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Vatic Note:  True, it doesn't say, in this video below, that they were rehearsing for martial law in that report, however, that is what the residents said when they called in on the issue.  Why did they bring all those vehicles to St. Charles at great expense when they could have brought the men alone from St. Charles to a training center? It would have been a lot cheaper.  Well, it was to train on site to "learn" about residents reactions from the general population who would be affected by the site of these weapons.  


One of my readers sent me Michael Snyder’s account of DOJ involvement in the activities on the ground in Ferguson. Snyder reported that “DOJ agents will be “conducting training” for Ferguson protesters that will focus on “best practices for participating in protests”.

I have no doubt that the Snyder account is accurate and that the provocations are designed to promote antagonism is a multi-agency endeavor. This also serves to explain Obama’s incredibly weak response to this crisis.

There are many who believe that the desire of the DHS and the globalists is to get the civil unrest to spread like wildfire across the country which would result in the implementation of  martial law.  I have no doubt that martial law is the goal of this administration for a variety of reasons that I have previously covered (e.g. prelude and acceptance of American involvement in World War III, etc.).

However, I do not think that the DOJ and DHS have the manpower to pull this off all over the country. Yes, I do expect to see more “Ferguson type of events”, but not widespread enough to lead to nationwide martial law.

These events in Ferguson are a stepping stone towards ramping up the anti-government rhetoric. Watch the national programming, the commentaries offered by the hosts consist of this persistent phrase “I cannot believe that this happening in America”.  I even heard this phrase uttered on Entertainment Tonight. The national media is fanning the flames. So, you ask, if this is only a stepping stone, where is this leading?

An aroused America will not accept mandatory vaccines. You may have noticed that the national media has pulled back from covering Ebola in favor of the events in Jefferson. If I were to make an educated guess, I would say that after the civil unrest begins to dissipate, we will see some kind of outbreak of Ebola.

Vaccinations will become mandatory and your will have 10,000 Ferguson, Missouri’s and that’s is what we will see the implementation of nationwide martial law. After all, do you really think the money being put forth to fund an Ebola vaccine which is being spent by Monsanto (Tekmira) and GSK, is really going to go to waste? Remember America, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

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