VATIC ALERT: Why Does the CDC own a Patent on a particular Strain of EBOLA???

Vatic Note:  I just received these links and videos below tonight so rather than try and put them up for Wed, I decided to give you the email as I got it, and let you visit the links the same day I received them.  The information is too important and timely to be put off.   These are must read and must watch.  I hope you will forget the quick way that these are coming to you, but I would not have been able to do a good job putting them up tonight.  

We need the information now and somebody better be arrested over this one.  Read and you decide.  This email has the comments from a trusted friend who has not been wrong so far.  I will follow up and confirm what we are getting here, but assume all is as presented and I will tell you if its not.  

After what the CDC did with the avian flu virus, I believe they are connected to this as well.  Remember the Pax Americana paper written by Dick Cheneys New American Century think tank where it says ".... bioweapons to be used for Political Purposes".   Is that what this below is all about?  Open borders with this stuff around???  Somebody needs to see the inside of a jail.  


Take regular doses of Colloidal silver,  a full dropper full of Cinnamon tinture in 1 inch of water and do this every day .  Eat Honey and cinnamon in your tea or other beverage.... and do all of this twice a day.  Ebola will not have an affect if your immune system is supported and strong, so also get an immune booster - natural and tincture if possible in 1 inch of water.  

Please explain to me WHY the CDC owns a patent on a particular strain of EBOLA ???


These are the SAME people now holding a new ebola victim in isolation... another strain to be patented ??? 

WTF !!!

OH LOOK, the US patented types of ebola! It's ours!, that's why we're bringing the patients home, non-competition clause probably.

Dahboo7, and BPEarthwatch have great info on a daily basis, verifiable by their links. I highly recommend checking them out. This needs to be watched closely.

The CDC brought ebola patients into our country without appropriate quarantine (btw the CDC and Georgia Guidestones are in or near Atlanta, where I was born, yay...)

That guy had a suit on for quarantine, but another doctor went home to Tennessee, and quarantined himself in his home. Isn't ebola a bit dangerous? MTI, who he was working with, would not say if he travelled back to the US on a commercial (public) flight or not after directly treating ebola patients.


(VN: read and watch this with great discretion, since CNN is owned by the globalists and the anchor Anderson is a CIA agent. yeah, I know, I was shocked too, but then Obama worked for the CIA and never resigned, does that mean the CIA runs the White House???) 

and as Jesse from BPEarthwatch states, Obama just changed section B of the Public Health Service Act, regarding "apprehension, detention, and conditional release" of people with communicable diseases. I know Jesse gets into biblical endtimes, but he knows what he is talking about. Good researcher.

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