Report: Nature May Soon Overcome Monsanto as ‘Super Rootworms’ Destroy Crops!

Vatic Note:  Most of these stories have stories behind stories that we seldom put together.  We try to do that here at Vatic Project because headlines do not give us indications of how to target and fight the true problem that  has arisen.  That is the case here as well.

First of all, we have to take a very close look at some documented facts and they are as follows:

1. Gates and Rockefeller have partnered years ago in building a deep underground dooms day seed vault in the arctic.  WHY??? 
2.  They have also collected seeds for storage in that facility, from every single type and genus of every single plant on the planet.  WHY?
3.  They have done the same with the DNA of every single animal and these being saved are the originals and not the modifieds in both plants and animals. WHY?
4.  Hungary has begun collecting seeds from the "wild".  WHY? http://www.infiniteunknown.net/2008/03/15/hungary-to-start-the-worlds-first-wild-seed-bank/.
5.  Rockefeller family has a history of funding Eugenics since the early 1920's as well as in Nazi Germany and even today. 

Now, what else do we know that is related to this above?  We know that Bill Gates bought Monsanto, which deals with seeds and genetically modifying them, which in turn modifies our genetics since our food is who we are.  Our DNA is dependant on the foods we eat to be natural and compatable with our DNA.  That won't happen with "Genetically" modified plant seeds.

What else has Bill delved into?  He bought Black water private security military company and did it at the same time he bought monsanto.  WHY? 

What this is telling us is these elite perverts that are totally insane, have something planned or know something that we do not, that has to do with starting life on this planet all over again from some apocalyptic ending.  This below may well have been planned all along.  It certainly seems that way and if it can be proven, that is attempted mass murder of billions of people on this planet.  The penalty for that should be a death sentence.   Maybe they will be kind enough to decide to visit their god satan a lot earlier than they planned.

There is something else that maybe tied into this, but I have not yet put it together, so I will tell you and see if you can see it before I do.   We posted another blog on this same day about Transhumanism and their plans for the future in making themselves immortal and the rest of us robotic or not human anymore.   Is there a connection?  It would take some serious time to determine if there could be, and so far I have not had the time to go down that rabbithole as I have this one.  Read both blogs and see what you think.   

Report: Nature May Soon Overcome Monsanto as ‘Super Rootworms’ Destroy Crops!
By Anthony Gucciardi, Natural Society 

Rootworms, Nature Overcome Monsanto’s GMO Crops

What will be the end of Monsanto? Could it be lawsuits, new legislation, or perhaps even a tiny insect that is less than 0.10 mm in length. A new report reveals that rootworms may ultimately be what ends Monsanto’s crops, despite the biotech giant’s rampant success within the United States legislative system.

Amazingly, western corn rootworms have virtually no problem gobbling up Monsanto’s modified maize crop, as they have developed a serious resistance to the very crops designed to kill them. So much so that these little critters are outpacing Monsanto’s top scientists.

To make matters worse for the company, the resistant rootworms are maturing earlier than expected this year. And with the enhanced growth has come enhanced birth rates, with the bug’s larvae hatching the earliest in decades.

Monsanto, of course, is absolutely defenseless against the resistant rootworms which have adapted to their biopesticide known as Bt. At least 8 populations of insects have developed resistance, with 2 populations resistant to Bt sprays and at least 6 species resistant to Bt crops as a whole. The answer? Use even more intelligence-crushing pesticides.

It is for this reason that the EPA has warned in the past that Monsanto’s crops will soon be ravaged by the insects. In their report on the subject, the EPA states:
“Monsanto’s program for monitoring suspected cases of resistance is ‘inadequate’”.
The statements have been reinforced by another group of concerned scientists. A body of 22 academic corn experts voiced serious concerns over GMO crop failures back in March, warning that a collapse of the GMO corn industry may soon follow — a particularly mighty prediction when considering that 94 percent of the US supply is currently of the genetically modified variety. It is also important to consider that much of the corn is not used for food, but for biodiesel purposes.

Will nature adapt to Monsanto’s genetically modified creations and lead to their downfall in the end? Time and time again researchers and agricultural professionals have been calling upon Monsanto and the United States government to return to traditional and sustainable farming practices — even citing the fact that Monsanto’s GMOs produce even less yield.

Instead, the modified crops have overtaken much of the food supply. Now, in the face of collapse, the only answer provided by Monsanto is to drench crops in even more pesticides and modify their genetic coding to an even greater degree.
 About Anthony Gucciardi:

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