Motorola Skin Tattoo Patent Contains Bizarre Big Brother Twist - Part 1 of 3

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Vatic Note:   The date of the patent filing is after the death of Jobs.  Is that a coincidence?   10/6/2011.  We received this from a commenter on another blog we had done and its turned out to be a very revealing rabbit hole and even this article, the author asked us to use only 1 of the many photos which did not make any sense to me, but I semi-complied.

You will notice those that were small and unreadable, I asked you to visit their site for the greater view of the photo and in come cases links within the photo that will take you to more information if you are so inclined.  I chose a different path (rabbithole) on this one, rather than the technical one.

What I found was mind blowing.   This is much bigger than even the original presenter knew.   So, I have put this altogether into a 3 part series and I strongly recommend you read them all, starting with part 1, and the rest goes deeper into the true "intent" of this device and it will require deductive reasoning when you see what we found.  Enjoy the journey.

My VN is short on this one since the body of this article is very detailed and thorough when it comes to the technical aspects of this subject,  its the long range plans for this technology that I have chosen to pursue and will do extensive VN on the other 2 parts coming up.

Motorola Skin Tattoo Patent Contains Bizarre Big Brother Twist
by Patently Apple

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harekrishnaworldorder said...

i saw this article someplace else and it claimed that they will be able to hear a person's unspoken but electronically pulsed thoughts with this little tattoo gadget.

Vatic Master said...

I saw that too, but could not find it again when I was ready to put this up. So, I went down a rabbit hole and found the info that we put up today which shows at a factual level what their intent is with this gadget. I am working now on their other company to see if that one has the same indicators as Motorola solutions has that they intend to use it for nefarious purposes. But I strongly suggest you read part 2 put up today. Check it out carefully and check out the board of directors backgrounds and schooling and affiliations. There is no doubt they were selected for reasons other than just consumer use of the technology.