Annunaki Nephilim Ancient Astronauts NEW INFORMATION MUST WATCH NOW!!!

Vatic Note:  This presentation is very long and detailed and ties together the evidence existing for ancient free energy technology and the Annunaki ancient history and their eventual creation of man. Like I say, This is not fast food information, its highly educational so it requires serious time and commitment to learning.  This was scientifically based and fascinating to say the least.   Its the first real serious scientific evidence of their existance outside the actual Sumerian writings translated by Stitchen and other ancient text.   

He even includes writings in the Bible.  Is this information the reason Enoch was taken out of the Bible since he dealt the most, of all the prophets, with the arrival of the fallen angels, the watchers and their hybrid offspring of their matings with the "daughters of man"? 

I was mesmerized by what this scientist was disclosing.   I am not a scientist, but I almost went into the field of science and cosmology, but decided to stay with  my political science degree, however, I kept science as a hobby to follow and so much has come up that we know nothing about, that is changing the face, not only of history, but of science itself, especially that which is related to energy, sound, and light. 

I was also surprised that all these scientific discoveries and archaeological discoveries were in South Africa and to the extent they were, is evidence of a massive biological presence of man or man like beings in an area that is barely populated.   Its one thing for masses of biological groups to migrate, but its another for so few to stay behind and rebuild the population.  I wish he had spent more time on why they left with practically no one left behind.  

Annunaki Nephilim Ancient Astronauts NEW INFORMATION MUST WATCH NOW!!!
uploaded by Roger Onfile,  October 2, 2013

Crazy new information.. some of this was found on http://www.whenwasjesusborn.org and other places on the web. This is definitely some interesting info about the annunaki and Ancient Astronauts.


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