RH Negs - "The LOOK of someone "in the know"

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Vatic Note:   This below is recommended for RH negs and I highly recommend no one else read this.  If you are not RH neg and can relate to this below, then you have one RH neg allele from one parent.  That is my case.  My mother was full 0 negative. I am a hybrid, with a final designation 0 Positive.    In viewing all the thousands of comments we have received on our various RH neg blogs,  one of the problems the RH negs face is the lack of connection between themselves and others since others are a majority.  

It has left the RH negs feeling alone, and without anyone to talk to because they "know" things that are not common knowledge on this planet.   Then they are vilified when they try to explain or talk to someone about what they know and think. Then they are treated like they are crazy.

That does not happen when they run across someone who is RH neg, they know right away because they speak the same language, and understand each other immediately.  I have guessed so many people correctly as RH negs just based on my first encounter because talking with them I knew they "knew".

I wish to encourage those that are not RH, nor have one RH neg allele, not to take this wrong.  There is nothing wrong with you.  Its just that the negs have had no one to talk to, to commune with about the things that occupy their beingness.   A good example:  Many negs are obsessive about researching for truth.   They can't help it, but that pits them against those that control history or anything else that has been fed to us. They are the kids in class that kept asking all the questions, and more questions after they got the answer. 

Once they begin down rabbitholes, they want to share what they found and its almost impossible to get anyone to take them seriously, or treat them like they are sane.  It makes us go inside and not share anything.  Everyone needs someone to talk to at some time, and they generally have no one.

It takes a great deal of caring for others and deep empathy, that send the negs, to risk the insults and rejection, to get information out.  Its a painful process until others begin to see it and wake up.  There are other good examples, but I will save them for later if anyone is still interested.  They are extremely sensitive and open and are subject to a lot more vulnerable pain than others.  That is why I recommended no one else read this.  Since it would not apply or only partially apply.

This guy below is really talking about those that have done research and spent a life time finding things out and has more of a "knowing"  than those who do none,  and that is what he is talking about, however, this fit so well with the RH negs, that I had to put it up here and make the comparison. 

"The LOOK of someone "in the know"
Published by John Ten,  October 28, 2013 


People would just bombard me with questions, questions that you would call loaded, anybody who is "in the know" would say "that's a loaded question..." because you lack, you lack so much, just the fact that you Asking those questions shows how much you don't know.

And you ask them in a very naïve way but it's not your fault... but you expect a simple answer. People would go up to somebody with knowledge, that has acquired an entire lifetime of attentive awareness to their experiences, detailed and disciplined effort to extract meaning from their life, and ask them, expecting a simple answer.

And they ask you a simple question and expect somehow that you're going to be able to transfer a lifetime of understanding in 2 or 3 paragraphs, they truly do, they do expect that or otherwise they wouldn't ask the question...

So you have this huge gap between those who are in the know and those who are not in the know... those who are not in the know do not know that it's not in the know because of how they have been TAUGHT TO THINK. They have been incorrectly instructed in their thinking process itself.

They have been taught to look outside of themselves for answers. They have been misinformed about what answers are because they have spent their whole life having the meanings spoon fed to them, they think that's how it works, so you ask a question and somebody can spoon feed you the answer.

And because you lack any meaning or understanding, you don't understand why that answer is wrong, limited or even misleading you. You can't. Based upon that, based on upon how you've been instructed to think.

So a lot of people that have knowledge, when they interact with an average person, they get very very frustrated. VERY. They'll just LOOK AT YOU. All they can do is LOOK AT YOU because they can't say anything to you. You would not be able to extract meaning from what they say...

Those in the know understand that look. It's a look that says you know so little. You know absolutely nothing and don't know it. To tell you what I know I would need 500 mouths and be able to speak 500 different sentences simultaneously all at the same time to express what I know. And you would have to interpret 500 simultaneous sentences falling at you at once.

That's what that look says.

And the look says you don't even know that.

And if I told you that, you'll call me arrogant that's because you've been TRAINED to call people arrogant. You don't even know what that means.

So they'll just sit there. And shake their head at you. They shake their head from side to side because they're paralyzed. It's the question you asked. The WAY you ask the questions.

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Red said...

Interesting article/video. I am a 'baby boomer' and have life long had all these traits of RH neg. But my blood group is B+, so the whole postulation of the thesis is perhaps only part of the picture, or have I missed something??? - Thanks

Anonymous said...

This moved me to tears....I relate to each and every word you spoke in this video. I feel like I'm on and island and most of the time that island is located on another planet. Such a frustrating life to say the least. Daily life consists of trying to go about masking your thoughts of the glazed over populous and be functional in this world of disfunk.

Vatic Master said...

Red, Yes, and so am I a baby boomer and also have a life long history of these traits. I am also 0+, but like you, probably, one of my parents was Negative. So I have one allele from each parent as do you. That is why you can relate to these traits.

Vatic Master said...

Yes, Anonymous, I feel your pain indeed. If you think that is bad, you should have been here before the powers that be gutted a blog that had 180,000 hits and 140 comments.... it was the most mind blowing blog I had ever done.

I learned from that just how many of us there are and just how isolated most of us feel, even from a spouse and kids. All we want to do is "Go home".

Bridgeofsiz said...

I get it, I get it, i get it. It's so lonely. It's hard to make a friendship connection. When I do, they're usually Rh neg like myself. O- neg. Rh neg forums help but are not enough. I need to use all my senses when relating. People get frustrated with me when I dig and dig for the truth. They say, "Just let it go". I love and hate my distinction from the masses.

Lee Ann Hoff said...

Nice writing. So where are more connections to a o negative community I have found one but don't update much or stay on top enough for me. Waiting for the day for the others to wake up from this brainwashed propaganda they all love in. The world is in utter disarray and nothing is as it seems..

Vatic Master said...

Lee Ann Hoff, you are so right, and there is nothing except what you have already indicated. We started what we thought would turn into a virtual group session where we would all sit around and talk about what bothers us about our differences with the RH positives.... but we found it was not conducive to such a format, so we are going to try and set up real live groups locally, starting with my town here and if it works, we will slowly expand out across America..... Stay tuned and we will let you know how its going.

Vatic Master said...

Bridgeofsiz, Wow, you do get it, Its not enough to hve a virtual group or forums, even though they do provide additional info, its still not the same as a real human warm body group. Hang in there, we are trying to figure out how to structure it and how to keep such a group secure as well.

Julie Redmond said...

I am RH negative. Always been a loner and to myself never felt as though I belonged here and always knew there was more out there and little to nothing here that I needed to know. Was never enough. Never had close friends because they all thought my ideas were weird and too way out. I've always said this was not home and someday I will go home.

Vatic Master said...

Julie, has it helped you to find the info we are publishing, and has it made any difference in your going forward and embracing your true nature and beingness? Help us decide if we should be continuing along these lines. Thanks for being so honest and up front with your personal truth. It helps others to do the same.

Anonymous said...

my mom is a negitive... no wonder.
JT down the street

Vatic Master said...

JT down the street, that means you have one RH neg allele and probably have most of these traits. Now do you understand why I asked you if you were RH neg??? I got it just from the conversations we were having.

Then look what you did the next day after getting that job???? That is soooooo RH neg. LOL