Mainstream Media Blackout: Maine Second State To Pass GMO Labeling Law (Videos)

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Vatic Note: What really tapped into my curiosity was the comment that Monsanto was going to sue the gov saying that their right "to kill us off with our food" (I said the part in quotes) is protected under the interstate commerce clause and, (Now get this one) FREE SPEECH. LOL I had all I could do to stop laughing so I could finish this vatic note.
It appears the powers that be, the Khazars, who own monsanto, Bill Gates specifically, believe the Constitution was not to protect our right to the "Life" part of the declaration which reads "...life, liberty and pursuit of happiness."  Rather the Constitution is to protect MONSANTOS RIGHT TO DEPOPULATE US THROUGH PAINFUL AND PROVEN MEANS OF ORGAN DAMAGE AND DEATH.

I read the federalist papers and no where in there did the founding fathers ever mention any such right by any such corporation.  In fact, the federalist papers, containing the founding fathers intent with respect to the Constitution, made it clear it was to protect,  The people, and their right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  That is directly in conflict with Monsantos perceived right to their pursuit of happiness in Killing us off.

This was so ludicrous, that if the Court even comes close to entertaining such a specious argument, I will deduce that the courts are no longer functioning in their designated and declared purposes and thus are being paid to ignore those purposes for which they were created. That only leaves us protecting ourselves. 

Mainstream Media Blackout: Maine Second State To Pass GMO Labeling Law (Videos)
by N. Morgan,  Before Its News
Maine is the second state to sign a GMO labeling bill, along with Connecticut. However, you probably heard very little or nothing at all about this. Monsanto doesn’t want anyone to know about it.

Only 2 news mainstream media outlets covered this story and that was Washington Post Blog and Grist. The Grist gave their article a rather skewed title. (Maine’s loony Tea Party governor signs GMO-labeling law) I stopped posting from one of the farm publications, because they were urging farmers to embrace GMOs and trying very hard to convince the farmers of how safe these monsters organisms are.


Has everyone forgotten about the exploding watermelons in China? Oh yeah, they were those safe, GMO seeds/pesticides, remember? See video below for a reminder.


As the Kennebec Journal points out: Proponents of the bill said the provision would quell concerns about an almost-certain lawsuit by industry groups and Monsanto, which vowed to challenge the laws in Maine and Connecticut on the basis that they violate the free speech and interstate commerce provisions of the U.S. Constitution.  (VN: another specious excuse for doing damage once again, and assuming we are too stupid to figure out they are lying to us about it all.  As more and more people wake up, their job gets harder and harder and now it looks like desperation reaching for what ever they can salvage.  Poor babies.)


So, the big Monster companies, like Monsanto make all the rules and laws. Many states are afraid of being sued by Monster Monsanto, instead of being afraid for their citizens health and well being.  (VN: I simply do not believe these states are afraid of being sued.  They are afraid of being found out by their citizens, of the states support for the killer GMO program.  That is what they are afraid of and Connecticut was not and neither is Maine.  Good for them! You go Maine and Connecticut.  Ahyers will not get his 25 million dead Americans that he asked for years ago in a speech he gave.   Depopulation is really what all this is about.  Too bad, so sad, it is not going to happen. Let them sue, and millions of us can write our comments to the court, as interested parties. Bring it on. )

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