Ukrainian Protesters Hold Up Mirrors to Police, Forcing Them To "Reflect" On Their Oppression

Vatic Note: Another great idea..... I have to admit, if these cops are facing off on their neighbors, friends, family, and are not psychopathic, then this could very well work.  I hope this guy does a follow up to let us know what happened if anything and to let us know if any other countries are doing this and how its working there.

We published a blog  on someone who suggested cutting off Utahs water that cools NSA's Utah facility spy computers.  It was an idea, and days later, a bipartisan group, introduced legislation in California that would cut off the water to Californias NSA computer facility, so its possible for a good idea to take hold and have someone run with it.

Lets hope they do that with this one.  Next protest demonstration, everyone bring a mirror.  What a trip that would be.   I like the Ukrainians a lot.  Good for them.  Great "thinking outside the box".  

Ukrainian Protesters Hold Up Mirrors to Police, Forcing Them To "Reflect" On Their Oppression 
Published by Red Pill Philosophy on Jan 4, 2014
Ukrainian protesters are now creatively holding up mirrors to cops, forcing them to see themselves in the reflection.

A powerful way to remind these thugs in uniform WHAT they are doing...


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