MSNBC: Americans Trust In News Media & Government At All Time Low

*** Just a note to inform you that my BIRTHDAY IS AUGUST 9, so I will be taking that day off for the first time in 4 years.  I have not had a vacation from publishing a minimum of 3 blogs per day, and the research that goes with it adds another 3 to 4 hours per day to the actual work up of the 3 or more blogs per day,  SO, I AM TAKING OFF ON MY BIRTHDAY and that will reflect probably on Tues, there will not be any new blogs up for that day.  I hope you will stick with us, since I will definitely be back the following day which will be Sunday, so there should be blogs up on Wed.  Good luck and God Bless you all for all you do to help try to save many, and nations as well as the globe they are found on. 

Vatic Note:  About 6 months or so ago,  we published the fact that the MSM had a huge drop in readership.   It was now 40% who still visited the MSM to get their news, but that has dropped even further.   Its amazing when the sheep start to wake up, just how fast it travels.  Its had a dramatic impact on these programs and newsprint papers obtaining ads for revenue. 

Its almost like a collective consciousness has taken hold and gone the speed of light in traveling through that collective unconscious realm to wake so many up.  Just so you know, this is up because it has dropped even lower.  You won't believe just how low it has gotten.  That is why I put this up.  

MSNBC: Americans Trust In News Media & Government At All Time Low 
by admin,  Liberty Crier,  July 1, 2014

Only 19% of Americans still have any trust or respect for the mainstream media.
It’s interesting to hear the people that Americans do not trust talk about why we don’t trust them as they pretend we’re going to trust the explanation they give us.

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