Pitchfork Movement: Italy is 'Slave of Wealthy (Khazar) Jewish Bankers Like the Rothschilds"

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Vatic Note:  Italy is the first nation in Europe to Revolt, but not the first to seriously kick the Rothschild bankers  out and jail them.  Argentina threw the Goldman sucks bankers out and Iceland jailed them, PROVING THEY WERE NOT TO BIG TO KICK OUT AND TO JAIL.  The BANKERS succumbed to the "Mouse that Roared".

We did not do it either, not because they were too big to kick out and jail, as Iceland and others proved, rather because our politicians were corrupt and bought off by those same bankers, it was a difference in integrity between  the countries mentioned and our country.  Its that simple and that criminal. I am heartily embarrassed that small countries had to take the lead in doing "The right thing", when we and Europe and Britain should have taken the lead.

It proves that leadership on solving our problems will not come from the sources we would have expected, sinced they have become part of our problem and they are making money off of the devil's deal they made with Satans' earthly minioins.  The heart of that group rests in our government, and I suspect in all European gov with the "Dual Israeli (khazar Zionist) citizens" whose true loyalty rests with Israel and not the United States.   Its time this was shouted from the roof tops. 

All incumbants must go.   New faces and NONE OF THEM PREVIOUS POLITICIANS.  For once, lets elected us to office, one of us who has to live with all the garbage they are feeding us. 

“Pitchfork Movement” – Will Italy Be The First Nation To Revolt Against Banker Rule?
by Tom Dennen, the paranoid historian, Before It's News, January 2, 2014

A protester holds a sign that reads
A protester holds a sign that reads "Make room for us" during a protest at the Turin train station (Reuters)
Italy's Jewish communities have hit back at the spokesman of the anti-austerity Pitchfork movement, who described Italy as being "enslaved by wealthy Jewish bankers". (VN: they are enslaved by wealthy "Khazar Zionist" bankers.  Not Jewish)

The Pitchfork protestors' spokesman, Andrea Zunino, who made the anti-Semitic (VN: Truthful accurate .....)comments, represents thousands of demonstrators who took to the streets in towns and cities across Italy to voice anger at austerity measures.  Renzo Gattegna, representing the Jewish community, said the words were "delirious".

"[Those words] shamelessly recall a historical period characterised by death, violence and denial of the most elementary rights," he told daily La Repubblica.
Conspiracy theories regarding Jews and banking were popular during the rise of National Socialism and the Nazis.   (VN: they were popular because, as we see today, they were TRUE and for the first time in my long life,  I now understand Hitler.  Remember, the protocols, written by the khazar zionists who are anti-semitic, contained a tactic they recommended using toward their world dominance agenda, and that was "using anti-semitism" as a useful tactic to manipulate public opinion.... and to use it to cover up truth about what they were doing and what their agenda was.  After all, they are not semites at all.)

Earlier, Zunino had claimed: "We want government resignation. We want sovereignty over Italy which is now the slave of bankers, like the Rothschild: it is odd that five or six among the world's richest people are Jews."

The Pitchfork movement, which started with a loose group of Sicilian farmers concerned about rising taxes and cuts to agricultural state funds, has evolved into a nationwide umbrella grouping of truckers, small businessman, the unemployed, low-paid workers, rightwing extremists and football supporters.
Zunino cites Hungary's controversial premier Viktor Orban, whose government has been accused of being weak in fighting rising anti-Semitism, as his role model.

But Gattegna said the Pitchfork leader's remarks demonstrate a "deeper sense of discomfort" fuelled by "the most violent and grimmest anti-Semitic stereotypes".  (VN: more shameless deception and lies, as promised by Mossad, who has a sign on their wall that says "AND BY DECEPTION, WE WILL CONDUCT WAR".  Is he or is this so called anti-semite, speaking the truth or not???  Yes, he is. So call it what you will, but TRUTH WILL PREVAIL.)

"Zunino not only offends the memory of millions of individuals who died among the most brutal suffering in the name of the Nazi ideology. It also offends the intelligence, the democratic conscience and the maturity of that Italian population that it proposes to represent - improperly - in the streets of the country."

Thousands of Pitchfork demonstrators, riled by the country's struggling economy, have demanded the total removal of the ruling political class, as well as calling for tax cuts, lowered fuel prices, and dumping the euro.

Mass demonstrations threw some Italian cities into chaos on Monday with police officers using teargas on protesters who had been throwing rocks and bottles at the headquarters of Italy's tax collection agency.

Roadblocks, demonstrations and sit-ins continued from Milan to Bari in the south.

Shop-owners were reportedly threatened by demonstrators to either close their stores and join the protest, or face violence.
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Anonymous said...

Go, Italy. I hope Americans learn from this and follow suit. Here's a quote from "Mondoweiss", a Zionist web site: "AIPAC: We make sure that pro-Israel candidates 'take over' government." Here's another from Netanyahu: "I'm tired of hearing that Israel must be careful with America. Let me tell you, Israel controls America, and they know it." It's time to kick AIPAC out of America, and the politicians who continue to take bribes from AIPAC. That, my friends, is treason of the highest order.

Anonymous said...

where are the rothschilds we seem to be confused by the fact that the wealth is now being evenly distributed over the world and we (west) are having to do without our starbucks.Please check out www.illuminattimatrix.wordpress.org or the origin of actual intelligence Let's all calm down be still and the instigators will end up bewildered and confused then work for a living.

Anonymous said...

all the world's a stage