Congress Cuts Food Stamps by $8 Billion, Expands Agricorp Welfare by $7 Billion

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Vatic Note:   Here is the scam....... listen to these videos and especially the second video where they talk about Americans are working harder and more productive today than at any time in the past and making less wages than ever before.  We also learned  that the higher paid jobs have been shipped overseas to slave labor countries.

Stop and think a minute.... now we have to work 2 and 3 jobs to make ends meet and have NO LIFE AFTER WORK.  Add to this  the fact that the zionist bankers owned FOOD, ENERGY, AND PRIVATE UTILITIES have ALL GONE UP AS MUCH AS 11%, TO 50% just to live and stay in a home with heat, water, and electricity.   THIS IS CALLED "SLAVERY"Got it?  Do you see the gradualism in moving us to chinese wages and jobs?  Next these fascist satanic corporations will be using children again like these robber barons did in the 20's before legislation stopped it.  

Did you know that children 9 years old are used as  slave labor in slave labor countries?   We did a huge blog on this issue, and even named some of the companies that do this, and those companies, I have personally boycotted.  These children are forced to work 16 hour days, sleep on the factory floor, and do not get to go out and play, and DIE BY THE TIME THEY ARE 11 YEARS OLD.  Several companies that do this are Sarah Lee products, Hanes underwear and WalMart.   

There are more, but these are some examples.  BOYCOTT THEM. Also note that the electronics companies have shifted our high paying tech jobs to INDIA where they only pay half what they paid Americans.  Notice in Video and transcript #2, every single one of those speaking, neglects to ever mention the off shoring of our higher paying jobs to third world slave labor countries, also controlled by the same zionist bankers..... why is that? and what does that say about  the interviewer, her employer and those reps who are responding since neither of them point out the base reason for all of this.  They are treating it like a temporary down turn rather than a fundamental intentional restructuring of our economic life.  THEY ARE DESTROYING THAT WHICH WE BUILT OVER MANY GENERATIONS, and they are doing so INTENTIONALLY.)

Our reps in BOTH PARTIES, do nothing about it.  They allow our good paying jobs to be shipped overseas to these countries that allow this.   But here is the problem.  QUALITY OF THE PRODUCTS HAS DECREASED FROM WHEN THEY WERE MADE BY AMERICANS.  So, what are the evil satanic ones to do about that?   BRING AMERICA DOWN TO SLAVE LABOR WAGES and thus they get the jobs at slave wages, but the quality is preserved for the fascist corporations owned by the khazar international banker zionists.  

ARE YOU MAD YET????  You should be.  You should be outraged that the evil psychopaths greed has reduced everyone in this country to this level of despair.   How did we ever allow this  to happen?  WE WRONGLY TRUSTED OUR CORPORATIONS, GOVERNMENT AND ELECTED OFFICIALS to  do the right thing and because they have been infiltrated by foreign zionists in every field, as JFK told us in 1961,  the foreign occupiers of our nation have brought us to our knees.   Its time we faced the truth and did something about it. 

1.  We can start our own "EMPLOYEE OWNED CORPORATIONS" and compete in both pricing and quality on products made by these fascist satanists, and we can do so starting regionally and growing out nationally and eventually world wide.  If you think about it, its a perfect situation for employees and customers who would buy the products.  Its been proven to work in the Basque region of Spain and southern France.   The basque are in recovery while everyone else in Europe are going down the twoilet economically.. 
2.  We can boycott all corporations that we know are engaging in treason and have bought into the global governance rather than sovereign loyalty.  
3.  We can, of course, rebel.   How we do that is another issue, there are more than one way to do so and have it work. 

There are many other options to consider as well.  All we have to do is get fed up with these people and begin realizing WE HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE TO CHANGE ALL THIS, AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN.   Watch and read both of these videos since they are very much tied into together. 

Congress Cuts Food Stamps by $8 Billion, Expands Corporate Farm Welfare by $7 Billion 
by Jason Reno,  The Real News, Jan 30, 2014

The vast majority of farm subsidies and crop insurance go to the largest corporate farms. (VN: THESE SUBSIDIES DO NOT GO TO FAMILY FARMS, RATHER AGRICORPS.....that is where the food stamp cuts are going, so this again, is a multi-agenda effort of both depopulation and corruption/theft of our resources by the fascist zionist owned corporations, at the expense of our elderly who helped build the nation, the permanently handicapped, probably as a result of the drug company vaccines, tainted and poisoned food, along with fluoridated water and heavy metals in all of it.  So they maim our people and then discard, and murder them.  Now you know why I get outraged. )


Here is proof that the food stamp program has contributed in the past to ECONOMIC RECOVERY AT THE LOCAL LEVEL which then moves up to regional and finally national.  Watch the video and read the transcript:

Food Stamps Among The Most Effective Economic Stimulus
by  Jessica Desvarieux, The Real News


JESSICA DESVARIEUX, TRNN PRODUCER: On Thursday, in a narrow 217 to 210 vote, House Republicans passed a bill cutting the food stamps program known as SNAP by $40 billion. According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, this could leave 4 million Americans without benefits next year.

Largely voted on party lines with no Democrats voting for the bill, it doesn't look like it will make much progress. Both the Democratically controlled Senate and President Obama have been against the bill. But regardless, the current $80 billion a year program often falls victim to myths and misinformation.  (VN: Well, how strange,  FOOD STAMPS HAVE BEEN CUT OUT IN THE FIELD FROM A HIGH OF $195 PER MO DOWN TO $15 PER MO FOR A QUALIFIED SENIOR CITIZEN..... but then eugenics is back on the table, trying to get rid of the "useless feeder seniors" so the psycho satanists can grab their social security trust fund and rob and raid that as well. I am now suspicious of The Real News group since anyone with a minimal amount of research would know this.  So how come she didn't bring it up?  )

And in a round of Real News myth-busting, let's take a look at what's been said about SNAP on Capitol Hill. 
Myth 1: SNAP recipients don't want to work.TIM HUELSKAMP, U.S. REPRESENTATIVE (R-KA): You ought to earn the benefits you receive. Look for work. Start job training to improve your skills or do community service. But you can no longer sit on your couch or ride a surfboard like Jason in California and expect the federal taxpayer to feed you.

DESVARIEUX: So who's getting fed on this proverbial couch? If you at look at food stamp recipients, more than three-fourths of the households receiving SNAP have at least one child, elderly, and/or disabled person living there. Unemployed childless adults who do not have disabilities are limited to three months of SNAP benefits every three years in most parts of the country. 

But due to the high unemployment, this requirement has been waived in most states.If the House bill were to become law, one of the House proposals would be to get rid of "categorical eligibility", meaning citizens would no longer automatically qualify for food stamps if they are enrolled in another low-income assistance program. 

But that would mean 200,000 children who currently receive free school lunches would be kicked out of the program.Often depicted as a drain on the economy--studies have shown that those on food stamps actually helped create an economic stimulus. 

A USDA study found that for "Every $5 in new SNAP benefits generates a total of $9.20 in community spending."STACEY BORASKY, ST. EDWARD'S UNIVERSITY: The program has always had the intention of being an economic stimulus. It started under the Great Depression, at a time when not only did consumers not have money to be able to purchase a variety of things that they needed, but the farmers didn't have a way to sell the goods that they were producing. 

So eggs, cheese, vegetables, fruits, all those things that farmers were still continuing to try to grow couldn't be sold. So the government decided to create this program not just to help people get food, but to help to be able to sell their goods. So it's always had that effect. So I think it's kind of a--it's just a misconception that people have about its intent from the very beginning.

Myth 2: SNAP is riddled with waste, fraud and abuse. ANDREW P. HARRIS, U.S. REPRESENTATIVE (R-MD): What we want to do is take out some waste, fraud, and abuse, and we want to decrease the program by 5 percent. But, you know, as you have just heard, waste, fraud, and abuse occurs in the program. 

Ten-point-five percent of the stores that participate in food stamps are engaged in trafficking. So we think that if we just eliminate the waste, fraud, and abuse, we'll actually have more money to get to the people who need it.

Yes, Congressman Harris is right that abuse happens in 10 percent of businesses that accept food stamps. But what's really important here? Where the fraud happens or how often? By the USDA count, only 3 percent of all SNAP benefits represented overpayments, meaning they either went to ineligible households or went to eligible households but in excessive amounts. 

USDA says it has a zero tolerance policy on fraud and has come out with additional methods to fight abuse.But in the grand scheme of things, SNAP actually has one of the lowest rates of fraud of any federal program.

MIGUEL FERGUSON, SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK, UNIV. OF TEXAS: It's actually a rigorous process to get food stamps, and it can take quite some time, and people aren't going to go through that unless they really need the assistance. 

And I think that's what explains why something like 30 percent of Americans who are eligible to receive stamps don't do it. Some of them don't know about the program, but many of them just don't want to go through the hassle.

Myth 3: SNAP creates dependency.ERIC CANTOR, U.S. REPRESENTATIVE (R-VA): If somebody is abusing the system or if somebody somehow gets used to a life of dependency, how is it fair for the working middle class of this country to have overtime, to work two jobs to help pay for that?

DESVARIEUX: A life of dependency is what both sides of the debate want to avoid. SNAP was created to be a temporary system, and for the most part it has been, with the average participant staying on SNAP between eight to ten months. And those on the program are barely making it with $4.50 a day to spend on food, which comes out to about $1.50 a meal. But it does seem to make a difference. 

A Census Bureau report released Tuesday found that food stamps have helped lift about 4 million people above the poverty line and have kept tens of millions more from becoming poorer. But the truth behind the numbers is that the number of participants has actually increased. In 2000, the number of Americans on food stamps was 17.2 million, but in 2011 there were 44.7 million people on food stamps. Obviously, a major factor for the jump is the recession. Unemployed people increased by 94 percent from 2007 to 2011. There was a 70 percent increase in the take-up rate for SNAP during the same period.
(VN: and between those years more and more manufacturing jobs were sent over seas to slave labor countries, especially China.  How  come that is not mentioned?)

FERGUSON: So the take-up rate has gone up during the Great Recession. But also, people haven't been leaving the program as fast as they have in the past. So those two things have contributed to this increase to 70 percent. Now, there's huge variation among the states, which is kind of a very peculiar thing related to U.S. social policy. You really wouldn't find this in any other industrialized country. 

So, for example, California, it's just over 50 percent of eligible people receive food stamps. But Maine, obviously a smaller state, etc., it's almost 100 percent. So almost everyone in Maine who is eligible to receive food stamps receives benefits.

DESVARIEUX: A point that neither side of the aisle wants to take responsibility for. Experts point to a higher cost of living and stagnant wages as being the main catalysts for a growing number of people becoming eligible for the program.  (VN: See what I mean?  This was a great opportunity for her to ask the big question about offshoring all our good paying manufacturing jobs overseas.  When companies did that in the past before this globalizing by the khazar bankers, our congress would put tariffs and taxes on those goods coming into the country so they did not have a competitive advantage that would hurt our workers.  What that did was to negate the advantage the company had in the market place because they were using 9 year old children.  That was an unfair and unethical advantage in a free market society which we have lost some time ago. That is the fundamental reason we are in the condition we are in.  greed for greater profits using cheap child labor.)

BORASKY: People are working more and more hours, becoming more productive than we ever have in the last 20, 25 years, but wages have been stagnant. So you see people working really hard, sometimes two and three jobs, trying to make ends meet. Their wages have not kept up with the cost of living. 

And so while it was intended to be temporary, it's really not in effect that people are abusing the system, are staying on the system when they're not eligible. They still don't make enough money. There are significant numbers of employers in this country who pay so little that they tell their employees how to apply for SNAP. 

They actually give them where to go, how to do it, because they know their employees are going to qualify for SNAP. So that speaks to me that we're supplementing businesses, we're actually subsidizing their ability to pay low wages.

DESVARIEUX: There's no mention of wages in the House bill. But regardless, it looks like it won't be making much progress with both the Democratically controlled Senate and President Obama speaking out against the bill. But is there a real threat to food stamps in the future? The Senate-approved (VN: democratically controlled senate) farm bill cuts food stamps by $4 billion. 

Democratic New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand proposed to restore the $4 billion in cuts with a limitation on crop insurance reimbursements.The current system has the government pay insurance companies to run the program, then the government pays farmers to buy coverage, and then Uncle Sam fronts the bill if losses exceed predetermined limits. (VN: See?  She says not a word about the difference between the agricorps  (cruelty to animals) and  family farms and if its both or one or the other..... I do not trust this reporter now)

The U.S. Department of Agriculture last year spent about $14 billion insuring (VN: AGRICORP)  farmers against the loss of crop or income. This system was meant to help farmers during the Depression, but many argue that at the end of the day taxpayers are the ones feeling the hit. Senator Gilliband's proposal didn't go far. It failed with a 26-70 vote. 

Not even a majority of Democrats voted for it. (VN: now you know why we cannot point fingers at each other, since they are both in on the scam..... its not the dems vs GOP, its those blackmailed, bribed or threatened by  our foreign occupying nation, backed up by proof they do away with those who do not cooperate as proven by Wellstone and JFK Jr) SNAP is already slated for cuts in November, when previous approved legislation goes into action.  Now Americans will have less than $1.40 to spend on each meal. And that's a hard fact.For The Real News Network, Jessica Desvarieux, Washington. 

(VN: what I am seeing in this piece is the truth about the food stamps program, but not about who, what or why...... instead I am watching the truth being used to divide the nation and try to push us toward civil war BY PITTING ONE PARTY/GROUP AGAINST THE OTHER, and we must never succumb to  their agenda about this.  NOT EVER. UNITED WE MUST STAND AGAINST THIS SMALL GROUP OF PSYCHOS AND SATANISTS.  Always historically, UNITED WE STAND AND DIVIDED WE WILL FALL.  That is a proven fact. No more "right vs left" propoganda. )

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