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Vatic Note:  This blog below consists of a series of articles, videos, photos, etc, showing that Ferguson is a false flag.  We are finding out that the ebola virus pandemic is also man made and a false flag, but we will deal with that one later.  If we accept that it is, then its time to move.  Its an attempted genocide of our people and that cannot be allowed to stand. 

If we remember correctly, both Chertoff and Napolitano are both Dual Israeli khazar citizens.  ADL and the SPLC both sit on the Citizens advisory board, and run the show from there.  But what is more interesting is "notice how the press and internet attention has shifted from the genocide in GAZA to the farce playing out here"?   

Is DHS aiding Israel by providing a distraction for them so they can continue their genocide of the pals?  Just asking?  Its just too convenient that this happened exactly when it did.  I am even beginning to wonder if this below is real at all.   

The Police Chief is acting strange as if it may not be as serious as we are taking it.  If the MSM had not been those arrested, I might have believed it happened without questioning it, but the MSM were involved and they are owned by the same people who constantly put up false flags to distract us or get us to accept their agenda.  

Further, when did any of the MSM EVER print the truth since all of this started years ago.  Remember, their approval rating has dropped to only 19%.   That screams volumes about the publics trust of them at this point.

Let me make one more observation.  Dave Hodges did not provide any evidence of either whistleblowers or photos or anything to proved that provocateurs were done by DHS or that they even existed much less, did this violence below.  I would feel much more confidence in this story had he done so.  Right now, I am in the "wait and see" mode, since all false flags are outted eventually.  

What I do have is video of an elected official of that town confirming that violent provocateurs have invaded the protests, but she did not clarify "why" and who asked them to come?  She may well have been "encouraged" to throw the blame elsewhere since Eric Holder is coming tomorrow and if he does not do anything of import, and its later discovered this was a false flag or a cover up of DHS work, then the you know what will hit the fan.  Holder already has fast and furious to contend with and he doesn't need anymore evidence of selling out his country. 


DHS IS EMPLOYING AGENT PROVOCATEURS AND ARE BEHIND THE EVENTS IN FERGUSON http://www.fourwinds10.net/siterun_data/government/homeland_security_patriot_act_fema/news.php?q=1408216016 by Dave Hodges,  Four Winds 10, August 2014

Is this Ferguson or Gaza?
Is this Ferguson or Gaza?  (VN: we said on previous blog that if we did not stop Gaza, internationally, we would end up seeing it here...)

What the mainstream media is not reporting is beginning to leak out from local citizens in St. Louis and from an informant from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) who are all telling a different story that the one you are seeing on Fox, CNN and CBS. First, the locals are reporting that the rioting has spread far beyond the Ferguson city limits.

Rioting is taking place as far away as St. Charles which is located approximately 20 miles away from Ferguson. Second, more people are becoming aware that the police chief of Ferguson, Thomas Jackson, is not in control of his own police force as he has relinquished control to DHS.

DHS Is Fanning the Flames of Violence

In the past five days I have been contacted, via one of my most trusted sources, a member of DHS who is opposed to the events and DHS involvement in Ferguson, Missouri. This source stated that DHS is running the Ferguson Police Department and their actions are designed to antagonize and to provoke the locals to violence. He further stated that he believed that the ultimate goal is to inflame the local citizens to such a point martial law will be declared.

In even a more shocking revelation, this DHS source stated that the rioting and looting which followed the shooting death of 18 year old, Michael Brown, was encouraged and exacerbated by undercover DHS agents posing as members of the Black Panthers. Lending support to this latest accusation of DHS complicity in the rioting was the behavior of the Ferguson Police Department during the looting. During the civil unrest, the behavior of the Ferguson Police was to simply create a perimeter around the looting and allow it to continue.

This violates every tenet of law enforcement. It more resembles quarantine procedures practiced by DHS, Northcom and the National Guard. The police should have moved to intervene to stop the looting and prevent the spread of violence. If the situation was beyond the control of the police, then the National Guard should have been brought in. Given the revelation of the DHS source, it seems plausible that his story of wanting the violence to escalate appears to be the case.

The Ferguson Police Deliberately Antagonizes the Media for Doing Their Job 

Both Ryan Reilly, of the Huffington Post, and Washington Post reporter, Wesley Lowery, were working in a McDonald’s in Ferguson, Missouri, when a SWAT team suddenly descended upon the restaurant. After being told to stop recording the proceedings, and refusing, both men were then violently arrested in yet another case of Ferguson police brutality.

Please note that recording police officers  is a legal act. Lowery was shoved into a soda machine. One of Ferguson’s finest slammed Ryan Reilly’s head against glass. Lowery told the police that this would be on the front page of the Washington Post tomorrow and the officer responded, “Yeah, well you will be in my jail cell tonight”.

"Hey Chief, who's in charge"?
“Hey Chief, who’s in charge”?  (VN: ADL and SPLC, who else?, they run Dept of Homeland gestapo security)
Thomas Jackson is supposed to be the Chief of Police in Ferguson, Missouri. Thomas Jackson has largely been reduced to a figure head and is not in command of his own paramilitary police force that has been outfitted and equipped by DHS.

Jackson has so completely lost control of his own force, he expressed extreme surprise when he was told by reporter Matt Pearce that reporters Reilley and Lowery were being arrested (see tweet below). Does the Chief know that other members of the media are being threatened for merely covering the events as reporters are mandated and permitted to do? If this “Chief” had control of his police force, he would have strict rules for dealing with the media and these rules would not consist of promoting the police brutality described below.

The last thing a police chief should want is to alienate the media in hostile and controversial situation. This Chief should be arresting any provocateurs who have infiltrated his department and are giving orders. Instead, he is laying down in the face of illegitimate DHS authority which is operating in violation of the 10th Amendment. Thomas Jackson needs to immediately resign. 

Emperical proof Fergusen is a STATE SPONSORED PSY OP

Jim Stone, Investigative Reporterhttp://jimstonefreelance.com/ 

Scroll down to this article on the "Emperical Proof Fergusen......." Agent provocateurs are an old game, and when I got onto the trail of a busload of agent provacateurs that were bussed in from Chicago, provacateurs who got off the bus near the police and forced an aggressive response by throwing moltov cocktails at them and lighting the place on fire, The computer I was using that was working PERFECT prior for a couple hours straight just suddenly locked up and could not get onto the web AT ALL with ANY browser.

 I left that mess behind for the cyber cafe to deal with and went to a different one to post this. Why would a computer lock up just because I got onto a topic and started digging? the answer is obvious, someone in power does not want the word about these provacateurs getting out. Even still, if there was a psy op going on the police were aware of, their assault on the news crew was not justified. If the police had other things to worry about, WHY GAS A NEWS CREW AND TAKE THEIR EQUIPMENT? Very odd, perhaps that news crew got evidence of these provacateurs or nailed some video the police were ashamed of.

That certainly backfired. I am going to try to get to the bottom of this story, but all the details I have right now is that all the violence was staged by a busload of imported provacateurs from Chicago. That ought to give people something to go on, and CAUTION: USE A LINUX LIVE CD OR DISPOSABLE COMPUTER FOR THIS ONE, someone does not want this topic looked into.

Here are some pictures of proven agent provacateurs from other uprisings. You can tell these are actors quite easily.

In the first image, it is easy to see the guy is not Muslim because he is wearing a gold ring. BUSTED, Muslim men do not wear gold AND ADDITIONALLY no jewelry AT ALL except for a plain silver wedding ring on the left hand. This man's ring is worn on the right hand, BUSTED even if it is not gold. The next one is too silly to even point out what is wrong, what is this, halloween? Anyway, this photo was posted after they were busted for being fake.












Take a look at the boots the police are wearing in the last provocateur photo, it is good for a laugh, they are the same as the boots the agent provacateurs are wearing. They all had a good laugh together later . . . . . and there is no doubt this is going on in Fergusen as we speak. The news crew may have figured it out, thus necessitating the confiscation of their gear.

Crazy: Police gas news crew and take equipment

This one is absolutely nuts. Scene 1 - they gas news crew Scene 2 - they pull up with armored vehicle with gas masks and automatic rifles drawn and take equipment.

Cute. So this is what 911 and subsequent legislation was for. To arm the police and crush all dissent. This was not a youtube news crew (not that it matters), it had to have been regular news with the type of equipment they had. And it was predictable, once an organization like the NSA is in place to assist the CIA and FBI with crushing the American people, we are seeing cold war Russia in America now.  (VN:  your being nice, Jim, this is out and out TREASON by those police and they are now at risk once it becomes clear they have chosen the side they will fight on.)

If this is the attitude, where news crews are gassed and robbed by the police who pull up in armored vehicles with gas masks and automatic weapons drawn it is GAME OVER. America is finished, it is too late. This event, which happened in Missouri surprised even me.  (VN: I knew and said so on this blog, that if Israel got away with genociding the Pals with no outrage from the international community, that we were going to be next and I was right. What is that saying?  Oh, yeah, ".....And when they did it to me, there was no one left to protest"  That is how its beginning to look.)

This is cold war Russia all the way, look what your tax dollars bought - automatic weapons and not so shiny olive drab assault vehicles which now ARE in your town, (not coming soon). For what reason could the police possibly have had for using said equipment in such a way, other than a reason such as IT IS POLICY NOW, YOU HAD BETTER STEP IN LINE? To show such force absent any threat is inexcusable, this is one for the history books, live documentation of the death of America. (VN: its not just inexcusable,  ITS FRIGGEN "TREASON" BY THE LEO'S AND AGAINST THEIR OATH OF OFFICE and those that ordered the event.  IF the system won't address it, then we, the people, must address it in our own way, just like the underground did in Europe during WW II when these same international bankers did the same thing to Europe that they are doing to us.) I was warning people this type of thing was coming to America 25 years ago, and was only called a conspiracy wacko. Looks to me like THAT line worked well long enough for "them" to get the job done.

View Youtube video of this HERE If you are like me and seldom watch videos because time is limited, this one is worth it.

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