Harnessing Quantum Entanglement Is Humanity’s Secret Weapon

Vatic Note: As you know, we said we had a series of good news coming along and this below is one of them.  This is very rewarding to read.  We, here at Vatic Project have published numerous articles, both scientific and otherwise, on the power we have within us, whether you believe its God or something else is immaterial.

The science has upheld what was otherwise, speculation.  Well, no longer, its been proven that "prayer works" as do other things which below describes in much more detail.

I am impressed with how much we did not know before and how rapidly, broadly and deeply, this information is coming through to us on a massive universal level and how our consciousness plays such a great role in the reality we create.

If we survive all this, turn and help our brother, be grateful, to whatever higher power exists, for the effort they have made to help us transition into higher and higher consciousness and more caring beings, then we will be on the way to an even greater world.  Keep faith and praying and manifesting.  Its the least we can do in return.

We MUST live the life we want to see in our world.  That has to be rule number one.  In fact reread Vatic Projects Strategy/tactic #1 again and see how easily this below would help us to easily achieve the objectives we had in that first strategy.  Enjoy the read and the science.  Told you before, this is one of my hobbies.  I love discovery. 

Harnessing Quantum Entanglement Is Humanity’s Secret Weapon
By Dave Hodges, February 4, 2014
The Common Sense Show

What is about to be revealed here holds the key to preserving and enhancing humanity. Humanity has unlimited power and is capable of shaping the planet into whatever the mass of humanity desires.

quantum 1The globalists, or should I more accurately, say the Satanists, know about this and they have actively worked to suppress the ability. In this series of articles, the reader will witness how such variables such as the power of prayer have become measurable using double blind studies and utilizing the research protocols of control and experimental groups.

The reader will also learn in the first part of this series what it means to live in a universe of quantum entanglement which is now fully embraced by physicists.

The next several parts of this series will scientifically demonstrate that the locked away powers that we possess which could change the very nature of humanity and drastically alter the circumstances under which we live. Presently, these powers are being harnessed by health psychologists to heal and to ward off the advancement of disease. And amazingly these are many of the same powers that are spoken of in the Bible.

This series will not only present these stunning revelations, but the following articles will discuss ways in which they can be used to establish order within our lives, increase our sense of well-being, enhance self-esteem and most all, dramatically  alter life on this planet as know and understand it today.
christians persecuted 1
Make no mistake about it, the globalist controlled media holds the power of prayer, the power of intention and the power of the presence of what we label as miracles, in total contempt.

There are significant reasons why I believe we will see a great purge against all genuine expressions of spirituality in the very near future. In fact this purge has already begun and it explains why the American Stasi, the Department of Homeland Security, has declared Bible-believing Christians to be domestic terror threats.

After reading this series, you will discover when America descends into the tyranny of martial law, Christians will be the first large group to be purged.


Tesla Tesla

From a purely scientific view, Nicola Tesla is the origination point of the discovery of much of what will be discussed in this series of articles. He is rightfully credited with developing the concept of hyper-dimensional physics which is a multi-dimensional approach to science as opposed to the old Newtonian model of science which predominates traditional mainstream science today.

Most modern institutions of higher learning force feed their students the Newtonian model of science and one of the net effects is that this suppresses the concepts and abilities which would arise from a hyper-dimensional model. Tesla had actually discovered how to traverse dimensions and deliver energy anywhere on the planet. In a physical sense, the weather control device, Project HAARP, is the outgrowth of Tesla technology (see Air Force Document 2025 Controlling the Weather).

Embedded within Tesla technology is the concept of quantum entanglement. The second and third generations of Tesla based science which served to influence quantum-based scientists as they developed and coined the term quantum entanglement. This concept is an extension of the power of human consciousness.

Tesla was shunned by the elite because he could deliver free energy and the early 20th century version of the globalists did not want any power delivery technique employed that could not be metered for profit. However, the US Navy took an interest in Tesla, but upon his death in 1943, the FBI promptly seized and classified most of his work.

It is safe to say that if Tesla technology had not been suppressed, humanity would not have the food and water shortages which dominate the planet and exist solely for purposes of political control. But most of all, human consciousness evolution would have been enhanced to the point in which every individual would have had the ability to self-actualize and be what John F. Kennedy once said was “free and independent:”

The Power of the Mind and the Soul Represents the Final Frontier of Science

If the people of this planet only understood the power that lies within each one of us, our global elite oppressors would run for cover.

transhumanism 1 After researching this topic for years, I am convinced that the transhumanism experiments are, at their core, a representation of a distinct effort on the part of demonically inspired rulers of this planet to discover and harness the true nature and power of the soul as well as to use the power for their own evil purposes.

However, what has frustrated the globalists is that the power of the mind,  the body and the soul are inextricably intertwined and their efforts to morph (e.g. combining human and animal DNA) and to control have met with failure.

The soul, in particular is connected to our source point of origin and the globalists have failed in their experiments, at places like Plum Island, in altering and/or controlling this aspect of our nature.

Our point of origin which is manifested in our soul cannot be separated from a person and this fact represents the ultimate roadblock to total domination of our being by the global elite. The globalists can theoretically control all food, water and weapons. However, they cannot stop the power of what lies deep inside of all human beings.

Unfortunately, humanity would claim this power. And the good news is that these proclamations are no longer just the claims of mystics and metaphysical masters, these facts are now being quantified by science, despite the globalists best efforts to counter this power and to suppress the release of this information to the general public.

There is much more to the power of the mind than the gate keepers of the mainstream of society cares to admit. The global elite have been aware of and have tried to counter this power for all of human history. The Bible was correct when it said that people with faith can move mountains and now we have the scientific proof.

The Author Was a Slow Learner

I was trained as a scientist. I have written statistics courses at the collegiate level. I have taught graduate level capstone research courses at the University level. I am professionally rooted in what one can statistically demonstrate by assigning probabilities to the likelihood of something being true. I am a victim of my training which emanates from the three dimensional world of Newtonian science.

As it turns out, my Newtonian science training is the equivalent of a third grade math class as compared to the quantum entanglement/hyper-dimensional physics model which I would equate in this metaphor as consisting of trigonometry. One cannot not fully understand the limitless power of the human mind without first understanding the concept of quantum entanglement.

Quantum entanglement is based upon the idea that we are all connected to each other at some level of consciousness and that we can accurately and provably know, sense and feel things without the use of our five traditional senses. Some of the more prominent physicists (e.g. Michio Kaku and his Superstring Theory) are developing mathematical models based on these notions.

It Has Always Been In Our Nature To Be Connected

One quantum second before the Big Bang, all the elements of what would become people were connected to each other. Quantum physicists say that we maintain that connection to our source and subsequently to each other.

For years as a psychology instructor, I taught the basics of my discipline, never deviating from the script. I did not teach anything related to what is traditionally referred to as parapsychology. No telepathy, telekinesis, remote viewing, clairvoyance, power of prayer at a distance or anything else other than what exists in our three dimension world would have ever made it into my classroom.

Occasionally, I would have students ask me about these phenomenon, but I politely debunked their existence. And it wasn’t long until I discovered that life has a way of humbling one’s belief systems and my random experiences served to debunk my own personal and professional closed mindlessness.

A New Paradigm

It turns out that I had to leave some of my formal education behind in order to embrace a higher reality than the one I was trained in. In Rupert Sheldrake’s (Seven Experiments That Could Change the World: A Do It Yourself Guide to Revolutionary Science, 1995), he demonstrated that people can predict when they are being stared at from behind.

This fact has very strong survival implications and this made a great deal of sense to me since much of our behavior is based upon survival.This discovery opened my mind ever so slightly as to the power that we all possess.

The Concept of Pay It Forward Is Scientifically Provable

On the heels of the Rupert experiments, I discovered that committing random acts of kindness is very good for our health and our sense of well-being and this principle was actually being quantified in traditional research in manner that actually operationalized the concept of “Pay it forward.”

Sonja Lyubomirsky in her book, The How of Happiness, spoke about the benefit of being kind. Performing an act of kindness releases serotonin in your brain.  Serotonin is a neurotransmitter (i.e. brain messenger) which has demonstrable health benefits, including the ability to make us feel more happy.

Not only does the originator of the act of kindness get a bump in their Serotonin levels, but so does the recipient of the act of kindness. Even people watching the random act of kindness feel good as a result of watching kindness in action. Do you understand what this means? We are hard-wired to be kind. Evil is destructive and love is life-preserving. Subsequently, our brains and their reactions to events are entangled.  

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