Fukushima Fear Mongering Debunked

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Vatic Project has been talking about this from the beginning when it first happened.  We posted mega info from the MIT nuclear Scientists who said there was nothing to worry about.  They explained why on their website and that was early on within days and partially due to their communication with the Japanese Nuclear Scientists on the islands.  

I just tried to retrieve our posts on that so I could give you a link and guess what?   The MIT posts we did are gone, gutted, missing.  So, this is part of their game of fear porn with us.   Jim Stone has protected his posts on Fukishima, so ours showing his work are still up, I would suggest visiting our site on his work.  It was exceptional and he updated it later to correct and refine his original early work.  The link for that is here.  It shows an earthquake and Tsunami drill was going on at the same time as the event as it went live.  Another false flag.

Remember, fear is the weapon of mass destruction used continually by the insane ones since it works on them, so they believe it will work on us.... that is when you use the lizard brain, instead of the rational thinking brain which they attack all the time with their chemtrails.  

Remember, aluminum eats the cortex (thinking, rational, analyzing part) of the brain, so that we are diminished in our rational thought processes and analytical skills.  That makes them safe in their unstable, pedophiled and sick minds, if we are constantly in fear porn. Its why they want to practice eugenics to physically re-engineer humanity.  I can't even imagine what that would look like, given their proclivities to perversion.

Fukushima Fear Mongering Debunked
by James Farganne, (henrymakow.com)

Is Fukushima fear mongering elite inspired 
or do truthers have a perverse desire
to believe the worst?  (VN: or both?)

(Editor's Note:  I reserve judgment and post this for purposes of information and discussion.) 

Fear about Fukushima and its "poisoning of the Pacific" is rampant these days. On Facebook, some of my "truther" friends get angry if I dare to question the reality of a nuclear apocalypse looming in and over the Pacific.  (VN: if they are Israeli trolls, that is why they are getting angry)

The term "fear porn" has gained a lot of traction, and in this instance I can see why: intelligent people have become so addicted to their Pacific Ocean horror fixation, they refuse to evaluate data that might contradict it.

Are there dying animal populations? Should residents of the Pacific Northwest be concerned? Does the Pacific Ocean contain large amounts of radioactive material? While the answer to all these questions is "Yes", there is, as usual, a lot more to know.

Mainstream media outlets peddle the lie that all four obliterated reactor containments at Fukushima remain unbreached. Meanwhile, the so-called "alternative media" has been hammering truth seekers with dire claims that are equally misleading.

These two false scenarios - one, everything is under control, and two, the Pacific Ocean has been destroyed - constitute the usual goalposts by which people are routinely deceived, manipulated, and distracted from reality.

Usually, the goalpost dialectic leads the public down a predetermined path of brainwashed opinion, and reality is somewhere outside the confines of the posts. In this case, however, reality is not only outside the goalposts, but in between them as well.

Let's look at the latter reality first.


Yes, there was a starfish apocalypse. Dead starfish by the millions littered the ocean floor off the British Columbian coast. Their arms were falling off. Their guts were gooshing out. When marine biologists collected them in tanks for analysis, they sometimes turned to jelly before they reached the laboratory.

"Alternative news" sites such as ENEnews.com promptly attributed the die-off to radiation from Fukushima. Droves of truthers, already terrified by reports of radioactive tuna and Google Maps images showing the killer radiation overtaking the Pacific like a psychedelic oil slick, fell for this bit of disinformation hook, line, and sinker.

The truth is that die-offs are a regular occurrence in nature. Die-offs happen when populations outstrip food supply; malnourishment leads to starvation and, more importantly, disease, which quickly propagates, effecting a population crash.
After the crash, the survivors, presumably the fittest, enjoy less competition for a recovering food supply, and the population rebounds.

Dr. Craig McClain, Assistant Director of Science for the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center, identifies the syndrome that caused the die-off, and gives three reasons why it had nothing to do with Fukushima:

(1) as an observed phenomenon, it predates Fukushima by 3 - 15 years; (2) it also occurs on the East Coast; and 
(3), other forms of life in the region remained unaffected.

Far from being unusual events, animal die-offs happen all the time, and normally go unremarked by all but the scientists who monitor them. Unscrupulous outlets ENEnews.com and Rense.com, among many others, are now hauling reports of them into the alternative media limelight and attributing them to Fukushima fallout without presenting a shred of evidence.

In doing so, they spread not only disinformation, but needless fear.   (VN:  I do not know about ENEnews, but I do know about Rense and he has been viciously going after Jim Stone who also says this is completely overblown,  but more importantly, he proves it.   Dutchsinse also proved it with geiger counters that he used to measure the fall out in various states and locations and he did so early on when the fear porn was at its highest.  

I keep thinking about the 1966 IRON MOUNTAIN REPORT that recommended an "ECODISASTER" to instill fear that would result in the people begging for a one world order to fix the problem.  And if that did not work, then alien invasion was next, so watch for that coming soon, since this has been outted.  Do not forget the evergreen airways dumping of DU poisoning right after it was proven there was no fall out from Fukishima.)


There have been claims of high Geiger counter readings in the Pacific Northwest.

According to Jim Stone, the engineer and ex-NSA analyst who proved that Fukushima was an act of environmental terrorism, the nuke that destroyed Reactor 3 did indeed produce particles that were blown eastward and are most likely to end up in North American riverbeds.

That isn't good, but neither is it the end of the world, when one considers the many Cold War nuclear test detonations, which are one factor in the cancer rate explosion of the 20th century.

This article from Geigercounter.com traces high readings in California to naturally radioactive sand. How many amateurs with Geiger counters are erroneously jumping to Fukushima conclusions?

Background radiation is not uniform. Naturally occurring hot spots vary widely in intensity. In some parts of Iran, people thrive in radioactive norms much higher than any in the United States.

It makes sense to take the Geiger counter reports with several grains of salt.

Stone makes another good point. In Washington State, police cars are equipped with Geiger counters, which still sometimes detect radiotherapy patients. The background radiation in that region has not spiked because of Fukushima; otherwise, the cops' Geiger counters would be jammed and useless for detecting cancer patients.

Some particles from the obliterated core of Reactor 3 have found their way to North America, but the reality does not begin to approach the hype.

(This image is often presented as radiation. In fact, it shows tsunami wave height.) 


This is where people have been getting most emotional, and understandably so. We love whales and dolphins, and a whole lot of us enjoy seafood too. How much more catastrophic can you get, short of a planetary mass extinction event?

But this claim, that "The Pacific Ocean is dying", is the most tenuous of them all.
The Pacific took its worst hit when Reactor 3 exploded, sending a portion of its fuel downwind over the waters. The rest will sit on Japanese land, making much of it uninhabitable for as long as Japan remains above sea level.

Water happens to be an ideal radiation sink. Even gamma rays cannot penetrate more than two and a half feet of seawater. It takes only a fuel pool with a little water to soak up all the radiation from many reactor cores. Meanwhile, the Pacific Ocean occupies fully 30% of Earth's surface.

Consider also the many nuclear tests conducted in the Pacific during the Cold War. In that context, are we to believe that a bit of fuel from one reactor core could destroy the entire ocean?

Even had Reactor 3's entire core been ejected into the water, the idea that it could poison the entire ocean is ludicrous.


If you are freaked out by the hype, I suggest that you consider the possibility that you are getting roped in by a fear porn campaign designed to ... do what?
Now we come to the reality outside the goalposts.

Stone thinks that the disinformation is to divert truthers' attention from the real issues surrounding Fukushima: that (1) the disaster on 3/11/11 was a coordinated attack on Japan, (2) the majority of environmental damage outside Japan came in the immediate wake of that attack, and (3) the most serious issue is all the expelled fuel still strewn around Reactor 3's destroyed containment. So lethal is that debris that not even robots can survive proximity to it. Safe disposal remains untenable.

I think the "elites" enjoy scaring the masses. In a sense, they feed on it. Fear is an excellent tool for keeping people's minds in chains, especially when they happen to be a demographic (frequenters of "alternative" media) who are consciously trying to shake off those chains and become mentally free.
Stone's report proving that 3/11/11 was an act of war is available in PDF format here.
The Nuclear Scare Scam (Lecture by physicist) Thanks Peter

First Comment from Stephen Quayle

Ken Adachi replies:

Just read Steve Quayle's ill informed, delusional, all cap comments and I'm compelled to respond. For the past decade or so, Steve's entire radio career on Coast to Coast radio is marked by one continuous trail of the-sky-is-falling, "the-end-is-almost-here" warnings of biblical proportioned "calamities" that are "just about"  to overtake America and usher in the End Times fundamentalist "prophecies" otherwise known as British Israel. He's a Doom & Gloomer from the get go. 

Here he makes statements that illustrate his utter mastery of the art of the Blind Leading the Blind. I have frequently explained in my articles debunking Fukushima radiation hysteria that the CPM (counts per minute) reading at any Geiger counter station is not a SINGLE static number that is "18 last year"  and has now RISEN  to "120" in Bozeman, Montana.  It doesn't work that way. The CPM reading changes CONTINUOUSLY from MINUTE to MINUTE. It can be "18" one minute, and COULD show "120" the next minute,  and come back down to "25" the NEXT minute. Geiger counters set to read CPM will record ANY form of ionizing radiation event which INCLUDES natural cosmic rays and harmless alpha radiation which NATURALLY arise from certain geological formations. The ONLY way to arrive at a meaningful number is to AVERAGE the CPM readings over a 24 hour period and publish the MEAN average as background radiation on a daily basis.  Go to this National Radiation Map of privately owned, civilian 
Geiger counter monitoring stations around the US that show RAW, instantaneous readings in CPM and notices how the numbers CHANGE each few minutes as you refresh the page. 


This group considers an "alert" reading to be a SUSTAINED reading of over 100 CPM for THREE or more CONTINUOUS minutes. There are NO 100 CPM +  alert readings ANYWHERE in the United States and  there have been NONE recorded in the USA since 3/11, beyond the occasional FALSE alert readings which are explained on this page:


Steve uses his emotions more than his brains when he alludes to the supposed Fukushima triggered cancers acquired among sailors from the USS Carrier Reagan involved (along with Japanese relief workers) in distributing food pallets and those who were involved in the pathetic water dumping debacle at the Daiichi power station which we all saw on video is another CONTRIVED Fukushima radiation scare story based on ZERO evidence of any SIGNIFICANT or harmful radiation exposure to ANY of those sailors. Sailors who work on relief/rescue missions involving a nuclear accident and those who work aboard a nuclear aircraft carrier are REQUIRED to wear sensitive DOSIMETERS to record their total radiation exposure. The Navy said that NONE of those sailors involved received MORE than the equivalent of ONE month's worth of normal background radiation exposure.  The idea that these guys acquired thyroid  or other types of cancers due to their INSIGNIFICANT radiation exposures while engaged in Japan relief efforts or the water dumping episode is an ABSURDITY beyond reason.   

Here is the index of articles I've posted to date explaining and debunking Fukushima radiation hysteria promotion:

- See more at: http://henrymakow.com/2014/01/fukushima-fear-mongering-debunked.html#sthash.omsv8dDT.dpuf

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in my experience, i generally fear the worst, but i think its is because i expect the worst. i know the awful things man is capable of doing/ creating. as far as the man, i believe that it is just an easily exploitable trait of a truther.