Evidence That Both Navy Seals Found Dead on the Maersk Alabama Had Links To Boston Bombing Sniper Teams

Vatic Note:  Remember, the Boston Bombing is when the gestapo went into peoples homes and confiscated the guns and ammo of the civilians there.... with no warrant or probable cause by the feds.   We also saw excellent clear photos of the alledged seals  in one of my blogs of the Boston Bombing, that showed the "back pack" duo that left their back packs and walked away in the vicinity of the bombing and on their heads were hats that had seals of Satanic emblems.

Now why do you think someone who intends to blow up something and even kill someone doing it, would wear such an identifying hat and give a huge leg up on the investigation?  We did a blog on this and it smelled funny when it happened.   It also confirmed directly the satanizing of our military by the powers that be.
Remember the Satanists motto "Do as thou Will"..... and that is without regard to any harm you may do another. 

Once again there were drills before, during and right after the actual event.  Homeland Security was doing those drills.  Then gun confiscation.  So what do you think.  Read this and find out and also recheck the first link above and see the great photos that are better than any official photos I have seen yet.  Who took those great photos and how did they know who to photograph?  was it just the hats?  I would love an answer to that question.

Evidence That Both Navy Seals Found Dead on the Maersk Alabama Had Links To Boston Bombing Sniper Teams
by Josey wales,  Before Its News,  Feb 25, 2014

This post was sent to B4INS in by an anonymous contributor. 
The Ex-Navy Seals found dead in their cabin aboard the ship made famous in the movie Captain Phillips died of respiratory failure after suffering heart attacks. Mark Daniel Kennedy(43), and Jeffrey Keith Reynolds (44), were found dead on February 18th… highly suspect.
Now, you have to ask yourself, what is the likelihood of two unrelated men dying of the same condition, respiratory failure, that was brought on by the same condition, a heart attack, on the same ship, at the same time?
Reynolds and Kennedy worked for Trident Security Firm USA, which  identified them as former Navy SEALs.
Both Seals had been linked to sniper teams on the roof of the Lennox hotel (intersection of Boylston and Exeter) during the Boston Marathon explosions (one team facing the finish line and the other facing the restaurant)… why were they there?  Why only observing the two locations that would end up being bombed?  Inside job?
Here is a picture of the actual bomber standing next to Jeff Baumann (moments before he put his pack down, just like Bauman alleged happened. see pictures)… he is not either one of the Tsarnaev brothers… IN FACT, THERE ARE NO PICTURES OF EITHER BROTHER AT THE FINISH LINE (though Baumann oddly described both to the FBI,  as he is supposedly their source for their manhunt, he is obviously a liar… they are patsies… it was an inside job).
Bauman next to the guy he described not Tsarnaev
Bauman next to the guy he described not Tsarnaev.jpg
Lennox roof and finish line by soelin day before race.
lennox roof and finish line by soelin day before race.jpg
Bauman in the crowd with man he described as the bomber.

Boston a overview.
boston a overview.jpg
Boston Marathon 2013 Map
Boston Suspects FBI Photo.

Mike Cuomo pic of Lennox Hotel roof Boston Marathon 2013

Mike Cuomo pic of lennox hotel roof Boston Marathon 2013.jpg

Sniper at finish line

Sniper Lennox Hotel facing forum and finish line.
sniper lennox hotel facing forum and finish line.jpg

The mysterious deaths of Americans connected to the government lately is becoming overwhelming. Andrew Brietbart,  Seal team 6, Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi, High profile bankers, the list goes on and on. Is this all coincidence or is their really a conspiracy behind these deaths? 

At this point anyone working for the government or with the government, has to be getting very nervous. How much longer before fear breaks down their power structure?  Sooner or later some one always tries to save himself and talks. 

Snowden did just that, but the powers that be, controlling the mainstream media, have done a great job as labelling Edward Snowden as a traitor. A traitor for firing a warning shot to the American people that their government is broken. Beware people, keep your powder dry. There’s sure to be more to come, we shouldn’t have long to wait. 

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