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CONTRIBUTORS NOTE:  (Boldarn) -   Corruption in AU ... please spread this  and help expose the lies and injustice  .
Letter to Mr. Gyngell about his planned "telemovie",  by Edward Middleton,  Strategic Research

Mr Gyngell,

I have some very important questions to put to you, to which I believe the public, your stockholders, and your staff, are entitled to answers. They pertain to production of your planned telemovie, which is scripted to misrepresent Schapelle Corby, with potentially serious impact upon her welfare:

Could you explain why your network has never reported the story below, and in particular, why the attached UN submission, from people in over 50 nations, regarding malversation by Australian government ministers, has not been referenced, even once, in any broadcast? Why have visible protests in support of it, by globally known figures, been totally ignored?

Could you explain why you have never referenced any of the government cables, correspondence, minutes, transcripts and other material published by The Expendable Project? I am sure that you can see why this is problematic. This constitutes clear irrefutable primary evidence, which conclusively proves the actions of those involved in the case, by their own hands. But it has never been reported, or referenced, despite its central importance. Could you explain this?

Why is your network now embarking upon a project, to present a story to the public which is not based upon any reliable or credible evidence whatsoever? It is, demonstrably, fiction. Yet, you intend to broadcast this damaging content, rather than the factual evidenced events, as proven by the most reliable and definitive of sources.

The problem, Mr Gyngell, isn't only that such self-censorship dissimulates issues of serious political substance, regarding the conduct of a previous Australian government. It is also that the refusal to report the emerging material, and the intention to broadcast fabrication and distortion instead, has a direct impact upon the lives of Schapelle Corby and her family.

I do understand that gutter broadcasting has been prevalent for many years on this case, and that an endless stream of smears and falsehoods have been published and broadcast by most media organizations.  However, with the information now available, and after nine years of trauma for Schapelle Corby herself, this must be brought to end, rather than be significantly escalated as Nine Network currently intend.

Finally, perhaps you might consider this. What if, on release, or from her prison cell, Schapelle Corby asks the public directly "Why has Nine Network never reported the hundreds of government cables published by the Expendable Project, which prove my innocence, but has instead put false words into my mouth via FremantleMedia, presenting them as factual?".

How would you answer her, Mr Gyngell, given that you can no longer claim that you didn’t know?

Contributed to Vatic Project by "Boldarn" from Australia
The illegal investment of $567,000 of taxpayer revenue, as previously revealed by Mathaba News, will shortly come to fruition.

Australia's Nine Network has this week been advertising its 2014 'blockbuster', which, in reality, will broadcast the most appalling and flagrant of propagandistic smears and fabrications into Australian homes.

This represents, not only a direct assault on the victim, Schapelle Corby (perfectly timed to undermine her application for life-saving parole), but a blatant attempt to blind the public to serious criminal acts, perpetrated by ministers of state and the AFP.

Schapelle Corby was sentenced to 20 years in an Indonesian prison in 2005, when 4.2 kg of marijuana was found in her boogie-board bag upon collection at Denpasar airport, Indoensia. However, not only did her own government know that she was innocent, it actually held the proof that she was innocent.

To protect the newly privatized Sydney Airport, their investments in Indonesia, and their own status and positions, ministers and others withheld this proof. They wilfully buried it, subsequently misdirecting Parliament, lying to the public, and evading all responsibilities of office. They went further, seizing the revenue she needed for medication, sabotaging her appeal, and unleashing the most sustained campaign of hostile media vilification in the history of the nation.

The enormous cache of government documentation, published by The Expendable Project, which proves every word of this, remains entirely censored by the mainstream Australian media. It is
HERE, to be seen.
However, with this information again threatening to reach the public domain, a new initiative is to be unleashed: a telemovie, which will paint a picture which has been conclusively and absolutely proven to be fiction and fabrication. Even worse, this will be broadcast under the squalid legal loophole of 'dead men can’t sue', using the death of Schapelle Corby’s father to avoid any litigation and judicial consequence for this abuse.

The direct perpetrators of this assault on public decency are two multi-billion dollar corporations: FremantleMedia and Nine Entertainment Co. Both these organizations, their boards, and CEO's, have entered this situation with eyes wide open. They have been informed on multiple occasions of both the nature of the source of the production, its political relevance, and its potential impact upon the life and welfare of Schapelle Corby. They know exactly what they are doing.

Last week, immediately prior to the tranche of advertising, FremantleMedia was confronted with the following question, regarding its receipt of the misappropriated public funds:

Did you notify Screen Queensland, that:

1. The original source material for your production was, and is, the subject of multiple defamation proceedings?

2. The publisher of the original source material for your production was successfully sued for breach of copyright, and so serious was the breach, that the Federal Court judge stated that it was a “flagrant disregard” of the law?

3. Many of those represented in the source material, including police officers, have publicly stated that it represents a gross and direct misrepresentation of the truth, and have refuted the story entirely? Furthermore, that a number of these parties are extremely distressed?

4. One of the individuals misrepresented, Mr David McHugh, called your office directly to complain, and had issued a number of ultimatums regarding any representation in your production? Furthermore, that on the following day, he was violently assaulted by an acquaintance of a prime source of the fabrications, and died?

5. FremantleMedia, and Nine Entertainment Company, have received multiple complaints from Schapelle Corby's family, regarding the production?

6. The source story was intensively investigated by a prominent and highly respected private investigator, over many months, who declared it to be untenable and wholly untrue?

7. The police have rejected and refuted the story on multiple occasions, and have referred to it as "laughable"?

8. The production itself has been widely reported in Indonesia, where Schapelle Corby is awaiting the outcome of her one-time only appeal, potentially undermining and harming her prospects and welfare?

9. Schapelle Corby and her family are extremely distressed at what is viewed as crude, propagandistic, and hugely damaging character assassination, smearing all family members via a legal loophole, ‘dead men can’t sue’? 

10. A number of other distressed individuals have contacted media organizations regarding the source material, including with respect to at least one other case of misrepresentation of a deceased person?

11. The author of the source material admitted on oath that he had made a payment to the prime source of his story, a long term criminal, who had previously made entirely conflicting media statements on the same issues?

12. Both FremantleMedia and Nine Entertainment Company have received a multitude of complaints from the public, many of whom consider the production to be offensive, immoral, and an affront to broadcasting integrity?

Did you formally declare all these matters to Screen Queensland as part of, or subsequent to, your application for funding, for which you were ultimately awarded $567,000?

The relevance of this question relates to the terms under which the government's proxy agency, Screen Queensland, handed over the taxpayer revenue, for production of the smear broadcast. These states that: 

In their dealings with Screen Queensland, applicants and recipients of funding must always:
• act in good faith;
• exhibit the highest levels of propriety and high standards of probity;
• be open and honest; and
• not mislead or deceive Screen Queensland by act or omission. In relation to third parties involved in funded projects, applicants and recipients of funding must always:
• act fairly and reasonably in relation to third parties;
• make payments to third parties when due; and
• respect the rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights.

The breaches of this could hardly be more flagrant and obvious, yet both the Queensland Government and the two corporations, remain absolutely silent. The comprehensive report, demonstrating the misappropriation, remains totally unacknowledged.

Further, the presence, on the payroll of the Queensland Government, of ex-AFP Commissioner Michael Keelty, who was
at the heart of the original abuses, raises yet another set of disturbing questions. The police, and all integrity agencies in Queensland, have refused to investigate, or even discuss, any of these acts of malversation. The panic, illustrated by their published response, is almost tangible.

In terms of confronting this shocking situation, the establishment of both Queensland and Australia, is closed. Political corruption and cover-up, in Australia, is once again accepted and endorsed.

Meanwhile, the rest of the media is hard at work, promoting the production as must-see television. There has been no reference to any of the material facts, which disprove the damaging fiction, no reference to the government cache which proves to the truth, no reference to the misappropriation of public funds. Every document, cable, item of correspondence, remains invisible and censored. No questions are asked.

Replacing these
substantive centrally important facts, has been fawning admiration for those who have sold themselves: those who will speak entirely false words and lies, whilst falsely presenting themselves as Schapelle Corby and her family for public consumption.

Whilst, Schapelle Corby herself is said to be distraught at such callous and crude misrepresentation, the person playing her, Krew Boylan, even had the audacity to claim that she feels "empathy" with her. Never has the false and plastic nature of an industry so bereft of dignity and integrity been so vividly evident.

This broadcast will be publicised and hyped like no other. So much depends upon it. However, its importance has nothing to do with the stilted acting of C-list celebrities who chase fame and fortune at any cost, but everything to do with hiding the truth from the public... the truth of what Australian politicians are capable of doing to an innocent person, for ruthless self-interest.

Mathaba News International

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