Meditation Techniques: What to do BEFORE You Meditate

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Vatic Note:  We are trying to mix in some tools for us to use to counter the constant pounding of fear against our psyche that the PTB are doing daily.  This seemed to be a great way to counter the effects of the fear and move more into spiritual conditioning.   I have done meditation along with fasting and boy, what comes up is amazing.

Make sure you are prepared to deal with whatever it is that you need to deal with and do so  quietly, and by yourself.   I find with others around, it distract us from our objectives and goals in meditating and sends us into a different space than where we need to be.  Make sure you are rested, and pay attention to the spiritual protection they discuss.

Its worth investing the time to do this right.  It has an amazing affect not only on your physical being, but also on you entire mental and spirital bodies.  If you have ever had a psychic attack, you will need to clear that as well.  This author has given us some great suggestions that I like..... especially, hugging the planet and sending love, which is the most powerful energy on the planet.  

Meditation Techniques: What to do BEFORE You Meditate
by in5d Alternative News

Equally as important as meditation is what you do before you meditate.  You want to be relaxed and spiritually protected at all times, because when you meditate, you become spiritually vulnerable to ethereal attacks.

The first thing you will want to do is to relax by breathing in deeply through your nose, holding it briefly in your solar plexus stomach area, then slowly release your breath through your mouth.  While doing this, you can also begin to do a relaxation exercise.

Bring your chin down to your chest, and then slowly lift your head all the way back.  Then return your head to the upright position and slowly move your head from side to side one time.  Return your head to the upright position.  Bring your chin down to your chest and begin to rotate your head clockwise one rotation, then reverse this process one time.  Repeat this procedure several times while breathing deeply.

You are almost ready to begin your meditation.  At this point, close your eyes and ask your spirit guides and guardian angels for protection while you are meditating.  They are eagerly awaiting to help you at all times and are more than happy to assist you.

Envision a beautiful white light emanating from the center of your body and slowly extending outwards to cover yourself from head to toe.  Try to feel this light entering all of your extremities. This is your divine spark that will help to keep you protected.

You can extend this light as far as you wish.  I often extend it to cover my room, then my house, my city, state, country, planet, galaxy and universe.

The next thing I do is something I borrowed from my dear friend, Miriam.  I envision myself hugging the planet, sending complete unconditional love to the world.

Now you are ready to begin meditating.  If you are just learning about meditation, try experimenting with as many techniques as possible, such as the open eye meditation, mirror meditation, vipassana, etc…  Eventually you may develop your own style and technique, which is perfect fine.

On a side note, some people meditate to colors and directions. For more on this, please check out How to Honor the Elements of Water, Fire, Air and Earth

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