A Gift to the People of America just in Time for the Planned WW III: DOD Is Stuck with a Flawed $1.5 Trillion Fighter Jet -

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Vatic Note: I should have done this one in two parts, since it has grown since I started writing it up and posting the article.  Its Amazing what you find when you go down rabbit holes. This is a must read and if you stick with it you will understand where they are going with this and its not good. They intend to insure we lose WW III and extract as much of our taxpayer wealth as they can while doing so.  Lets hope this exposure below, stops all this, or at least stops the plan for us to be the designated losers. 

Gee what a coincidence!   First, we have Israel selling the plans of our most recent advanced fighter, the F-22,  to China, who has improved on the design and now our F - 35 will not be able to defend against it. (As this article below proves.)   Then, adding insult to injury,  we have the ISRAELI'S selling our most  advanced patriot Missles to the Chinese, another stab at the F-35 that will fail to protect us.   So what we have here is a RIGGED WW III.   Both sides using the USA's most advanced weaponry to fight the war, with the designated loser, which is the USA, being the country that developed and produced these weapons AND PAID FOR BY THE DESIGNATED LOSING COUNTRIES TAXPAYERS.  Now how  perverse and insane is that?

None of the opposing countries had these until  OUR VERY GOOD FRIEND ISRAEL SOLD AND GAVE THEM WHAT CHINA NEEDED TO DEFEAT US.  I would not doubt that Russia also now has these same weapons systems.   ADD TO ALL THAT, the fact that our treasonous military industrial complex companies also gave China the no bid contracts to manufacture our ELECTRONIC PARTS FOR OUR WEAPONS SYSTEMS, THAT WHEN DELIVERED DID NOT WORK.  WHY?  BECAUSE THEY WERE THE WRONG PARTS.

Add to that, the demoralization,  massive so called suicides of our military, the use of psychotropic drugs on our soldiers as Guinea pigs for testing these drugs for the drug companies, and finally the full SATANIZING  OF OUR MILITARY where harvesting of souls is one of their most important objectives.  Finally, add the 92 top level pentagon officers removed from their jobs and what you have here is a commander in Chiefs WORST NIGHTMARE, normally,  which is A DECREASE IN MILITARY READINESS.....Just in time for world war III.  Now tell me losing this war is not the objective and its being done by our own military, which is blatantly treason.

So who is going to have to pick up the slack?   THE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO BECOME OUR OWN MILITARY....  I believe that is what the Constitution said anyway, by legalizing the militia..... a citizens army.  Its that or live a dark ages the likes of which the world has never seen before. Trust me, after what I have seen these past 12 years of research, you would rather die fighting than to ever live the way these perverts have planned for you.   If you want a chance at success, you will have to begin getting ready now.   I am asking soldiers who are standing with us to grab as many high tech motor vehicles, artillary, and other high powered equipment as you can.   

Now you know why I keep screaming that we are the designated losers, by the zionist bankers, of WW III and anyone who has cooperated and aided in this endeavor are pure unadulterated traitors and better hit the road out of this country while they still can.  Better take your families with you too.  Move to Israel and see how you like it there, since that is where your loyalties have laid.
Given what I have heard about living there, it would be worse punishment than prison here.  So, please hurry and don't let the door hit you on the butt on your way out.

BIG SURPRISE, THE KHAZARS ARE TRYING TO FOB OFF THE STEALING OF OUR F-35 PLANS ONTO THE IRANIANS, WHEN IN FACT, THE KHAZAR ISRAELI'S STOLE AND SOLD THE MOST ADVANCED PLANE WE HAD TO CHINA.  NOW LOCKHEED MARTIN STOPPED PRODUCING THE F-22 AND REFOCUSED ON THE F-35 SINCE IT CANNOT BEAT THE F-22. SO WHAT WE ARE SEEING HERE IS "FELONY GRAND THEFT LARCENY  AND TREASON ALONG WITH MURDER, SINCE THOUSANDS OF OUR CHILDREN WILL BE KILLED BECAUSE OF IT".  JAIL TIME "AND" DEATH PENALTY, BOYS AND GIRLS. Since the system no longer works, we, the people will have to do the dirty work.  Sad but true, but this time it may not be so bad, since the planet will be saved from future forays into these nightmarish insane ventures of delusions of grandeur.   LOL  They are still trying to bring Iran down.

That pretty much makes it the whole world that Israel and Rothschilds are almost done, lying, cheating, stealing and manipulating into giving them control of the planet.   But first they have to get past us and get our guns.  Not ever going to happen.  No matter how this turns out, you know who to take down.   I don't think anyone has any doubt now.   After them we go after the nazi's and the illum families.   Then this will never happen again like it has 3 times in a row.  Enough is enough.

DOD Is Stuck with a Flawed $1.5 Trillion Fighter Jet -
By David Francis, The Fiscal Times,  Feb 18, 2014

On CBS’s “60 Minutes” on Sunday night, national security correspondent David Martin chronicled the seemingly never-ending list of problems with the Pentagon’s next-generation F-35 fight jet, from cost overruns of $160 billion to technical problems that have plagued the plane’s development.  (VN: Shows you why  the khazar bankers and military industrial complex, loves communism.  Its far more profitable than good old fashion free market competition. )
When asked if the F-35 program, which is expected to cost some $1.5 trillion over the four-decade life of the program, is now under control, the Pentagon’s acquisition chief, Frank Kendall, said, "Yes, it is." (VN:  and its NOW OBSOLETE DUE TO THE F-22'S MORE ADVANCED SYSTEM NOW UNDER CONTROL OF CHINA, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, ISRAEL.  USS LIBERTY was a pin prick compared to this little ditty.)

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(VN:  oh yeah?   PROVE IT!)  But that commitment came with a warning.

“Long gone is the time when we're going to pay for mistake after mistake after mistake," said Lt. Gen. Christopher Bogdan, (VN: TOO LATE, YOU ALREADY DID AND WE KNOW IT NOW.  WE ARE NO LONGER THE FOOLS WE WERE A YEAR AGO EVEN.)  the officer who took control of the F-35 program last year. He added that the planes are necessary, however, to keep pace with the technology being developed by U.S. rivals Russia and China. (VN:  HAHAHAA, SOMEONE PLEASE INFORM THIS MAN THAT ITS TOO LATE.  PLANS HAVE BEEN SOLD TO CHINA BY ISRAEL, FOR THE F-22 THAT WILL BEAT THE PANTS OFF THE F-35 AND EVERYONE KNOWS THAT AS WELL. Boy, those Nuremberg trials are going to be crowded as heck, I think they will have to hold the trials in some vaste waste land to accommodate all those who will be going down.  Oh, thats right, with the NDAA, we don't need a trial.  Murder is now legal. )

“I don't see any scenario where we are walking back away from this program. We're going to buy a lot of these airplanes,” said Bogdan.  (VN:  well of course you are, that is what WW III is for; massive profits for the treasonous military industrial complex, that will be paying those profits out to the families of the boys that died for a lie, Its murder when you intentionally set it up to be that way, and you will pay......How silly to even comment on the obvious.  What was your last name again? )

DOD is so far down the F-35 rabbit hole, both in terms of technology and cost -- $400 billion for 2,400 planes -- that it has no choice but to continue with the program. Still, it’s not too far gone to send a message to the plane’s manufacturer, Lockheed Martin.  (VN: thank you for that, now we know who to go after.  Let me check out their board of directors and see who the traitors are.  Bet you there are bankers on there.  EXAMPLE:  MS. HEWSON IS CEO OF LOCKHEED MARTIN, AND WAS A GRADUATE OF "COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY" AND "HARVARD",  two of the top secret society schools in America.  Remember Obama was recruited for the CIA from Columbia by Zbig and Hewson served for him in the white house on defense issues. Then she worked for the illuminati family the DUPONTS,   So the Illuminati's military industrial complex is fully in control of the White House now, especially after Obama got rid of the 92 top pentagon officers.) 

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A report in The Washington Post about DOD’s 2015 fiscal request says the Pentagon needs funds to purchase two of the Navy’s version of the plane, six of the Marines,’ and 26 of the Air Force’s model. It’s a sizable order, but it’s actually eight planes less than the 42 originally expected.  (VN: The MSM is going to be at those Nuremberg trials as well, out in that vast wasteland needed to hold them all.  I can hardly wait, since I find them more offensive than those doing this.  They had a protected obligation to report the truth no matter whose ox is gored and they did not because they are owned by the powers that be.  Treason is treason regardless of who does it.)

In the scheme of things, eight fewer jets among an order of 2,400 is not a big drop. But the timing of the leak to the Post, as well as the admonishment to Lockheed on “60 Minutes,” is hard to dismiss as mere coincidence.
Lockheed did not comment on camera on the “60 Minutes” report.

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Lockheed and DOD have been squabbling over F-35 problems for years. In October, a DOD Inspector General report found 719 problems with the plane and said “Lockheed's failure to make sure subcontractors' work was not up to snuff.”
Lockheed countered that the problems were not new and that they were “based on data that's more than 16 months old and [a] majority of the Corrective Action Requests identified have been closed.”

“Producing quality products is a top priority for the F-35 program, and Lockheed Martin and its suppliers strive every day to deliver the best aircraft possible to our customers," Lockheed said in a statement at the time. “When discoveries occur, we take decisive and thorough action to correct the situation. Our commitment is to deliver the F-35's world class Fifth Generation fighter capabilities to the warfighter on time and within budget.”

It seems as if DOD is attempting to send another message with Sunday night’s broadcast and the news that orders are expected to be cut in 2015. This isn’t just a cost issue any more, either – DOD needs the plane to work in order to maintain air superiority.

Unfortunately, the Pentagon is stuck with the F-35, for better or worse, so Lockheed doesn’t really have an incentive to deliver a state of the art plane in working order. DOD is stuck with the contract regardless.
If Lockheed cares about national security, it might want to get the plane working soon. China and Russia are in the plane’s jet contrails and catching up fast.
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