Finally, Some Good News!!! Israel Has Lost Big Over Gaza War: Analyst

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Vatic Note:  First I want to ask everyone to quit referring to the Palestinian genocide against civilians as a WAR,  there is no war about it.  Its a slaughter of civilians without conscience, humanity, or integrity, since its all for gas and oil.  I agree with this analysis.  I found that even in my small town, those that used to support Israel unquestioningly, are now confronted with the fact that Israel proudly asserts her right to genocide a whole race of people from their own land.

And to do so for the greedy reason of profit on the oil and gas now found in Gaza, funny how the same thing is happening in the Ukraine. And I bet that is the same with Syria as well.  I will try to find out about Syria and let you know. The area in dispute in the Ukraine has an oil and gas field, a big one and that is why the khazars are in there, to take away the land with the natural gas on it.  What a coincidence.  We did a blog on that a few weeks back.

That is beyond our comprehension in today’s' society.   Back when the British ruled the planet, it was done regularly by the British to whatever society they happened to be going after at the time.  I just wonder if the british knew or realized that when they created the conditions for the emergence of Israel after WW I and then finalized that effort after their created WW II, if they realized just how much this would affect their own image in the world.  Its heavily tied into that of Israel. It certainly has an impact on their Oil and gas company, BP, and Shell. 

They appear to be joined at the hip.  Are the royalty of Europe of Khazar genome?  If so, then that would explain their cooperation and creation of organizations to help the khazars implement their agenda of world domination. I keep thinking of the Bilderberg group created by the king of Denmark back in 1954.

As long as the Khazars had the use of other groups as fronts for their in humanity, they could get away with anything, but that is slowly changing due to their own decision to come out and do their own dirty work, instead of leaving it to others.  It also is a result of the sheep waking up and seeing it for themselves. 

Israel Has Lost Big Over Gaza War: Analyst
By Gordon Duff and Press TV, 8/6/2014

Press TV has conducted an interview with Gordon Duff, senior editor of Veterans Today from Ohio, about a survey finding that support for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has fallen by 20 percent.
What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Now first of all, before I get into the numbers and statistics here, in your opinion was deterrence ever the goal of Israel’s onslaught on Gaza?

Duff: I really do not think there was any idea about deterrence. The Israelis have been bombing Gaza for months. The bombing had been escalated long before any of this had come up. The bombing in Israel is early June. The bombing had been fairly severe.

The issues here have simply been internal politics within Israel. Victimization games attempt to defray the failures that Israel has had with Syria, Israel’s very strange alliance with the neo-fascist in Kiev which is now not so much of a secret anymore, the embarrassment inside Egypt that it is an Israeli puppet regime in Cairo today.
And this attack was supposed to be something to mollify the people of Israel. It was supposed to be something to solidify backing within the United States. It was supposed to be a more of the same victimization game that Israel plays, none of this has turned out the way they wanted it to be. 
Israel has lost big. The idea that people do not approve of Netanyahu because he failed as a war criminal, the people of Israel whatever protest they have been involved in – this is my opinion now – that they are displeased because Netanyahu has not been successful as a war criminal and war crimes are what the people of Israel have been asking for and they are after him because he has not been successful enough.

Press TV: So Mr. Duff, now that Israel is grappling with its internal politics specifically with the blowback from Gaza, do you think that all the leadership in Israel is on par with Netanyahu’s vision of what to do when it comes to Hamas and Gaza?

Duff: Well Hamas is taking much of the status that Hezbollah has had. Hezbollah became a major military force from its experience fighting in Syria.
Hamas is gaining that same kind of capability. It has had help from the outside.

It has got battlefield experience it hasn’t had. It has proven itself to be unified, it has proven itself to be a legitimate force and the more rhetoric that comes out of President Obama trying to refer the Hamas as a terrorist organization, the more he suffers incredibility as well within the US, within the news community, even entertainers now.
Israel has become fair game. You can criticize Israel when you were not able two years before. Certainly what has become an open issue in the United States is cutting aid to Israel. It is spoken of all the time and it is only American aid that holds Israel together. There is no nation without American money.

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