Is the “official” line about "How Ebola is transmitted", just that, a line of BS?

Vatic Note:   Is this more fear porn?  Or is it real?  I don't know, but what I do know is that Susan Duclos works with "Live Free or Die" and I have proven to myself that he is a disinfo agent.  Now why and what purpose would be served for him to counter the scientists at large who say that this virus is not airborn, rather has to be passed on through fluids?

Well, notice he says in the video that "QUARANTINE" would be required if its airborn, and that fits with the "stated" agenda of the powers that be "....to quarantine, healthy individuals who have not contracted the virus" and of course that quarantine would be in the already fully prepared and staffed, FEMA camps.  Does a pattern here, seem to be emerging?

He also doesn't mention the microbiologists with expertise in DNA sequencing which can tell you what bioweapons facility the bug came from.  AT last count there were 89 dead microbiologists killed right after 9-11.  Is there a connection? 

Ebola – What You Are Not Being Told – Storm Clouds Gathering
By Susan Duclos, 

Is the “official” line, just that, a line of BS? In the latest Storm Clouds Gathering video and accompanting article, they provide what they believe is proof that that everything we continuously are being told about how Ebola is transmitted, is in fact, a lie.

They point to a published study from 2012, which does indicate that contrary to what is being told to the populace, over and over and over again by the MSM that Ebola can only be contracted through “physical contact with bodily fluids,” there is evidence, via the study, that in some cases Ebola is, indeed, of being transmitted by air, meaning the virus is airborne.

A study conducted in 2012 showed that Ebola was able to travel between pigs and monkeys that were in separate cages and were never placed in direct contact.

If they are correct, this is a game changer and explains the reports of comments like “out of control,” and “no end in sight,” as well as this being called the worst outbreak in history.

More the video below and at SCG.


[MAJOR UPDATE] American Ebola patient being flown into the US, Emory Hospital statement included.

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