BREAKING NEWS: Earthquake & Tsunami Drill Conducted 3/11/11 at Fukishima by NRC and Japanese Utility Execs

Vatic Note:  Additional and more substantial proof of felony crimes committed at Fukishima, including the NRC and Utility execs from the Japanese utility industry.   This is the best evidence that would stand up in court as evidence that this event in Fukishima was a false flag event, which is  a  major felony crime with jail time as punishment.  As usual a drill was going on the same day that the event actually happened.  My, what a coincidence.   

After reading all this, I have concluded that this false flag had nothing to do with Japan since they were in on the fraud.  The utility executives helped to run the scam, therefore the nuke industry had nothing to do with it either.  So what purpose do all these disparate groups have that would join them together to pull off such an event?

The only thing I can come up with, when added to the additional act of dumping DU by chemtrail planes across America, is that the Radiation from Fukishima did not go where it was suppose to go, which was to the coast of the USA.   

It appears it was an attempted depopulation move that did not work.  All they had to do was talk to the nuke engineers at MIT who told us immediately that the radiation would not affect us in any meanful way due to distance and time it would take for it to reach our shores.  
If we consider this a depopulation move that did not work, that would explain why the powers that be turned to using DU poisoning so much later since the half life of most of the radiation was only about 8 hours, and thus when it reached our shores, it would hve been a lot less to worry about.  Dutchsinse went out and measured that so called radiation across the midwest and elsewhere and found no substantial increase after all that time.  That was when Utube cut him off their site.

Then it takes over 2 years for it to so called "reach us here?", and the press starts fear porn over us being irradiated that much longer after the so called event even happened.   Well,  Jim Stone had pictures showing the secured and powered down condition of the reactors where no serious damage could be done.  Photos were taken before the event happened and he proved there were no fuel rods in the main reactor that was said to be the cause of all the problems.  We can revisit that blog again and see what I mean.  I would even go directly to Jim Stones site and see for youselves.

That drill probably was to make sure everything was actually safe but had the appearance of being dangerous.  This is just my take on it after reading all these offerings on what happened. There is still attempts to make this into much more than it was, but the time frame from 2011 to 2013 is way too long. It should have shown up much much earlier if it was real.  

This is a must read and viewing of all the FOIA requests and the resulting documents that were obtained, and he has photos of it all.

BREAKING NEWS: NRC and Japanese Utility Execs were conducting a ”Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Drill” on Mar 11, 2011 
By ymoilman 2, OOM

(below) From the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Coinidence theorists are abuzz about this email that proves the NRC and Japanese “Utility Execs” were conducting a ”Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Drill” as the March 11th, 2011  (cNRC) Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents disaster unfolded.:
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Part 1
Plume-Gate: the world’s largest, provable cover-up and conspiracy
“For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. 

Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.”

JFK from his “President and the Press” speech to the U.S. press corp on April 27th, 1961

Historically speaking, Plume-Gate is the world’s largest, provable, cover-up and conspiracy. If the Guinness Book of World Records considered ‘cover-up and conspiracy’ as a legitimate category, then certainly Plume-Gate would be at the very top of the list…above 9/11, above Watergate, above Fast and Furious, above even the JFK assassination, and not just for the sheer size and scope of the conspiracy, not because of the many alphabet agencies involved, not because President Obama is implicated, not because it reveals the truth about nuclear power and everything that goes with it, but because Plume-Gate is PROVABLE

And that proof is available to the public in the form of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Freedom of Information documents. The simple fact is: all one needs is the desire to know and the ability to read to familiarize oneself with this grandiose cover-up.

(below) From the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents: Coincidence theorists are abuzz about this email that proves the NRC and Japanese “Utility Execs” were conducting a ”Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Drill” as the March 11th, 2011 disaster unfolded.

Now I ask you, my fellow Americans: what does it mean that 2-1/2 years after the Fukushima catastrophe that I seem to be the only English writing journalist reporting on the world’s largest, provable cover-up and conspiracy?

I tell you it is a testament to our government’s ability to suppress information.

Furthermore, I cannot stress enough that Plume-Gate is the ‘silver bullet’ we have waited so long for. It reveals the truth about nuclear power. It reveals the truth about the conspiracy of which John F. Kennedy spoke of. It is an opportunity we dare not waste and it rides on the lives of all who have died and all who will die from Fukushima.

I ask the parents of America, how much do you love your children? Do you love them enough to protect them from an immediate danger, a biting dog or perhaps a kidnapper? Of course you do. But then I must ask: why more do not join the fight to shut down nuclear power? 

Is it because the danger is an unseen one? Is it because the danger is too great? Is it because the fight is too time consuming? Do they not understand the grave threat of nuclear power? Do they not know about the fallout from Plume-Gate and its consequences?

I say again it is clear to me that information is being suppressed on a scale never before known in the United States of America. The general public simply does not know the facts.

I put it to you now, that when life-saving information is withheld from the public, in an orchestrated fashion, by agencies of our government, corporate entities and the media, that this is disloyalty to our country and our citizens: IT IS TREASON!

“It took National Geographic, so-called scientists, it took them 880 days to report what an old plasterer reported on in 12 hours.” ~Kevin Blanch (YouTube vlogger, anti-nuclear activist and leukemia survivor)

Allow me too summarize what I have learned thus far from reading the NRC FOIA documents pertaining to Fukushima:

1) The damage to the Fukushima Daiichi facility was much greater and the ability to respond was much more difficult than we have been led to believe. There is a reference to a 46 foot tsunami, the height of which was measured by TEPCO on the walls of Unit’s 1 and 2. There is evidence Spent Fuel Pool (SFP) #4 and #3 went dry and had a ‘zirc fire’. At times, dose rates at the facility were lethal or near lethal and as such workers were, at times, unable and unwilling to make repairs. 

There is talk of 450-600 REM/hr between Unit’s 2 and 3 and MOX sludge causing access problems. Bulldozers were used to push rubble into piles to reduce the dose rates. Engineers and workers were unable to follow protocol as there was/is no known procedure that will rectify a prolonged station blackout due to saltwater inundation of switch boards, circuitry, electrical components, diesel generators etc. from a tsunami. 

The force of the wave dislodged and damaged the diesel fuel tanks that held the fuel that would have powered back-up generators and when the diesel generators themselves were not damaged from being submerged, the control panels that operated them were. The water-cannons and helicopter water drops were marginally effective and did little to cut dose rates. 

In the end, it all came down to shipping the Bechtel pumps from Perth, Australia…hooking them up and pumping (in most cases) saltwater into the reactors (At least one pumping unit was delivered to Japan on March 22nd, 2011 but I’m still hunting evidence that shows the pumps were even used.) DOD foot the bill on the Bechtel pumps which means John Q. Taxpayer actually covered the cost…approximately 9.6 billion dollars. 

It was at least two weeks before power began to be restored to any significant level in what can only be described as a slow, painstaking effort. There is proof of multiple radioactive plumes being emitted from the Fukushima facility…some well into the month of April, 2011. 

There is discussion that NOAA tracked a 19 mile radioactive cloud along the Japanese coast. There are TEPCO maps of measured (not modeled) plumes, some of which are over 60 kilometers long.
(below) From the NRC FOIA documents: March 13th, 2011…an excerpt from the Eliot Brenner memo to NRC OPA staffers:

2) The world’s largest, provable cover-up is indicated in the NRC FOIA documents. Some of the agencies/figureheads implicated are: NRC, DOE, EPA, CDC, HHS, DHS, FEMA, NOAA, USAID, DOD (Navy, Naval reactors), White House, President Obama, Bechtel, GE, IAEA, INPO, NEI, and others in an orchestrated attempt to downplay and conceal the radioactive plume and fallout from Americans. 

Documents, plume models and SitReps (situation report) were denied to China, US states and global ‘stakeholders’. NEI and the ‘Federal Family’ had a password protected database for US Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) ‘rooftop grabs’. Information was suppressed by use of prefabricated ‘talking points’, Questions and Answers and Press Releases. 

NRC spends millions to search for negative press and to actively and aggressively perform countermeasures in the form of disinformation and careful gatekeeping by their agents (bloggers) online, on TV or in print (i.e.; we know them as trolls and shills). In one memo Eliot Brenner states (in regards to the NRC press release): ‘while we know more than what these say, we’re sticking to this story for now’

There is evidence of subversion of the Freedom of Information Act by the NRC. There is evidence that plume and fallout models were based on 96 hours or 4-5 days of emissions and there is proof that emissions continued up to the end of March and beyond. Officials did NOT issue rainwater warnings or ANY warnings based on these models. 

There is talk of modeling fallout in Alaska, California, Hawaii, and Midway. Conservative estimates ranged around 4.5 REM to children in a transpacific model. There was plenty of discussion of a ‘President’s worst case’ scenario…it was also based on 4-5 days of emissions. There is discussion about having the benefit of knowing all about Chernobyl even modeling based on Chernobyl depositions. FEMA was told to ‘stand down’. There is concern about a ‘diverging perspective’ and discussions about staying ‘aligned’.

3) It is obvious by the level of importance that the NRC, Japanese authorities and others placed on Potassium Iodine (KI) throughout the FOIA documents that it is a very important part of protecting oneself from fallout following a meltdown. 

This contradicts what US authorities have led us to believe over the years…that KI is not that big of a deal. I am not aware of any requirement that US Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) must stock KI in case of an accident.

4) There is evidence that ships from the US Navy were not relocated but that officials knew there were plumes and high levels of radiation all around the coast of Japan. NOAA tracked a 19 mile long radioactive cloud along the coast of Japan and on at least two occasions TEPCO measured (not modeled) radioactive plumes over 60 kilometers long. NRC officials state that most of the emissions blew offshore.

5) The NRC’s response to nuclear catastrophe is inhibited, in particular the ability to speak freely and communicate openly, because participants know they are being recorded and email saved for the Freedom of Information Act. In many cases participants were not at liberty to discuss the extent of the meltdowns as they really were. There is evidence of a ‘non-recorded’ line.

6) President Obama called for a review of our domestic fleet of reactors but to my knowledge no action is taken to rectify any of several critical issues. There are emails that indicate we have many non-seismically qualified spent fuel pools here in the US and that our nuclear plants may not be able to withstand a co-event 8.9 earthquake with a 46 foot tall tsunami (or tsunami of that height alone). NRC official admits that GI-99 manual proves they do not know everything about the seismicity of the CEUS (Central and Eastern United States), thus East Coast NPPs are vulnerable to a significant earthquake.
7) TEPCO intentionally discharged radioactive water into the Pacific beginning in March of 2011 and there is abundant proof of this in the NRC FOIA documents. Interestingly enough, I reported this fact before mainstream media did.

Part 2

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