Another Banker Commits “Suicide” By Shooting Himself EIGHT Times With A Nail Gun…

Vatic Note:  This keeps up, we won't have any bankers left to prosecute.  What an unusual set of circumstances that has appeared at an opportune time.   Here we are complaining about how the laws for us are different than for the bankers. I am just wondering who is truly better off, us or them?   He used a nail gun, and that is painful as heck especially when you have to try 8 different times.   I suspect he was a gun control advocate and probably why he had to use what he had available.

Now I hate to throw a wrench into this story, but ask yourselves "Could anyone continue to try and kill himself 8 different times with such a painful horrible way to go?  If not, then who did the nail gun?"   If there were others involved and being investigated, and he was weakening and about to make a deal in the investigation, it could well be it was something other than suicide.  I don't know, but such an attempt begs the question on just how many times any man could try and suffer without giving up on it.  A "reasonable man", in looking at these circumstances might see it differently?  My first reaction was "someone else" did it for him.

There are several other blogs coming that have to do with positive information on how things could be turning around lately.  I will try to put them up all on the same day.  We need some good news to shore up our courage and commitment to saving our nation.  Read this below and see what you think.  Did he attempt such a suicide 8 different times and not suffer reduced ability to continue the effort or was he assisted by others?  That is the big question.  It also puts into question all the other suicides as well.

Another Banker Commits “Suicide” By Shooting Himself EIGHT Times With A Nail Gun…
by Nesara, Before It's news, February 7, 2014

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Another Banker Commits “Suicide” By Shooting Himself EIGHT Times With A Nail Gun…
Posted By: Watchman
Date: Friday, 7-Feb-2014 19:04:14
A nail gun, yet… My, these guys are sure getting creative….
Daily Mail
A CEO has committed suicide by shooting himself multiple times with a nail gun, a coroner reported on Friday.
Richard Talley, 57, founder of American Title Services in Centennial, Colorado, was found dead in his home on Tuesday with up to eight wounds to the torso and head.
His company was being investigated by state insurance regulators at the time of Mr Talley’s suicide.                          

A family member found the 57-year-old dead in his garage, the Denver Post reported.
Mr Talley has been married to his wife Cheryl since 1989. He moved to Colorado from Chicago where he was a regional finance officer for Drexel Burnham Lambert.
He attended the University of Miami and Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management.
The Post also claimed that Talley had once said he was a member of the 1980 U.S. Olympic swimming team’ – but a spokesman for USA Swimming refuted this.
The Department Of Regulatory Agencies confirmed that an investigation was focused on Talley and the company to the Post but gave no additional information.                                  

                           Mr Talley, 57, was found dead in his garage  from             the self-inflicted wounds in Centennial, Colorado

Talley had formed a number of companies, some of which closed down, including American Escrow, Clear Title, Clear Creek Financial Holdings, Swift Basin, Sumar, American Real Estate Services, and the American Alliance of Real Estate Professionals.
His funeral will be held on Saturday in Centennial.

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