Stevens County Man Brings Writ of Prohibition to Superior Court of Washington State.

Vatic Note:  We put this up  for local efforts that can make a huge difference on bigger issues.  If these public officials acting in a capacity of Law Enforcement, are not duly sworn and recorded within the county clerks office, then the issues, no matter what they are,  are null and void. 

This below has been taken on by Mr. and Mrs. Clark and is a recap of all that they have done to advance this issue into the legal record and obtain a decision that forces these officers and judges to sign and record such oath.   He has been kind enough to talk with us and he has more stages to go through and is willing to let us know the results.

There has been a forum set up just for updates and conversaton.  It would be worth visiting.   This is strictly for those of you who are interested in pursuing this path for remedy.  Its important to use these systems vehicles to convince ourselves that the system no longer works and that we have to consider alternative actions and start thinking outside the box.

Stevens County Man Brings Writ of Prohibition to Superior Court of Washington State.
by  Liberty Crier Admin,  October 2, 2014

| Stevens County organizer for the Common Law Grand Jury in Washington State. Currently a part of the Neighborhood Emergency Action & Response (NEAR group) meeting the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month in Chewelah Washington. Ernie can be contacted at protectingpeoplesrights@gmail.com.

Back this Spring (2014) Jimmy Ellis, Clark filed a Writ of Prohibition with the Superior Court of Stevens County. A Press Release alerting the Media to the hearing on Sept. 29, 2014 stated:

"On Monday, September 29, 2014, at 10:00 a.m. Jimmy Ellis, Clark, a Viet Nam era veteran who swore an Oath to uphold the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, will apply to the Superior Court of Stevens County, State of Washington, at 215 So. Oak St., Colville, Washington 99114, for the issuance of a preemptory writ of prohibition restraining and prohibiting Stevens County Treasurer, Sue Harnasch, Stevens County Auditor, Tim Gray and the Stevens County Commissioners, Wes McCart, Steve Parker and Don Dashiell from approving or paying any salary warrants, vouchers or other demands for public monies without first showing their lawful authority to approve, audit and pay said claims, and lawful authority of all persons making said claims to receive public monies."

Clark’s Petition has piqued the interest of Bob Ferguson, Washington State’s Attorney General. Ferguson has declined to weigh in on the issue with Stevens County Prosecutor Tim Rasmussen pending the outcome of Clark’s Petition.

Rasmussen has recently received a dozen criminal complaints from the people on Stevens County concerning “Sheriff” Kendle Allen who did not take the required Oath of Office for more than 3 years after being elected.

QUESTIONS will be taken from the Media, on the courthouse lawn, after the event.

For access to case pleadings, contact the Clerk of the Superior Court of Stevens County, Jimmy Ellis, Clark v. Sue Harnasch et.al., Case No. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­2014-02-00355-1.
Contact: Jimmy or Toni Clark, Phone 509-675-5988″

This case was as much about sitting “judges” not having a valid filed Oath of Office according to Washington State Law as it was about sitting “county officials” not having authority to execute salary warrants unless they could prove they have a valid Oath of Office on file with the county Auditor incorporated into the official public records as mandated by Washington state statutes.

According to witnesses to the hearing, none of the 5 “officials”, as Defendants, bothered to attend. Witnesses felt that the evidence and the law as delivered by Clark, might have pricked these “officials’conscience.

The hearing “judge” refused to provide evidence of her Oath of Office and its proper filing and she also usurped jurisdiction according to Clark in the post hearing conference. According to Clark, a judge that fails to prove jurisdiction upon request waives any right to immunity.

Links for Jimmy Clark’s court hearing on Sept. 29, 2014.
Court recorded audio file
Youtube video of Press Conference

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