Chemtrails Fallout Reveals “NASA” Printed on Microscopic, Bio-Engineered Morgellons Hair Follicle 9

Vatic Note:  I have a friend who has morgellons disease and she was smart enough to pull all these elements out of her body and save them.  So those indicators may well be contained and could give us who did it and tie such an agency/company into the disease.   If that is the case she has a massive law suit ready to go and it would be a rainmaker for sure.   She could sue all those involved and end up getting her life back.  She lost her ability to generate income and thereby lost her home and now she can get it back. 

For anyone else with the disease, be sure to save those fibers, and other pieces that come out of your skin and sores.  There is no question having that disease affects your life in so many ways.   You can lose a job over it,  lose family and friends who become afraid to catch what you have.  Its isolating and embarrassing to say the least.  Now is the time to go after them and make them stop it.  It will also test our courts, which need testing at this point, since without them operating as they were intended,  we cannot preserve what our founding fathers gave us.  Then we are faced with the last resort.

But now we have definitive proof of a source for this disease and we also have proof of their intent to use it for 'political reasons' as they clearly stated in their Pax Americana think tank paper done by Cheney's  New American century think tank..  run by the neocons and neolibs working for the globalists and zionist bankers. A copy of that document is a matter of public record, since it made it into international newspapers across the world.   We must commit to this INSANITY STOPPING NOW.  We have to do what it will take to make that happen.  Courts are a beginning.

Chemtrails Fallout Reveals “NASA” Printed on Microscopic, Bio-Engineered Morgellons Hair Follicle 9

“Inhibition of growth of the so-called “Morgellons” condition in a cultured environment has been achieved.  The primary agents of reduction here, both literally and chemically, are a series of powerful antioxidants.  These include ascorbic acid (vitamin C), N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) and glutathione.” — Cliff Carnicom  *** Continue

NASA Logo revealed on Hair Follicle following exposure to flame


(VN: Is this why all those microbiologists with DNA sequencing expertise, were killed starting in 2001?  Its through the DNA sequencing that the biologists can tell us which bioweapons facility created the bioweapon in question.   Its why they were able to tell us about the Ames laboratory that did the Anthrax bug that happened right after 9-11 when Bush Jr and his staff took Cipro 30 days prior to the attack, to protect against the anthrax bug.  How  did they know that much in advance?  See how this works? It was right after that that the microbiologists began to die,  89 so far as I had followed, but it could be more now.)

Uploaded on Oct 15, 2010
NASA Morgellons Fibers

The owner of this specimen corrected me. This string of words was found on his HAIR not just a fiber.

How do quantum dots get inside a human hair? It must be part of a living system. Quantum dots can be taken up by bacteria and maybe fungus too, but it may be possible that they self assemble genetically by arranging fluorescent molecules around metal centers.

The only things I know that works to degrade these materials is enzymatic cleaving. There are patents relating to degrading polymers in vivo.

Some have had success with hyperbaric chamber therapy.

Has NASA created the 8 things necessary to be called life? 
NASA has created the disease of the century:  Biocompatible hydrogels and polymers, symbionts, host of parasites, insects, spiders, protozoa, molds, fungus.
Current Federal Nano-State

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Anonymous said...

Hello Cliff, Thanks for sharing. I am in the medical profession and have come across this weird disease in Southern Arizona back in approx 2005. I saw the weird fibers the patient saved. I have to say the doctors treated her as a nut job. But I wasnt buying it . this was someone with no prior medical or psyche hx and who was a fully functioning person until this hit her. I have been following info through the years and fully belive it is bio enginered.