Swiss Novartis Ebola Vaccine 2012: Itinerary of Crime against Humanity by Switzerland

Vatic Note:  Let us see...... Switzerland is the home of BIS, which is Rothschilds Bank of Settlements, am I wrong about that?  I don't think so.   Plus isn't Switzerland were the Zio nazi bankers hung out during WW II?  How is it they always know when and where its going to be safe FOR THEM AND NO ONE ELSE?   Switzerland has no protection anymore than anyone else, against the Ebola virus?  Do they?  Aaah, if they know about it in advance, then that would change everything wouldn't it, then, of course, they would know about it.?

I am so sorry about the smearing of the reputation of Switzerland, after  the world looked to the Swiss as good examples, of good countries, what a terrible come down.  The zio nazi's have  finished off any good countries that were left.  ITS NOW UP TO WE, THE PEOPLE, AFTER ALL.  There is no one else folks.  We are who will have to save us.  Lets call on the Swiss to purge the Rothschild zio nazi's out of Switzerland.

All we have to do is get those that engineered the bioweapon, to squeal on their masters.  Who gave them the orders to create the virus and the cure???  How convenient.  Too late for those poor people in Africa and the caring doctors that went there to try and save them and died themselves.   What horrible excuses for humans these people are.  THIS IS YOUR NWO,  SO HOW DO YOU LIKE IT SO FAR???  I personally think it sucks. Its time we put this one to bed for good.  After we do, then we clean house in both political parties or do away with them altogether.

Swiss Novartis Ebola Vaccine 2012: Itinerary of Crime against Humanity by Switzerland 
Published on Aug 5, 2014

THE ITINERARY OF SWISS CRIME: 2012 EBOLA ANTIDOTE READY IN SWITZERLAND, 2013 SWISS MANDATORY VACCINATION LAWS AND 2014 THE ACTUAL EBOLA OUTBREAK; so the Swissies have it all set in place now - the vaccine, the new pandemic laws and now the real pandemic. So soon they can force to inject us whatever they want and simultaneously make a hell of a lot of money with Gleevec and Tasigna.

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