the approval of the various sovereign nations?  Maybe we should just stay home, make our own products, do our own currency and back it with gold and silver and forget about international trade and financing.   The  only people that will be benefiting from it are the International corporations and their khazar banker owners. 

Lets just stop it right here and right now.  Its only coming to an end for the dollar and not the entire scheme.  They will simply replace the dollar and do away with our sovereignty and Constitution.... I take that back,  they will "TRY" to do away with our Constitution and system owned and controlled by the people, who will never give up their guns.  

New World Order’s Global Ponzi Scheme Coming To Its End.


We discuss the house price riots in Hong Kong which could be the trigger for the next Minsky moment in the global financial ponzi scheme. We also discuss the Conservative Party in the UK pushing young people into the debt pyramid by offering a 20% ‘discount’ on property and penalizing young people who don’t go into debt in order to go to university but who choose to work instead.
In the second half, Max interviews Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof, founder and CEO of BitNation (where the motto is ‘Blockchains, Not Borders)’ about sovereignty, love and divorce on the blockchain.
Max Keiser

President Of Iceland Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson Arrests 10 Rothschild Bankers.
   President Of Iceland Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson Arrests 10 Rothschild 

Cryptocurrency Destroys Banking Leeches!

Whether they admit it or not, Bitcoin has put the fear of God into the banking system. Why? Because it threatens to remove them from the equation, plain and simple.

Many people have now heard of Bitcoin and have a grasp of what it is…but the big question is, do they realize the potential for crypto-currencies to remove massive inefficiencies from just about every area of banking and finance?

Whether it is Bitcoin or some other type of crypto currency, the banking sector knows one thing for sure: The genie is out of the bottle.

Hidden Secrets Of Money.
Declining Value Of Rothschild's Dollar
Declining Value Of Rothschild’s Dollar
Elitist Alan Grayson Hoarded $18,000,000.00 To Bet In A Get Rich Scheme And Lost It All.
“We believe that merchants are starting to see the value that accepting bitcoin can bring to their business,” said BitPay’s Jan Jahosky. “We’re adding merchants at a pace of 1,000 new merchants per week.”
“We expect exponential growth in the popularity of bitcoin around the world with both merchants and consumers, and anticipate seeing the biggest growth in China, India, Russia and South America.”
Earlier today, the Bitcoin news website Coindesk reported that BitPay is adding 1,000 new merchants per week, within an article highlighting the fact that private jet company PrivateFly had just teamed up with the payment processor to accept BTC for its charter flights.
Quark Cryptocurrency
Quark Cryptocurrency
Just to put this into perspective and understand just how staggering this growth it, BitPay only first surpassed 1,000 total merchants in September 2012 and a total of 10,000 in September 2013.
At its current growth rate, the company is set to double the milestone of 10,000 merchants every two and a half months. Incredible.
BitPay, as one of the most prominent bitcoin payment processors, is primed to handle an influx of new clients as businesses around the world begin to see bitcoin as a legitimate and cost-saving way to accept payments.
Last month, BitPay celebrated processing more than $100m bitcoin transactions in 2013. Last year the company brought bitcoin to a number of popular retailers, such as Gyft and Shopify, as well as blog platform WordPress and bitcoin mining equipment producer KNC Miner.
The company assists merchants by removing what is seen as one of the biggest risk factors in accepting bitcoin – its price volatility. Businesses balk at the idea of accepting payments in a currency that may drop in value by 40-50% in a week, as bitcoin did a couple of times in 2013, as well as making exponential gains.
BitPay shoulders this risk itself, making a big wager that bitcoin’s value will increase over time, and converts the bitcoins it receives into local currency to transfer into clients’ bank accounts almost immediately.
Liberty Blitz Krieg
March 23, 2014
Robocoin bitcoin

Bitcoin ATM Coming to a Corner Near You

Jeff Berwick, creator of the world’s first Bitcoin ATM, speaks on Bloomberg TV to describe the Bitcoin ATM and calmly defend Bitcoin from the skeptics.
“[Bitcoin] is an incredibly exciting new evolution in money.  I compare it to internet being an evolution in communication.
It is free market.  There’s no one who runs it.  There’s no Ben Bernanke in a beard and boardroom somewhere deciding price fixing the amount of money and deciding how much he’s going to counterfeit each month.”
Bitcoin Enroute
Bitcoin Enroute
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