Confirmation Red Dwarf Sun & Planets Incoming? Source Personnel Linked To Top US Senator

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Vatic Note:   Keep in mind that Live Free or Die, has proven to be a puppet for the masters, so now the question is, "What is the agenda?"  While this might be true, why is he releasing this after keeping it secret for so very long?  What does he want us to do?  Panic? Is martial law the objective?  Why only the US?  According to the letter written, he says the reason all the troops from Russia and China are here is for the clean up after the event.

So why isn't it happening in China and Russia?   It should be happening, IF ITS FOR REAL,  all over the globe and not just the US.  Those soldiers, if this is real,  and not a false flag using our space division, should be in their own countries trying to save their own people.  That does not make any sense.

I just keep remembering the 1966 Iron Mountain report which recommended using bogus space alien invasion that we would have to fight and then globalize as a planet against the bad guys.  I also remember Bill Cooper losing his life over his disclosure about the bogus alien invasion being planned.  Was it planned in conjunction with a real event such as this below?   The insane ones really do use false flags to cover up their real crimes, and they do it all the time.

Listen to this video and the letter that was sent, and see what you think?   Something is up because this little poduck town I live it is filled to the rafters with more people here right now, than I have ever seen even at the height of the tourist season in summer.    Is that why all the towns, counties, and states have been ratholing CAFR money in "unrestricted funds" accounts in the trillions of dollars all over the country?  So they will have a stash to start over again when its all over???

I think its time for us to find their entrances to their under ground facilities and we take them over and kick them out.  Its a plan.  Any better ideas will be most welcome.Whatever you do,  DO NOT PANIC, that is the worse thing any of us can do.  We must work as a team at the most basic level, block by block, street by street and help each other.

If we do not, no one can survive on their own.  So, lets start thinking "right" and do so early.  Just a reminder,  back in about 2011 or so, we did a blog on an interview with a Mayan Shaman and he said the star was coming from the south so it will not be so bad.  It will probably only be bad if the crazy insane ones decide to make it worse using their space weapons.

Confirmation Red Dwarf Sun & Planets Incoming? Source Personnel Linked To Top US Senator
By Live Free or Die,  Before Its' News
In this newly released video from endtimes23 our videographer shares with us a message that we all hope isn’t true. He claims to have gotten this message from an aid to a top US Senator who claims that a ‘red dwarf sun’ and planets are incoming.   

He further claims that 2/3 of the population of the planet will soon perish because of this ‘event’. Another ‘doomsayer’ predicting an event that will never come to pass or does his video warning hold merit? (VN: given the way the moon and sun are behaving and the weather anomolies, I would say it holds merit, but the bigger question is, "Do the evil ones intend to use their space weapons to make it worse and kill off millions of us?"   If they do then that is a death penalty offense and we best make sure they meet justice properly.) 




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