Manufactured Fear - False Flags used to Manipulate Us into War - Video 1 of 3

Manufactured Fear - 15 minutes that will change your life
Uploaded by killuminatiAFF on Jan 11, 2011
A history of false flag attacks used to manipulate the minds of the people!

Vatic Note:  This video is a foundational video for a series of 3 to do with the use of fear by the Khazar bankers to manipulate the population of the planet into globalizing and giving up all that we have gained over these many centuries.  Our Sovereignty, Bill of Rights, God given common law rights, etc that were and are ours, are under assault by the powers that be to be able to create and maintain a serf slave labor world for their use and benefit.

They use our weaknesses against us, rather than using our strengths to enhance us and move us forward on the path of spiritual evolution.  Instead they are promoting the satanic agenda of darkness, death, loss of innocence and fear.  These are the "animal" side of our nature and we must resist this at all costs and move ourselves toward our highest potential.  

We must never "join THEM" in their dark abyss of hatred, fear and anger.  Rather we must always stay in the light and blind them with the power of our love and caring, our compassion and the power of our empathy.  Never succumb.  

Look at their fear promotion as an admission by them of their never ending lack of soul, spirit and love for anyone but themselves.  I also agree with the uploader on Video #2 when he says that Alex Jones is trustworthy since he backs up his contentions with facts, documentation etc.

That does  not excuse his lack of acknowledgement about the role of the khazar Zionists in all this.  Its clear as a day that the zionists wrote their intent in the protocols, Global Domination and they included HOW they intended to do it and so far, its right on target this 100 years later.  Where the zionists are concerned, I do not trust him, but everything else, so far, I do.  That can change if he changes.

These three videos  bring it all home like never before and it must be taken in by us "WHAT NEVER TO DO IN THIS WORLD" and to always stay on the path to enlightment and higher ideals.  Its in that spiritually evolving world that we expand, progress and become more than they will ever be able to imagine.  That leaves the soul-less ones behind.

Video #1 of 3


Video 2 of 3

Uploaded on Feb 1, 2011
This is part 2 of the manufactured fear series. This explains how our government uses terrorism to scare us into giving up our freedom. It shows a history of false flag attacks and how the work on the psyche of our society to keep us in a state of fear and distrust. Terrorism is a word created to label anyone against the agenda of the new world order.


Video 3 of 3

Uploaded on Oct 10, 2011
killuminatiaff Part 3 of the manufactured fear series, where I prove the latest foiled terrorist attack was an effort by the government to create more fear in our society. A man plans to pack model airplanes with C4 to fly them into buildings in Washington.


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