US Soldier’s Message To America ‘We Have Failed You’

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Vatic Note:  My answer to this soldier is,  "Its not over yet, not until the "fat Lady" sings.  There is more than one way to skin a cat...... we must be creative, think outside the box, and discard nothing in the way of ideas that are original.  These people have weaknesses and they know it, even if they won't admit them to anyone including themselves.

That is their biggest weakness.   With weaknesses, there comes "windows" of opportunity.   Many times, arrogant people forget to close the window and then that lets in all that is possible to overturn their agenda.  So breathe  in the fresh air of "change" and let the creative juices flow and dig up that courage we are famous for and they are not.  That is a hint.  The weight of their hate and venom will drag them down like a drowning cat wearing heavy boots. 

Don't forget, we did blogs showing how, without their permission, many of these soldiers were used in experiments for drug companies in testing psychotropic drugs, and many were also satanized.  That makes for a degradation of our military readiness in all areas.   I believe, personally, that is why so many so called suicideds in our military during these past two administrations.  Lets not forget the men behind the curtain, who are the international Zionist bankers and that is who we should be focusing on at this point.  The gov will come into line, once we do. 

US Soldier’s Message To America ‘We Have Failed You’
by Susan Duclos, Before It's News, February 11, 2014

The video below speaks for itself as Gabor Zolna reads a message from a military man which tries to explain the answer to;  why hasn’t our military come to help the American people from the criminal actions of the US government?

I am not going to attempt to put his words into my own because he tells it like it is and the only way to understand his reasoning is to listen to his message.

The video is only 3:43 minutes long, so if you are one of those people that have wondered why our military has allowed TPTB to violate our constitutional rights… a constitution they took an oath to defend from enemies foreign and domestic….. then you must watch.


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