So, what is really going on with the Sikhs? Who is after them in this country? And "Why"?

*** Alert:  There is something to this, I do not know if its in the vatic note or the body of the article itself, since they would not let this come up when I had scheduled it.  I just got up to check on everything and sure enough they had moved this from "scheduled" to "draft".  That tells me there is something in here they do not want you to know, and it has to be obvious because,  if its way too subtle,  they don't mess with it, assuming you won't figure it out.  So, take the time and read carefully.  I am going to do the same thing again and try to figure out what they don't want  us to see, know, or believe. 

I finally got the link to work and was able to copy of the text proving this was a false flag event.   Its an important read to see just how far they are going in murdering people to obtain their agenda.  They have no limits to their criminality, but that is expected from Satanists. 

They must be very very close to trying to start WW III that no one in the world wants to fight.   It appears they will finally have to send their own kids, since no one else will go and fight other innocent people for BANKER PROFITS.  This is where we put our foot down.   Rothschild and Israel can send their own children to die for profit and gain.

Vatic Note:  Even with the work I have done, I still don't have an answer to all those questions.  But  I am much closer than I have found prior to this, to being able to answer those  questions.  Sikhs were being used and brutally murdered, such as the event in Wisconsin at a sikh Temple, to justify dividing America and of course trying to  get our guns and we all know why?  Every time gun control in other countries was instituted, Genocide followed soon after.   I believe its what they intend here.

I literally grew up in a free country, at least freer than what I am seeing now.  You were free to do anything you wanted as long as you did not harm another person or harm or steal anothers property.   Otherwise,  you could do just about anything and go just about anywhere.  So, you understand my outrage at what is going on.  Because I live here, I know here better than anywhere else.   What happened to the Sikhs in Wisconsin is against everything Constitutionalists believe in, no matter race, religion, creed, etc.

In digging into these lovely wonderful gentle sikhs I discovered something horrible.  So I decided to go down this rabbithole to find out why normal, average, everyday Americans would do anything  to harm them.  I grew up in Wisconsin and it  was never like what I read about the attack on the Sikh's temple.  I had never known anyone to do such horrible things to their fellow residents, just because of their politics or religion.

After experiencing the Boston Bombing, the Sandy Hook fiasco, and the Aurora false flag, I decided to dig and see if this was also one of those to try and drive a wedge between Americans and the Sikh community in order to start a war.  I remembered how the khazar controlled Homeland Security kept calling Christians and Constitutionalists  domestic terrorists, and that together with the professional way in which the attack  on the Sikh’s occurred, made me wonder if they were setting one side up to be the bad guy to the other side.

Well, I began with this ditty directly below where Congress sent a letter to the AG addressing hate crimes against the Sikh's which would have made them afraid of Americans .... so it was important that TRUTH CAME OUT.  That is why they did 9-11, so they could get Americans to war against the Muslims and everyone in between  by dividing us.

When you are done reading this letter then read the article that follows it.  Then you will know who are the REAL TERRORISTS and how the innocent sikhs were used for the political ends of the foreign occupiers of our government, by using mind controlled,  brainwashed,  so called black ops informants.

Read The Letter Congress Sent To The Attorney General Months Ago Addressing Hate Crimes Against Sikhs 
Kim Bhasin, Business Insider

The FBI keeps a Hate Crimes Incident Report Form which collects data on hate crimes in the U.S. There's nothing on the report form that documents crimes against Sikhs.

Back in April, 92 members of Congress signed a letter to the Department of Justice urging the FBI to collect information on hate crimes committed against Sikh Americans.

"Our understanding is that the FBI may be relying on older forms which count hate crimes against Sikhs as anti-Islamic (Muslim) hate crimes," the letter says. "We believe that not including Sikhs within hate-crime data-collection may diminish the safety of the 500,000-strong Sikh-American community and weaken the quality of essential hate crimes data overall."

As of the recent Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin, it appears that the FBI's form hasn't been changed.

Here's the full body of the letter:

Now that you have read this,  take the time to read this report below from a non MSM source and you decide.   Now that we have this past history of terror attacks on American from foreign occupiers in our government, its important to now question every attack made against Americans in general, by doing a false flag and blaming it on a segment of our population who are called the "Patriot Movement".

They have been selected because they are a threat to the foreign occupiers of our gov, since these patriots are the hard core gun advocates, and strong believers in the government being bound by the chains of our Constitution which is antithesis to the goal of the khazar zionist bankers....of global domination of this nation and of the world.

Remember, Page was the so called mass murderer of the Sikh's, but look what else came up during the investigation.  He was also an FBI informant and did black ops for the FBI, who works for DHS, whose advisory board has the SPLC and the ADL who essentially run the Homeland security from those board positions.

There are two articles I found and I pray that you will read them both just to show just how perverted these operatives are.

Second Shoe Drops - The Sikh Temple Shooting Likely a Government Operation


(VN:  Well, Alex Jones has just made it impossible to embed the video, so you will just have to read the text. Sorry.) 

for more explanation, see also

UPDATE -- 7 August 2012
Satwant Singh Kaleka is listed among those killed. It is verified that he is indeed the father of a film maker, who intends to produce and release a film dealing mainly with the US and other governments concealing technologies which would benefit mankind (as distinct from benefiting ruling oligarchs). Funding for the film reached the threshold for completion only days before the shooting. Documents verifying the relationship, and the film project, are given below.

Dr. Steven Greer & film maker Amardeep Kaleka are the main force behind the film. Dr Greer has said the only way they can be stopped would be for the government to "put him in his coffin." (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4umeIVcVHE)

Dr. Greer has discussed the hostility of globalist supra-governmental agencies toward his film - the name of which was changed from "Starlight Project" to the somewhat more defiant "Disclosure" for this reason.

It therefore now appears that the decorated Army intelligence officer was sent on a mission meant to intimidate the film makers into abandoning their Disclosure project. He (Page) did so under what has now become a stock disguise of "Neo-Nazi" (a la the Oklahoma City Bombing, Columbine Massacre, etc..).

The "Nazi" appellation is then falsely reinforced by the dronings of the SPLC - the same SPLC which helps construct fake Neo-Nazi groups primarily for propaganda benefit of the ADL and Mossad. The involvement of ethnicity, however, is an attempted smokescreen for the real purposes here as usual.

Note that in past projects - most notably the OKC bombing and 9/11 - the Mossad and rogue elements of the FBI coordinated their efforts in creating and exploiting attacks.

Whether it was intended that Page die in the attack is unclear - though his three assistants seem to have made a clean escape. Most news agencies are still following the FBI lead in obfuscation by parroting their assertion that the motive for the shooting remains "unclear".

PDFs downloadable at bottom of page. Find out who these "Neo-Nazis" really are...


Just as in the Oklahoma City false-flag bombing, 9/11, and the James Holmes "Batman" massacre, the surveillance cameras installed in the Sikh Temple mysteriously have not yielded any video recordings... or they were stolen, confiscated, erased, whatever. No one seems to know. How convenient. (PDF documentation added below.) Now the FBI can breathe a partial sigh of relief about the "lone wolf" theory they propose.

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